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Out of the Shadows appear February previews!

A soft siamese cat ineki was on an adventure. Her blue eyes glinted with a mixture of longing and uncertainty as she padded through the damp cave. She had heard rumors of a beautiful wishing fountain hidden deep within a cavern down this dark and lonely path, and she had decided to take a chance and find it.

As she rounded a corner, a soft glow caught her attention. She quickened her pace, and soon she was standing before the most breathtaking fountain she had ever laid eyes on. Instead of Mycenian-made, this fountain was a natural rock formation, water cascading down from a high point into a small pool below, the surface of the water aglow with the light of nuggets tossed in by visitors before her. To her surprise, she wasn’t alone in her quest, a handful of other Mycenians had also come to make their wishes.

She hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to wish for. But something compelled her to toss a nugget into the fountain nonetheless. The nugget hit the water with a soft plonk, and she opened her eyes to watch it sink to the bottom of the pool. As she looked up, her gaze met that of another ineki, a beautiful cream-colored cat with deep, vibrant red accents. Her cheeks were speckled with rosy red and, when the light hit her cream fur, intricate patterns were revealed. She was breathtaking.

The stranger smiled and something in the girl’s heart bloomed, feeling a warmth and connection she had been missing. Taking a deep breath, she hesitantly offered a small wave in greeting. The stranger waved back and made her way around the fountain. There, they struck up a conversation, finding they had much in common. They found themselves drawn to each other—though she was nervous and unsure as she wasn’t the type to reach out to a random stranger, the stranger’s kind eyes and gentle smile made her feel at ease. As the day wore on, they both felt that they did not want to part and decided to make plans to meet again soon. As they parted ways, she couldn’t help but feel her heart flutter with excitement for what the future might bring.

Introducing our February OotS coat, Amoretto, along with their Lovely Heart Wings and Sideswept Cream Wig! This month’s coat was created by Morgan and items were created by Hush and Morgan. They will be available for purchase in the Out of the Shadows shop beginning February 1st!


Posted Jan 27
Oooh that deep red is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE this set :D
Posted Jan 28
Like dipped in chocolate, Absolutely love it. probably wont get it as I am under a lot of business and preparations for a coming LARP ( that I will go off to in the very early hours of 14th ) and travel, but can still appreciate it. <3
Posted Jan 31
Strawberry dippings.
Posted Jan 31