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Welcoming a New Winter Seasonal!

Before you lies a vast, open field, blanketed in freshly fallen snow. A sea of glittering white, unbroken by so much as a single pawprint. It’s picturesque; immaculate. The kind of scene you’d expect someone to paint a landscape of—in fact, you’re almost tempted to do so yourself, though you doubt you’d be able to capture its magic.

Dun dun… Dun dun…

A sound—someone humming?—catches your attention. The harsh notes clash against the serene scene before you, and, to be quite honest, the sudden disturbance annoys you. You turn to shush whoever it is… but there doesn’t appear to be anyone else around.

Dun dun dun dun dundundundundun…

And yet, the humming hasn’t stopped. If anything, it’s grown in both volume and intensity. Scowling in annoyance, you take another look around—nothing; no one. Just you, standing alone at the edge of a perfect winter field—

Except… Huh. The field’s not looking quite so picturesque anymore. There’s a disturbance in the previously perfect sheet of snow—what looks like a zigzag of turned up powder cutting across the landscape. Is someone—?


The shriek draws your glance downward, where you catch a momentary flash of grey before someone grabs your ankles and yanks them out from under you, dragging you into the snow. Frightened, you struggle—kicking against the claws grasping your legs; arms scrambling frantically against the snow as you’re pulled along.

Finally, they let go. You’re annoyed and cold and have way more snow up your coat than is even remotely acceptable, but otherwise unharmed. As you right yourself, you look for your assailant, more than ready to give them a piece of your mind—or a piece of your fist, maybe.

What you see, prancing through the snow in a circle around you, is a seal-grey kelph, their shark-like tail waggling playfully as they laugh. Despite the fact that they’re larger than you, you get the sense that this is a child—something about the way they throw their gangly legs around as they prance. And as annoyed as you are, you most certainly can’t punch a child.

So instead, you launch yourself at them, intending to give them a taste of their own medicine. They’re quick, though, and manage to evade you, giggling all the while. Giving chase, you can’t help but let out a laugh of your own, and the two of you quickly lose track of time as you play together in the snow.

Introducing our new Winter Seasonal coat, Subzero Shark! This coat was created by Eluii and will be available to purchase in Tamshir’s Specialties beginning December 21st!

Posted 12/18/22



Posted 12/18/22
Oh that is gorgeous!!!
Posted 12/18/22
That’s so good????? I feel like I want more than one! The colors and edits are impeccable.
Posted 12/18/22
oh I love this seasonal so much! absolutely gorgeous, definitely gotta get my hands on one!
Posted 12/19/22
Beautiful baby!! Well done!!
Posted 12/23/22
Well hello gorgeous! I love this new pet!
Posted 12/24/22