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Welcoming a new Fall Seasonal

Fall had started early. The sunlight is pale and cold, and the wind has a noticeable bite. The forest around you still stubbornly holds onto its leaves, but they’re already more red than green, and it is only a matter of time. The unfamiliar path is clear, for now, but soon it will be choked with leaves, and the red canopy above you will have vanished in turn.

The further you walk into the forest, the less defined the path becomes. What started as a wide, inviting trail is soon overcome with dense underbrush, only barely wide enough for you to pass. Soon, it narrows even further, becoming a winding trail trodden only by animals, until, finally, you’re following a single set of deer tracks.

The tracks lead you deeper into the trees. Spots of evergreen start breaking through the red, slowly taking more and more ground until you’re lost in the dense trees. No light pierces through the branches, plunging you into a false night. Twigs reach out and snatch at you, attempting to turn you around and pull you off your path. The forest would be impassable, if not for the deer tracks winding their way expertly between the branches.
Suddenly, the trees give out, and you find yourself in a clearing. The forgotten sunlight is warm on your face, and a soft breeze brings a refreshing scent. You look up and realise you’re not alone in the clearing. You meet the golden eyes of a deer, fearlessly watching you. Its ears twitch and it cocks its head, drawing your attention to the wreath around its neck. It is woven from the same laurel as the forest around you, but it doesn’t look like random leaves caught around the deer’s neck. Instead, it seems to be intentionally placed, as though a gift from the forest itself.

The deer slowly walks towards you and lowers its head, allowing the golden wreath around its neck to fall to the ground at your feet. It waits for you to pick it up before trotting to the other side of the clearing and disappearing into the trees. The laurel is an invitation to follow, although there is no telling where the deer might lead you.

Introducing our new Summer Seasonal coat, Laureled Deer. This coat was created by Eluii! They will be available to purchase in Fungimental Magic beginning September 22nd.

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thats so cute also im new here to how do i adopt more pets though?
Posted Sep 19


There are a couple of different ways to get pets. You’ll want to start by playing our games under the games tab to earn nuggets, the site currency. You can then find pets to adopt under the shops tab. You can buy them through the Out of Shadows or Mycenian Search features. Some pets may only be sold for gems; you can exchange nuggets for gems under the shop tab at the Cave Exchange.

You can also look at pets that other users are selling in the trade forum. I would suggest this particular thread. It has some discount pets specifically for new players:

Cheap pets for beginners.

Posted Sep 19