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Drawntlet Thoughts

Part of this post (the section between the lines) has been copypasted from an initial post in the event announcement thread, but as apparently the appropriate place for feedback and critique is in this forum only I’ve removed it from that thread - sorry for the people in recent posts who have to see my wall of text twice.

This is an initial impression before this year’s Drawntlet even starts, so take this with a grain of salt I guess, but I’m more than a little hesitant to be excited about it.

I am… miffed isn’t the right word, but the fact that there’s no 30-day participation prize this year stings a little. I understand that the prize for completing every single day last year was a Big Prize and missing even a single day was painful for the people who did, and I wouldn’t want to put people in that situation again, but for me the fact that there was *something* that came of doing Every Single Day was a huge motivator for me and I would really like to see some kind of recognition for that, even if it’s just one additional point in the prize shop or some nuggets or a guaranteed Bag of Wonders or something.

Speaking of the Bag of Wonders prize that comes from being spotlighted - I don’t feel great about it, either. I am not a talented artist, nor am I a talented writer, and I am fairly confident that with the pool of talent onsite I won’t be able to produce anything worth being highlighted on social media that would make Mycena Cave look better. While I appreciate that a player can only be selected once over the course of the month, and by no means am I put out that other people are better at creating than I am, it kind of stings to know that one of the only prizes possible for the event is pretty much out of my grasp since it’s a skill prize rather than a participation one.

It’s also painful to me that you can really only earn one grand prize + one minor prize with points, and that the grand prize is out of a pool of Desirable Things, but objectively I realize that’s probably a good thing for the economy or something. :D;

I dunno! Being Creative is hard for me, and maybe that’s a sign that I’m on the wrong site haha, but to me this year’s creative incentivization is just not really enough to make me want to do it though I’ll definitely still make an attempt.

I know there’s “a reward” in itself for having done a thing for 30 days in a row - unfortunately, having 30 days of mediocre-at-best content to look back at isn’t really appealing for me personally, which is why I had never done any kind of daily prompt month thing before. As nice as it is to have a sense of accomplishment, looking back at poems I wrote in middle school will make me cringe for the rest of my life - even if I’d managed to do a whole month of daily poems in middle school, I’d be proud of past me, but I wouldn’t want to go look at it again lol. Reading through my musings thread at things I wrote even last year makes me cringe. :D;;

I touched on this in the Discord but I wanted to mention it on site: the Bin-GO RP event had a fairly similar participation requirement to the Drawntlet; the difference between the two being that bingo was much more spread out. If I’m reading correctly, it looks like a two-person team participating doing a bingo card for full participation credit would have needed to write 2 or 3 posts each every week, minimum, for about 10 weeks? So that’s something like 30 posts over the course of the event for 10 points, minimum, while the Drawntlet has the same effort requirement in half the time for half the reward.

I don’t know how much of this is set in stone for this year, but I think a re-evaluation of the point to effort ratio would be a good thing sooner rather than later.

(These thoughts aren’t just copypasted, I swear!)

The response in the Discord, when a few different people expressed a dislike of the current Drawntlet prize system, was basically “we aren’t going to change it before the event, wait until afterwards to post feedback and don’t put it here in the server anymore,” and that stings. Yes I’m fully aware I’m the loudest voice expressing concern right now. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that I’m pointing out things about this event that make me go “hm!” before it starts. Yes I know I don’t have to participate if I don’t like it. I think it’s a very, very neat concept, and I like the prizes, and I’m not complaining because I hate everything I’m complaining because I care about MC a lot and have invested a lot of my time and energy in it and and and and and—


I’ll be leaving this thread up so I can bounce off points I’m making here in a month when the feedback form is up in hopes of being listened to. If anyone else has comments to add on to either the Drawntlet or on my post, please feel free to use this thread.

Posted 10/26/20
Hey Purr! Just as a quick note of clarification — you are absolutely welcome to keep your feedback post in the general event thread (or here now) or to talk about it in the event channel on Discord! We just ask that Ledore’s House of Help specifically be used for questions so we can keep track & ensure everyone gets answered / we don’t miss anyone!
Posted 10/26/20

That was, admittedly…a bit unpleasant to read as a response, especially when constructive feedback and input was being applied? I do understand why things might’ve needed to be fielded outside of the thread or even discord for the sake of not congestion the channels and data getting lost. But.

I felt a bit taken aback? I know participating in the Drawntlet this year (will be my first time, so I’ve been excited!) is something to look forward to, even if it’s happening during a fairly hectic time of year in general. But I know for me individually, having a demanding fulltime job, and commissions, and home life, and some personal struggles- it makes for a lot to take on to wind up having to feel “bittersweet” about the reward? I feel you on the Bingo thing- I LOVED that, my bestie and I wrote so, so much for and because of that event. So just…this feels really weird, comparatively? I’m not looking forward a “sacrifice” feeling when it comes time to pick prizes. There were a lot of years I wasn’t particularly active, and now that I am, I have goals! But I also want the new coat? Lacquered History is just stunning and the Kintsukuroi really speaks to me emotionally. Yes, there are 4 fodder to look forward to but- I’d rather have the 4 extra points? In which case, I could get the coat, and maybe an OOTS set, AND a fodder. Possibly more if I’m understanding that 5th perk correctly, but I’m exhausted so apologies if I’m off the mark with that.

To bring this longwinded spaghetti junction thought back to the original focus: the “shut down” feeling was definitely there, I don’t think you’re alone in that feeling, Purr :< I don’t see anything wrong with taking into account the voices of the people who will be participating and considering making adjustments before the event even rolls out . There’s still time? If it’s a matter of not having the time as staff members to revisit or convene, I can understand that. I’m glad for the opportunity to provide feedback at the end. But I think if there’s enough voices bringing a like-concern to the table, isn’t that worth listening to?

EDIT: Gonna add the input I placed in the discord here as well

I am a bit ..surprised that you can only get a total of 5 points, period. That seems quite a bit low, for an entire month of activity- and, as others have pointed out, during times that can extremely busy for personal, family, or professional reasons. I get why november was chosen, don’t get me wrong, but only 5 points total for 30 days feels disappointingly low ;; especially given that there are some very attractive prizes on the higher end, sure, but for some people I imagine making the choices would feel a bit difficult. Yes, we’d love the new colors for sure- but oh, I wasn’t active when x (for example- burnt sugar, since I know that one is coveted) came out, this could be my chance! But then that’s that.

If the idea is to make it attainable but challenging, and still rewarding…maybe…2 points per week? ^^; I feel like then people could feel a deeper sense of reward for all that creative power and not like there’s a sense of “sacrifice”. I got x but now I have to wait a whole year to get y, or, play my luck with shrooms to get z.

Ooooor. A point per completed task, but with different costs for the rewards?

Posted 10/26/20, edited 10/26/20

In the interest of consolidating discussion into this thread, I’ll copy over my thoughts from the other thread.

I do wish points were awarded on a daily basis rather than weeky, like if I can only participate a few days a week, I’d prefer to be able to earn points for that instead of needing to complete the full week, because I may need to cram on weekends to complete it, which doesn’t really fit into the spirit of the event.

If 1 day = 1 point, and prize point requirements were multiplied by 6 (prizes at 6 - 12 - 18 - 24, total of 30 points available), then I think I would feel more motivated to participate. I would prefer an event where it feels like I can hop in on days I can participate and still earn something for it, rather than having to commit to the full week. The current setup doesn’t feel very flexible… I could do four or five prompts a week and come out with a sticker.

I appreciate the extra day overlap for submissions, and I appreciate the low requirements. I really like the OotS and seasonal coat availability in the prizes, and the forever coats are a neat prize for the weekly challenges. The flexibility in not strictly requiring MC characters is appreciated.

Overall, I am not really concerned about the prizes, and I think they’re fair for a creative event like this, but I’d rather have more choice in how I participate (which days I participate) while still being able to obtain points. I’m okay with not getting the maximum that I want, and with the overtime I’m anticipating, I would expect that. I guess I’m less hyped knowing that every week is all or nothing, rather than the more casual “participate when you can” daily prompt events that I was anticipating. Obviously I could just do that, but I’d feel like I’m missing out if I can’t complete a week for a point.

Between Thanksgiving, overtime, and other commitments that I have, a more casual point system would have been more encouraging to see. Ultimately, it’s not a huge deal, and there’s only so many ways to set up an event like this; I appreciate that the event was set up in the first place.

Posted 10/26/20

before I forget I just wanna say that I was also really let down by crow’s response in the discord.  when we were talking about it earlier dove seemed more than happy to engage with us and let us kinda spitball!  then I went to work and checked discord on my break to see crow’s “sorry you feel that way” “that strikes me as more than fair” and I was really taken aback.  especially when the conversation leading up to it didn’t seem to have escalated in any sort of way that would have warranted such a response.  I’m not trying to tone police it just really caught me off guard.  ESPECIALLY when it was immediately followed by a mod stepping to say “we welcome your suggestions” because it sure didn’t feel that way anymore.

also re: that…..... metalhawk specifically said “take event critiques and suggestions to a thread in Mycena Cave discussion forum.”  I understand that maybe that wasn’t meant entirely literally but that’s exactly what purr did, and then dove came in and mentioned that this wasn’t strictly necessary.  that, on top of the confusion earlier today with meru answering a question incorrectly regarding the event, just makes it seem like staff aren’t on the same page.  I understand that you’re all in different departments and they’re honest and pretty harmless mistakes but the staff team isn’t that big.

ANYWAY. in regards to the actual drawntlet!  I’m genuinely excited!!!! I’ve love taking part in the mycena cave versions of inktober and I’m sure this year won’t be any different.  but I will admit that I’m also a bit miffed about the prizes.  most specifically the new coats.  I think my biggest :( is the fact that it’s impossible to get both.  the fodder pets are cool for the weekly challenges but having two brand new coats put in front of me and being told “you can have one and also if you pick one you can’t get anything else” idk man that just kinda sucks, for lack of a better phrase haha. 

from a collector’s point of view, I’m really sad because I have all of the event coats.  I know that these aren’t technically “event” coats according to the pets page, but I treated the inkling last year the same way.  it’s a site event, the coats are a prize, so it’s an event coat.  I know they’ll return next year, but it was also said that more coats would be added.  if the prize pool keeps the same structure, how would someone ever be able to acquire all of them?  I’ll be at least one short every year. and that’s really disheartening as a collector.  the active userbase isn’t large enough to hope that I could buy one down the line with any sorta reliability.  so unless they’re in a changie I’m out of luck, is what I’m hearing.

as I said in the discord, I understand why things are structured the way they are.  I get the weekly submissions, even though they aren’t my favorite.  I understand not wanting to put anyone out with a grand prize (though I still think even a small incentive to actually finish would be nice - as it stands, I could get the same grand prize if I skipped an entire week as if I did the whole month).  I’m just disappointed in the availability of prizes.  because there are so many super cool prizes in the pool!!! medallions!  oots set!! seasonal pet!!!! nuggets!!!! changies and gcs!!!! holy cow!  truly wish I could have more than just that one grand prize. plus I guess a fifth fodder pet or a cave capsule that I don’t get the pick the year of.

and before anyone says “the sense of accomplishment is the real grand prize” - no, it’s not.  if I wanted to do inktober I would have done inktober.  this is a game.  I’m playing a game and yeah, it’ll be fun while I’m playing, but at the end of the day I expect to get a prize for winning said game.

idk man I’m not trying to be a debbie downer.  I’m gonna participate and I’m gonna be happy about whatever prizes I get, because as Crow said there’s no room for negotiation at this point.  I’m just bummed because a month straight of creative work is an assload of effort to put in on top of a life outside of the internet (especially considering it’s the start of the holiday season) and I wish it felt like it would be more worth it lmao

Posted 10/26/20

The way the response was phrased in the discord.. it felt really uncalled-for to stick in a passive aggressive “I’m sorry that you guys feel that way” in there. :/ 

In response to the answer that ‘only 1 of the event coats and 5 fodder coats’ is somehow worth an entire month of art/writing, I’d honestly say that no, no it is not. Not when getting an event coat means sacrificing the chance to get any other prizes. And when a fodder coat itself is a 1-point prize. I’d much rather get those 4 extra points to spend than get a fodder (which is available all the time). While it’s nice to have the option rather than having to spend 25k nuggets on a fodder, dangling two different event coats in front of us and then being all ‘sorry you can only possibly get one’ just feels unpleasant. I could care less about a coat’s ‘value’ honestly - I came here to play a pet/RP site, not an economy sim. I was excited for the drawntlet, but now I just want to get it over with so I can get my coat and fodder and get to doing something that feels more worthwhile.


Posted 10/26/20

Hi everyone,

I wanted to pop in here to say that everyone’s feedback and thoughts are valid, and we do hear what you’re saying! Behind the scenes, things have been a bit more chaotic than usual due to personal goings-ons, and that may be coming across a bit in our responses.

I do want to apologize about my response in the discord — I’m sorry that it made you feel pushed aside and unheard. That wasn’t my intention. We do understand people’s concerns! We hope that you’ll give this event a chance to see how these mechanics work. We’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming and putting this activity together, including the incorporation of data and feedback from past events, so please be assured that much thought went into how to make this well-balanced.

We’re playing around with a lot of new things for this year’s Drawnlet and there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for changing stuff around for this year. However, details aren’t set in stone for future Drawntlets. We’ll be listening in on your feedback and doing a feedback survey at the end to see how the community would like to see things adjusted.

Thank you all for your patience, and feel free to continue to discuss!

Posted 10/26/20

Copying discord thoughts over here:

1. Is drawntlet going to be in nov every year?
between final exams if you’re in education, black friday if you work in retail/retail-adjacent, the election this year if you’re american, and general burn-out from inktober/dinovember/last event, it’s not a super accessible time.

(The answer was that it might not be! November was just the most convenient for staff.)

2. I would prefer more flexibility for players that may not be able to participate fully, compared to adding more prizes at the very tippytop end. People have already very strongly come down against an empty “sense of accomplishment”, but maybe something like a sticker or profile badge/trophy, or other small recognition of “doing every day” might be okay. I’m super sympathetic to like… when you make that “the prize” for doing the thing, it becomes the goal and can lead to feelings if it’s missed out, even if it’s not necessarily the biggest best prize. Some of the comments in this thread already refer to being disappointed that you can’t get both coats no matter what, missing out on wanted prizes, and not having a means to get the things they want.  Adding an EXTRA prize on top of that, for “doing it every single day” is just going to exacerbate that, and bring back all of the hurt feelings from last year where it felt very all-or-nothing.

But maybe something like “if you participate every single day you get 3 extra points” or something? If it’s really important that players will always miss out on one event coat (which seems to be the intent/design, given new coats are meant to be added each year), that would still allow people to go hard so they can get one big prize and something else for their trouble to recognize that extra mile.

3. (new thought)
I don’t like that points are account-bound. I understand why, but I think it’s cold and player-antagonistic. I would much rather give away or pool my points with someone else so they could get a desired prize than both of us being “stuck” with something we want less.

I know everyone’s in different boats, but Nov is a super busy time of year for me and I’ve made myself feel better about not being able to participate fully by looking at the cost/time ratio. I don’t know if it will help anyone else, but just in case:
Last year, I spent about 30-45+ minutes for each inktober day (including planning, drawing, uploading, and posting here). That’s 15-22 hours total for the month of november (or about 3.5/hrs per week). Based on the prizes with direct purchase costs (forever coat $7/1pt, driftshroom $25/2pt, seasonal pet ~$35/3pt), Mycena values each “point” at between $7 and $12.50. Which works out to… $2-4 per hour of my creative output, even assuming I spend the bare minumum 30mins on pieces. Personally, especially during the early part of november, my downtime is worth a lot more than that to me. So even though I’m still super bummed about not having a chance at the higher tier prizes, I was never going to have a chance, and at least now I don’t feel quite as bad about missing the other prizes if I decide I’d rather do something else that day.

Posted 10/27/20, edited 10/27/20

Just some casual midnight thoughts:

It would be nice to see each of the major prizes (the new colorations, + a seasonal or an OOTS set) obtainable by anyone who is able to complete the event, with an additional balance to allow power players to obtain each of the major prizes + something a little extra. That way those who want to go hard can go hard and be rewarded for the extra effort, and the majority of the players can just do the event as intended.

I know that may be a bit counter to the usual prize structure for Mycena events. It seems intentionally difficult for anyone except for the power users to get each of the top prizes per event.

I like that the prize pool in general seems to include desired prizes, and that there are desired prizes available for people who are only able to complete a couple weeks of the event.

I like that it is possible to get one of the top prizes without participating every single day. It would be nice to have something a little extra so those that are able to participate daily are recognized, but I do like knowing that a single missed day won’t null out the ability to obtain the top prize necessarily.

I’m personally looking forward to this event, and I’m happy to see that this event has been edited with feedback from last year kept in mind. I enjoy that there is a reason for me to do drawlloween in general. I wouldn’t have the incentive to do it on my own, so Mycena giving me a kick in the booty is appreciated.

Posted 10/27/20, edited 10/27/20

honestly i’ve been pretty stoked in general about this(i never saw any of the discord stuff so i won’t throw a horse into that race) I’m too excited to get these done and pick out a seasonal coat I wouldn’t be able to get due to skrimping for a custom.


When i was studying the prize list i noticed it was pretty lopsided. basically anyone who takes a pure nugget prize is getting ripped off.

to compare with the easiest to find prices:

tier 1 has a 25k forever coat and a..15k nugget prize?
tier 2 has gloomshroom being sold in-shop for 15 gems or 54k. nugget prize is..30k?
tier 3 has seasonal coats which are either 72k or 108k. nugget prize is….45k?
tier 4 is the most lopsided.  While theres no in-site price. the userbase price for a glowing changing shroom has always hovered between 100-200k with the most popular coats from the shroom easily hitting 200+..the nugget prize is 60k.

Its just kinda odd. I know you’re not keen in flooding the economy but honestly why bother putting nuggets up as a prize if you’re just shortchanging whoever picks it?  What if someone HAS all of tier 3 stuff so they wanna pick the nugget prize to pick the future winter seasonal? 45k is only a little over halfway to a future seasonal. At the very least in the tiers that HAVE in-site comparisons why not match the prices?

I also feel its odd to not have something (maybe a bag of wonder? ) for anyone that completes all days of the event? like, theres no encouragement to do all days currently. but.. just something that is desired but not unique. cause as is. Theres no motivation to do an entire week unless you absolutely need an extra point. which means since we have a 2 day ‘week’ an entire 7 entries can be safely skipped.

Posted 10/27/20, edited 10/27/20

So I’ve pretty much finished up my Drawntlet prompts (but have yet to actually post the rest of the days yet obviously, lol) and I guess I just wanted to come back with the followup to my original post of thoughts.

I still feel kind of :/ about there not being a prize for having done every day, at least with the specific structure of the prizes this year. It genuinely feels weird to me that someone who did 23 days of work, someone who did 28 days of work, and someone who did all 30 days of work can come out with both the 23 and 28 day participants getting the same prize and the 30 day participant getting… at the most (in terms of direct value) a fodder pet. I would really, truly appreciate a concrete reward for going above and beyond the minimum effort required to get the ‘grand prize’ in terms of something like a Bag of Wonders (which is not exclusive to these events, is fairly easy to obtain elsewhere, and is generally already given out as a creative prize) or an additional point, if the point scale stays relatively the same.

Ideally I would prefer the point scale be revamped completely-

If 1 day = 1 point, and prize point requirements were multiplied by 6 (prizes at 6 - 12 - 18 - 24, total of 30 points available), then I think I would feel more motivated to participate. I would prefer an event where it feels like I can hop in on days I can participate and still earn something for it, rather than having to commit to the full week. The current setup doesn’t feel very flexible… I could do four or five prompts a week and come out with a sticker.Vely

A setup similar to this would be my dream. I would propose the one-point-a-day system for future Drawntlets, but my suggestion for the prize tiers would be to have something like 1 point redeemable for 1 Golden Ticket item (3600 nuggets/1 gem), the Cave Capsules/OotS item set/fodder pet being at 5 points-ish, the changey/drifty/gloomy at 10 points-ish, the past OotS set/choice of seasonal at 15 points-ish, and the GCS/Drawntlet coat/Gold Medallion being 20 points-ish. This would be a lot more flexible for the people who, for one reason or another, couldn’t participate every day of a week.

Ultimately I guess I would generally feel a lot better about “not getting anything” as a complete participation prize if I felt like I had more flexibility with how I could participate, especially with everything going on during this time of the year (and in 2020 especially).

It was hard to make myself sit down for the chunks of time it took to do entries. I am not proud of my art at the best of times, so I sat out with the intention to do mostly writing-based entries because at least then it’s not as obvious when I’ve done something glaringly wrong, but I found many of the prompts frustratingly vague in a way that was hard to write about with the amount of motivation I had for the event, so they got garbage doodles instead. I guess this is my long-winded way of saying “I really struggled with the choice of prompts this year.”

I did really enjoy the weekly challenges; I felt like that was a fun way to reward extra work. I struggled with some of the placements of the weekly challenges with some of the prompts they lined up with; I think it might be neat if we had a pool of potential challenges to pick from (something like 6 or 8). For example, Week 4’s fan/gift art challenge would have worked a lot better with Week 3’s prompts for me personally, while someone else might have wanted to do the Week 1 single character challenge for Week 2! I really liked the structure that the weekly challenges provided for me; last year I remember struggling with a direction for some of the prompts but having an extra guideline to follow this year helped a ton.

And this isn’t so much Drawntlet-related as it is general site feedback that’s been floating around my head and was exacerbated by the chain of events that led to me making this thread in the first place a month ago, but when there are user discussions like this… I would really like to see a staff response in some capacity that isn’t just “we’ll keep your feedback in mind” or a mod stepping in to disarm a tense situation. I feel like something MC has struggled with a lot (in the past few years especially) has been transparency even on the seemingly-tiny decisions and I know for a Snapple fact there are hurt feelings among the userbase because of it. It feels like the only time staff can or will engage with the users is on “harmless” things like talking about cats or food in the Discord, and while I’m very glad that the Discord exists and that staff can at least engage with the users on that casual level, I really wish that wasn’t it haha. I’m not saying every single member of staff needs to interact with the community, I’m really not. I know different people have different levels of social tolerance etc. But I remember things like glitch getting up to image shenanigans with the userbase and actual conversations about event planning with community coordinators and just… it seems like the only time staff interacts with The Users are for either casual things or Official Very Serious Business and there’s really no in between anymore.

Posted 11/25/20

I absolutely agree with everything purr has said above and would like to chime in a bit myself.

This isn’t this first time similar observations have been voiced. Its not the second. or even the third.  All you need to do is look at the front page of the mycena cave discussion forum and you can see evidence in this. 

https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/mycena-cave-discussions/17595/has-mycena-died this thread talking about why mycena feels dead is STILL sitting on the front page and its last post was in august .  its last post was almost 4 months ago. That thread is one of the first things any newbie is going to see and it shows how slow everything runs. It ran this slow before discord was introduced.

They see that, take a look around the site, realize how hard it is to get anything without having either a huge hoard on another site or art skill or money. and they go “They’re right.  This is too much effort and RL money for a cute little pet site. I can go get the same itch scratched at -insert various other pet sites-.”


I’ve said this before I’ll say it again.  When you have the same people buying stuff all the time. Consistently you’re going to have a stranglehold on what resources are ACTUALLY available.  Nothing but art and PP is consistently moving around because theres paradoxically both not enough supply nor enough demand.  The nuggets are sitting all on the same accounts that have already bought stuff. right now as of typing we have 40 people online.  13 of them are admins or mod. almost half the online list is mods.  The people who are left are mostly old time users and its always the same people. 

Newbies come in and they go “hey! Thats my favorite color. is anyone selling?” And the response is usually -crickets- or ” I have one. I think current prices are 90k ..” “oh. Thats too much.  well okay! how long will it take to get that much?”  And they check the games and see theres a 3k cap and the pet they want was just quoted at 90k.

No newbie is going to spend 3 months of constantly capping. and the seller probably isn’t going to want to wait long that long either.  So that means they need to have something to trade( a newbie isn’t going to have anything on-site)  OR buy the gems. as time goes on and these items get rarer and rarer its going to be increasingly harder to get the funding to buy one of these items/coats without spending RL money. Thats unacceptable.

It should be possible to play the site itself to get things. and not “I spent 4 years in WoW trying to get just this one mount” levels of ““possible”“.  The seasonal pets are the only thing that can be consistently reasonably gotten.. Except you have to cap out for 3 months to get one and oh look theres another FOTM and its items and theres also PAST seasonals… and..

I personally spent almost 3 years getting a hold of a single coat. I long since had the resources to get it. but no one was selling To classify. resources on the site are pets,items, nuggets,gems and PP and even then. I didn’t pay in nuggets or gems. I traded pets and items for it.


Events like the drawntlet are great for putting more resources into the economy and they’re always super super fun too! But consistently they only give just enough to only be for one’s favorite thing/s OR selling. Not usually both.  and as I pointed out above. You consistently gimp the nugget prize so anyone who knows the market feels they HAVE to pick one of the other options. I would love to pick the nugget prize so I could stash it away for exchanging for PP for a custom or for the upcoming winter seasonal. Having done the math Its not worth it and no one has the nuggets to buy a GCS(which costs almost half as much as custom) nowadays so why bother trying to sell something?

the best source of injecting ‘new’ coats and items into the circulation pool is the random items!  Which are either too rare or pricey. the normal changingshroom is 12 gems thats 43k nuggets.  or 15 days of capping out. and again. it comes back to. only a handful of people who happen to be REALLY good at the games are going to cap out every single day. but its also a random item. Which means. You could use it 10 times and not even get the right species of pet, nevermind the right coat. and you have to use them on a preexisting pet. So thats 26k nuggets PLUS whatever you spent on that random item. plus. oh look. another pretty FOTM.

TLDR version:

Everything is in a nasty loop.

~Not enough nuggets are going into the system to justify buying multiple items/coats or buying the random capsules/shrooms
~Newbies/oldies can’t find the item/coat they want without jumping through a dozen hoops or paying RL money so they leave/give up.
~The people who DO have nuggets/willing to drop money have no inclination to buy multiple pets/items for future sale to newbies because theres no newbies to sell to or oldbies have no nuggets.
~Coats/items that subsequently shouldn’t be that hard to find(like last month’s OOTS) are hard to find.
Newbie(or oldbie that missed out) shows up wanting item/coat.

rinse and repeat.

Rikur’s rarities is a good idea to help with this scarcity of items/coats. But the items start at such a high day count it takes ages before anyone even wants to bother keeping track.  No one in their right mind is going to even think about buying an old OOTS mushroom before it drops before 30 gems. So why is the starting count 80+? thats 2 months of waiting before even thinking about watching it.

Posted 11/27/20

Quick thoughts about the Drawnlet just completed.  My biggest whine:  whatya mean I’m doing all these prompts and I don’t get to pick my desired hidden coat?!  ;=;  that’s the biggest reason I was slogging through this much work!!!  I have super lousy luck when it comes to rng (glowshrooms). I have one coat that I was seeking this year, possibly 2, so to have to do the wheel o doom and end up with most likely yet another coat I don’t want.  It’s like meh.  I still have a thing after the month’s work, but meh. 

As for the work, some of that was waaaayyy harder to do than I expected!  I thought doing prompts from say the song inspirations would be a breeze.  I spent hours just looking for a song that I liked that prompted the word.  Still, those were added challenges, so that’s that.

Lastly I’ll say it yet again, I don’t know who created the graphic with the layout of the prompts, but it was brilliant!!!. The colour coding, the added challenges clearly displayed, the daily prompts = all of it was brilliant!!! I used it incessantly and I still enjoy glancing at it.  I love the cheery aspect c=. yes, I am easily amused, but it was a phenomal tool to keep me organized and on task for the Drawnlet. 

Posted 12/03/20

Hm, this looks like a fine enough place to feedback, so hello.

  • I rather liked having 5 points, rather than 4 this year. Getting more choices of prizes was nice, and let me trade out four of my points while still getting something from the prize pool for the effort. Would’ve liked a point per day with higher/more varied costs for the different prizes though.
  • I was really hoping Inkling would be an available prize since Drawntlet is basically replacing Inktober, but it wasn’t.
  • While getting a thing done every day is a fun little challenge and all, missing out on a prize because you missed a day would suck and there should probably be something to forgive folk who just aren’t feeling it during a particular day, apart from having the extra day to send since that’s more timezone forgiveness.
  • The weekly challenges were interesting but stressful. Perhaps they could be moved to just being challenges that last through the month and completed when we feel like? Something like doing any three-four days following the challenge will count as credit. It’s hard to do every day’s prompts while also doing challenges like that when the prompt inspires something that wouldn’t fit in the challenge or vice-versa.
  • Nugget prizes never feel worth it. Just converting nuggets to gems, you get less value than buying all fodder for the same amount of points. That’s kind of silly.
  • Having discord to chat about both my own and other people’s entries was a lot of fun this year, and helped keep me motivated to keep working. So that’s nice, and I’m glad that exists.
  • All of my site time has been devoted to drawntlet since it started. This is a busy time of year for a lot of people, and working on this event takes a LOT of time and effort for the prizes you get, cool as they may be. Any time I had time and energy to do anything with Mycena, I basically had to work on drawntlet to make the weekly cutoff times and do every day’s prompt. So no RPs, no working on my adventures, no grinding nuggets for x coat I want, nothing. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something that’s noteworthy when it comes to selecting prizes.
  • The challenge to get us to use someone else’s characters was very fun, and a good excuse to play with some new (and old) friends. Also made me very happy whenever mine got the honor of being selected to have something done with them. So love that, would like to see that come back at some point.
  • It should probably be more obvious there’s a submission form. Big bold letters next time, please. Or otherwise be more explicit in the rules themselves. I assumed the ‘submission thread’ was the ‘submission form’ that was listed in the rules because the rules post is BIG. Then in the thread itself it’s a tiny little link, which I ended up scrolling/skipping past because it mixed in as a bunch of little lines that seemed to be repeating things from the main rules board. I probably could’ve read it more thoroughly, but something that important really should have more oomph behind it, at the least it should be bold. Having a little reminder notification to submit a feedback form each week would’ve been a nice way to do it.
  • Hilarious that two days of effort in the last week is equal in prize power to seven days of effort while completing a challenge during any of the other weeks, but also wow that’s kind of dumb. Something should definitely be done about this next year to keep things more consistent for weeks that aren’t parallel in days.
  • Overall this was fun, and I’m glad inktober was brought back in the form of drawntlet. Having the month-of-creative event is fun (albeit stressful) and gives me an excuse to write a bunch of smaller but interconnected story bits, which I right appreciate.
  • Didn’t like the challenge about using a medium/style you aren’t used to. I like doing things the way I do them, and I’ve tried other forms of writing and found them less fulfilling or more difficult to use. Just generally not a fan of that one, I’d rather keep to the style I have and work with more interesting challenges like the one for song lyrics or focusing on one character. It just led to me making lower quality posts since I already was strained creatively by doing the daily prompts, and I’m a bit unhappy with how that week turned out as a result.
  • Thanks for all the fodder. The challenges giving forever coats as a side bonus is actually a super nice reward to me. A nice little cherry on top of participation rewards. Though, I didn’t actually get to get any other prizes due to getting an event coat and being wholly disinterested in the Nov Items. I really wish that option would’ve been for any month’s Oots items, I’d've loved to get this year’s december set. (Basically the three point option but minus the coat. Though, my particular pick wouldn’t be ‘past’ sets, so oh well…)
  • Also thanks for sticker. It looks good and I like the nod to both artists and writers.

ok im done rambling now thanks bye

Posted 12/05/20, edited 12/05/20