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General Suggestions Thread!

hello! i feel that we are in need of a singular space where we can organize our thoughts and express desire or interest in things for the site that staff can, at their convenience, peruse! this is in response to a convo on the discord about posting in the suggestion thread and then realizing we couldnt find it haha

we do have an item suggestion thread! it is right here! and if you wanna post item suggestions you can and totally should do it there! item suggestions i imagine will be much more numerous than suggestions that might exist here, so i think it’s probably better to keep them separate.

ideas for suggestions to make!

  • new games!
  • quality of life/user interface tweaks!
  • new features!
  • event prompts??
  • bases/templates for pets/customs??
  • i dunno im just spitballing!

Quality of life suggestions:

  • sticker pages! suggested by me
  • a friends list! suggested by Purr supported by me
  • more pockets! suggested by Purr supported by raus
  • move the avatar frames to community settings instead of being equipped on the pet as an item! suggested by Hawkins. supported by me
  • a shroom item that turns a pet’s coloration into the mushroom form and leaves the pet a forever coat! suggested by Hawkins supported by by Purr
  • there should be warning on the confirmation page when shrooming over gcs/customs/sprouts that it’s a rare pet! suggested by me supported by Ersatz


Other fun stu]ff:

ok i got this far sorry yall im fighting for my life over here i WILL finish this hold me to it 8/27/21

if u have any suggestions for the suggestions thread (LOL) feel free to lmk!! if this gets interest i’ll polish this first post up i promise

Posted 09/17/20, edited 08/27/21
mycena cave snake
Posted 09/17/20
mycena cave snake
Posted 09/17/20

EXCELLENT i’ll go first SO a few ppl on discord mentioned it’d be really cool if the stickers feature had a different tab for the different kinds of stickers the way the inventory and user profiles have item and pet pockets! i’d personally love this because if you are active in the monthly events (creativity circle, productividays) then those stickers can overwhelm the beautiful unique ones for events.

ALSO i wouldnt mind spending blissful days playing a reskinned, mycena cave-themed snake for beautiful sweet nuggets….. to highlight some other interest in this, here’s another thread expressing interest in a keyboard game! like snake :3c

edit: nevermind i’ll go THIRD bahaha

Posted 09/17/20, edited 09/17/20

I am full of ideas today apparently. 8);;;

mycena cave snake

I would… honestly love a friends list or something as a sort of quick link directory to the people I most echo and/or throw things at tbh? Not in a public way, I feel like that could get messy, but if I want to throw, say, Miranda an item I have to go see if they’ve been online within the last hour and if not I need to either type their UN in manually (which is mildly annoying on mobile) or find somewhere they’ve posted recently and having a nice list would be handy.

I am in the camp of people who feels that 8 inventory/pet pockets really isn’t enough and I would love if this could be revisited - all my items are in a bit of a clustered mess in my main pocket right now because I can’t come up with a concise enough organizational system to fit in 6 pockets so I can still keep the couple of pockets I have for a specific purpose. My 8 pet pockets I’ve managed okay with, but I have friends who definitely are not in that camp.

Also this might be one of those things I end up just DIYing with a Stylish sheet or something but I’d love to see customizable site themes because sometimes I am just not vibing with tealy blue and black.

Posted 10/13/20

oh big support for purr’s suggestion of a friends list! it definitely doesn’t have to be public, but agreed a spot where a few buds’ profiles are easily accessible would be most convenient (also the site themes thing would be SO FUN)

ALSO i just made an observation while checking out the creative scribe we have this post here meant to include the current prompts and feedback for that month, and get updated each month! personally, i think it’d be really convenient and make hunting down the current prompts each month much easier! not saying stop posting in thread of course, but going back and keeping this post updated for each month was an awesome idea i’d personally love to see put to use!

(obligatory mycena cave snake request)

Posted 10/17/20

Concerning the prompt post for CC, the link at the bottom of the first post seems to be what is updated each month rather than the post mentioned. However, I think it would be nice if that link sat at the top of the first post instead of the bottom. I think that would be the easiest way to jump straight to the current prompt as then no scrolling would be required when visiting the first page of the CC thread (it would also make the link more readily apparent).

EDIT: OR since it’s more natural for it to sit at the bottom for someone reading the post for the first time, it could sit at both the bottom and top - though this would require remembering to update both links… 

Posted 10/17/20, edited 10/17/20

Yeah when the thread first went up I honestly just assumed it was a space for feedback links/etc month-to-month but I have since realized it was just an example :‘D That being said I really like Oxton’s suggestion of putting a link at the bottom and the top of the post for easy clicking and natural flow!

(edited to add obligatory mycena cave snake request)

Posted 10/17/20, edited 10/17/20

I would kill for a chill mahjong tile matching type of game. I could play those for hours.

Likewise, a simple Hi-Low, Double or Nothing game would be another thing to while away the time.

Posted 10/18/20

Like Ersatz said, I would also kill for mahjong. Mushroom and cave themed tiles would be absolutely awesome and I feel it would be easy to make mahjong themed appropriately for the lore here. I could play mahjong even after maxing out like I do for Mycelium and sometimes sudoku, honestly.

I am also for more pockets seeing as I have a lot and not enough at the same time. I get it though. >...> As long as my current number isn’t taken away pls and thanks

Posted 10/18/20

yay hi people!

that’s a good point oxy, when i was skimming the other day and noticed that the post I linked hasn’t been kept updated i did miss the link that they keep updated. agreed that linking it on the top of the post as well so that it’s the first thing you read wouldn’t be a bad idea!

and these game ideas sound great too! im personally big on the snake concept because you can play it with the arrow keys and it doesn’t require any logic so it’s less brain power to play, which would make it very unique from our other games currently, BUT i DO love a good high low and a mycena mahjong sounds REALLY fun (although likely i’ll hafta actually learn mahjong to play but that’s something i’ve always wanted to do!)

Posted 10/19/20
I know a while ago there were the sunbeam/cave shadows/cave painting forever coats that were switched with the current selection - I think it’d be neat if this happened again :D
Posted 10/25/20

ok im gonna put this here even though it’s technically an item bc it’s more of a Feature I guess

but it would be cool to have a magicy transformation item that just sucked the color from your pet? I’m thinking abt all of my pets I have sitting around bc I can’t come up with characters for them and how many shrooms I have sitting around.  also for shroom collectors with those hard to get shrooms like the individual gcs shrooms. there could be an item that just kinda sucks out the color like a turkey baster and drops a shroom in your inventory and leaves your pet and random basic fodder pet. that way you don’t have to trade/sell a color you want but aren’t doing anything with at the moment AND you have a new fodder pet to work with

Posted 11/06/20
I REALLY like Hawkins’ suggestion, that sounds super cool.
Posted 11/06/20

i think that probably wouldnt work for economy reasons, cause youd be able to buy an oots pet, schoop the mushroom out of it, and suddenly have the equivalent of 17 gems value instead of only 10 gems value. :Ia

unless the schoop item itself cost at least 7 gems, in which case, wouldn’t it make just as much sense to buy fodder? tho idk i guess if you’re attached to a particular ID number, it might be the preferred option.

Posted 11/06/20
i propose the gem bass contain one (1) gem
Posted 11/09/20

hello all! i have a suggestion!

pets that are particularly hard to get like gcs coats (or your customs or sprouts!!), it would be amazingly helpful if there was an “are you sure?” message to double confirm when shrooming over them! i know we have the confirm screen so maybe on this screen there could be a little extra note like “warning, this ineki is a rare coat!” or maybe a little image of the pet you’ve chosen to shroom? the pet drop down only has names for an identifier and i think that little extra step would help wth a LOT of accidental shrooming and save from tragically losing a very rare pet.

edit to add: also im rly excited to see ppl using this thread! and there are a lot of cool and interesting suggestions here! i’ll update the first post to be a lil more polished and organized some time soon

Posted 11/10/20, edited 11/10/20

Yeah actually I hard agree/second the above suggestion. Just a lil image preview of the pet that would be shroomed with a link back to their profile would be super handy aaaaa

Just for all shrooming instances tbh. I get so nervous double-checking when shrooming jic,,

Posted 11/10/20
I would LOVE a fire themed event… we’ve had so many winter events and there are so many winter items, and there are definitely quite a few fire items onsite but they’re much fewer and farther between. 8);
Posted 11/23/20
okay I know I’ve mentioned this before so I’m sorry for repeating but it would be a HUGE quality of life upgrade (at least…... for me…......) if you could change avatar frames on the community settings page along with the bg and the pet you’re using.  it’s incredible tedious to tab back and forth if you, for example, are me and have 0 braincells with which to visualize things.
Posted 12/07/20

agree with all three above me!! ersatz suggestion of a visual preview of the pet getting shroomed (which i think would probably be not too difficult to add, because names and previews are both tied to id right? so it would just be a matter of like… pulling the image associated w the id as well as the name? idk idk im not out there in the code ANYWAY) seems like it might be a pretty easy n quick addition to add that visual confirmation?

and agreed with a fire event too!!! especially now that we got our lava babies the firestarters!! we have phoenix sparks which is a BEAUTIFUL item but an event with fire/lava/volcano type items would be most excellent and also lead to some BEAUTIFUL fire x ice genesses…. i love it i hope this is an inspirational thought to u my darling staff team!! maybe we collect magma rocks?? build up rock walls/dig trenches around our settlements to protect the local town that’s at the base of an active volcano??

and agree with hawkins too!! avatar frames would fit in so nicely on the community settings page, plus it’s a little confusing for newbies im sure to have an item you equip to your pet and not see a difference on the pet itself! not as intuitive as making it part of that section of community settings

Posted 12/07/20

i stand outside the cave every day holding a boombox.
the boombox is not playing a song. its just a recording of me.
the boombox yells “unicorn horn equippables please”

also it’d be really cool if we could get mycena cave sna-

Posted 12/08/20, edited 12/08/20

Sometimes when I find an item in Item Search, I’d like to find it in the Market Search, and I get a little sad that there isn’t a link there that would find the item in the market for me.

Given that these two look like almost the same functionality, except one of them has a buy button and prices listed, I wonder if they could be merged into the same thing? There could just be the Market Search with a toggleable filter for “show out of stock items” that would display currently unavailable items with no price/no purchasing ability alongside the available items.

Or the pages could be left separate—Item Search with no prices, Market Search with prices—plus an out of stock filter for the Market Search. I would just find it really convenient to be able to see all items and purchase available items on one page. (Like if I’m looking for all brown wigs, I’ll check Item Search to see which ones exist, then Market Search to buy the one I like best, but it would be easier if I didn’t have to hop between the two.)

Posted 12/13/20
Okay this isn’t an equippable so I’m gonna post it here but! I would love an item like a gloomshroom that only gloomed backgrounds! Driftable backgrounds could be neat too but sometimes I want a BG to have just a biiiit less saturation to really let the pet I have it equipped on POP.
Posted 01/17/21
It isn’t something important or anything, but some outfits for the human avatars would be neat. Even if everyone gets them, I think itd be kinda nice!!
Posted 01/20/21

youve heard of “increase the nugget cap for the economy”
now get ready for “increase the nugget cap because i hit it last night while watching youtube and now i have nothing to do all day please mods im so bored i want to clicky”

Posted 01/25/21
I would love if we could have a tag for crafting items added to the item/shop search!
Posted 04/13/21
Purr I think tagging them as crafting would be awesome, but in the meantime I think you can see most of the items used for crafting under the misc tag! (Don’t mind me if you already knew that.)
Posted 04/13/21

OH I absolutely didn’t, thank you! >:D

Posted 04/13/21
i’d love for the drop rates for pond water to be increased. the fact that its existence is so scarce compared to other ingredients, especially when you’re literally fishing at a pond, is kinda mind-boggling. :( i’ve seen so many of the other items (even the pearl and coral), but no dice on pond water…
Posted 04/16/21