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Kippie's Birthday Mockup Contest!

My birthday, which is on August 13th, is a day that I like to celebrate by getting people involved in things I like and rewarding them for participation with prizes, raffles, or in this case: a contest!  On my birthday I will be buying fodder, and the winning mockup design from this contest will be the custom placed on it!
The end date is August 31st!

The Prizes

First place winner gets their choice of mockup +2PP, second place gets the choice between the two remaining mockups +1PP, and third place wins the final mockup.

Prize #1: The Merchant

A trader and connoisseur of the finer things, the Merchant is a clever man who knows how to get the best end of any deal while keeping customers happy (or intrigued) enough to come back.  Whether he uses his wiles nefariously or he sniffs out the best deal for all involved is up to you!

Your estimate is below; please pass it along to the winner or add them to this echo.  The estimate will need to be pasted into their form in order to be honored:

Ineki base: 10 PP/$50
Earrings: 2 PP/$10
Tail removal: 1 PP/$5
Cape: 4 PP/$20
Shirt: 2 PP/$10
Belt/satchel/scarf: 3 PP/$15
Anklet: 1 PP/$5
Background: 18 PP/$90

Total: 41 PP/$205

There are a number of ways in which the background price could be reduced, so feel free to direct the winner to mycenangelo if they want to discuss that.  Please let me know if I’ve forgotten any edits! :)


Prize #2: The Bard

Singer, songwriter, and dancer extraordinaire!  The Bard knows a plethora of songs and stories, and they’re looking forward to joining your characters and singing the adventures they’ll share in the future.

Base: 10 PP ($50)
Whiskers: Included
Tail erase: 1 PP ($5)
Earrings: 1 PP ($5)
Leather Anklet: 2 PP ($10)
Harp: 3 PP ($15)
Cape /w belt: 7 PP ($35)
Hat: 4 PP ($20)*
Background: 13 PP ($65)**

*The feathers on the hat will need to be removed, resized, or redrawn. Removing or resizing them come at no additional cost. However if the winner of the mockup wishes them to be redrawn it will be an additional 2 PP to make them fit within the avatar limits!

**There are couple ways to reduce the price of the background, so if the winner wishes to discuss that they can be added to this echo or contact Mycenangelo directly.

Total: 41-43 PP ($205-$207)

Prize #3: The Apprentice

Studying dutifully the magical arts, the Apprentice has been traveling through all sorts of mystic wild lands to better study the ways of nature!  They will surely make a good student under one of your magicians, or will find a good teacher under your guidance.

Base: 10 PP ($50)
Tail erase: 1 PP ($5)
Hat: 3 PP ($15)*
Cape: 5 PP ($25)
Book: 5 PP ($25)
Staff: 5 PP ($25)
Background: 10 PP ($50)**

*The hat will either need to be removed or redrawn for the avatar image. Removing the image comes at no additional cost but redrawing would be an additional 2 PP and look significantly smaller.

**This is priced at the painterly style; if the mockup winner wishes items to be lined and shaded in Mycena style they will need to contact Mycenangelo directly in order to receive a more accurate price estimate!

Total: 39-41 PP ($195-$205)

Participation Prize: 1 gem per person (not per entry)

The Rules

1. The design MUST be on a kelph base!
2. There are no limits on how many entries you can submit. However, only one of your entries will win a prize.
3. Entries submitted here must be uniquely made to this contest.
4. Entries that do not win are free to be resold after the contest is over.
5. The first place winner gets first pick amongst the prizes.  You are free to resell your mockup prize if you like.
6. Have a lot of fun!!

The Contest Iteself

So the goal is to design a kelph that will be perfect for me!  I do not have a PP limit, but less can certainly be more - if the pet is too densely and heavily edited, that will affect the chances of it winning this contest just because I intend to make it my next available hop into the custom queue.

Hidden below the following spoiler is a list of a lot of my favorite things, from colors to aesthetics - you do not need to incorporate all of these at once in your design.  For example, I don’t need a red fox kelph because the color red and foxes are two of my favorite things!  I’d rather see what your creative minds can concoct, and what you guys see fitting me, my account or my other pets the best!  Or something you think will just look nice, of course.  There are no restrictions outside of the kelph base requirement.


The list of things I enjoy the most:

Expression edits
Floating detail (stars, floating feathers, floating petals, etc)
The color red (just look at my growing drift collection jfc)
The color orange
The general off-white or cream + gold color scheme, possibly with sky blue added
Red, blue or violet with luxurious gold detailing (silver is also nice with blue or violet)
Feathers, be it wings, crests, tails, or otherwise
Flowing hair
Replacing the kelph fins or tails! I love those edits
“Elegant” apparel (jewelry, scarfs, sashes, etc)
East-Meets-West aesthetic
Armor pieces
Kimono patterns
Asian accessories
The game Okami, gosh just all the beautiful things in that game, gosh just Shiranui omg…
The aesthetics of the following anime: Mushishi, Mob Psycho 100, Princess Mononoke

Beaks or bird feet
Animal companions
Food theming
Facial piercing that isn’t earrings (please definitely don’t do those)
Complete coverage with clothes
If you’re going to do a sea kelph, I’d like something done to edit the tail. The lumpy tail is pretty awkward imo.

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Posted 07/23/16, edited 08/31/16
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Still no entries! :(
Posted 08/01/16
Kippie Here, have an entry >_>

Posted 08/01/16, edited 08/01/16

Here’s my entry! :)

Posted 08/02/16
Posted 08/02/16
I will be entering this *^* (your mockups are so pretty!)
Posted 08/07/16

ClearBright I’ll be excited to see your entry!!

Also, I’ll be extending the contest to allow for a few artists that want to participate the opportunity!  It officially ends when August ends!

Posted 08/07/16
Posted 08/08/16, edited 08/08/16
Celestine Ruh roh, the image link seems broken!
Posted 08/08/16

I’m a dumb xD I figured out the problem though! It should display correctly now.

Posted 08/08/16
Excellent~ Thank you!!
Posted 08/08/16

Kippie I DID A THING. IM SCREAMING AT MYSELF BECAUSE I’m so very proud omg im sorry D: I dont have a name for it either D:

Pretend the greyish bit around the waist is silver silk B)

Posted 08/09/16
[@Nazgra] Thank you!! Traditional, so cute always
Posted 08/09/16

Kippie Alright, I did you one!

Posted 08/19/16
Just a few days left!!
Posted 08/23/16


First time entering a mockup contest!  Hope you like it

Posted 08/24/16

Celestine Lord

Those are so freaking pretty. This is why I love spying on mockup contests. When I get to see cool stuff like that. Brava!

Posted 08/28/16

Awh, thanks! <3

Posted 08/28/16


In any case, I hope you like it :)

Posted 08/29/16
[@Witch Doctor] Thank you for your entry!
Posted 08/31/16

KeeperGreymuzzles thewordeater Dunno Celestine [@Nazgra] Lord SakuraPetals [@Witch Doctor]

Thank you for your entries!!  I’m sending the 1 gem participation prize now and deliberating on who the winners will be at the end.

Any last-minute entries will also receive a gem and deliberation - the contest officially ends at site rollover tonight.

Posted 08/31/16

I had a few more plans for this but Life and Legion has taken my time and I didn’t realize it ended today (same old story really :p ) There are a few notes added because I felt that it was needed. She is inspired by Okami and the artstyle and is a fox-goddess maybe who has the same painterly skill. She is textured to look like paper with tea stain or ink painting for markings.


The lineart is supposed to be black and is supposed to resemble the sketchy/painterly art style from Okami. I am not 100% sure if it is possible but I did test it out on one of the regular coats and it will work fine with the MC shading template.

Edits planned:
I had considered giving her a feathered crest and adding in floating feathers around her but it became a little too busy. If you decided to pick mine I would be happy to add that back into the mock-up.
I had also considered adding in an brush but time constraints.

Potential Adjustments:
I did a simple calligraphy swirl background (again to keep it simple) but I am more than willing to use characters or a specific symbol if you wished for the background.

Posted 08/31/16


Sorry it’s so last minute D: Here’s my entry! I was going for a sort of deep sea-wish granter-kimono thing (maybe some sort of Japanese god/goddess/spirit that lives in/looks over the sea and grants wishes?)

And against a black background to show off the glow:

Posted 08/31/16
Sorry for submitting this so late, but here’s my entry!

Since your birthday is in August, I tried to use Japanese seasonal symbols relating to August and summer. The Milky Way (amanogawa, lit. River of Heaven) one I really like for this time of year! So in the design I used both a waves pattern and a space/starry theme. In a traditional clothing sense, deep blue kimono, pampas grass kanzashi, and fireworks kanzashi are all fairly common in August, so I used those as well! I changed the eyes to a bit more serene expression and put a little pink around them, like a Maiko’s red makeup. And then a simple background to give the firework fins some visibility. I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun with this design.

EDIT: messed up my formatting.

Posted 08/31/16, edited 08/31/16

KeeperGreymuzzlesthewordeaterDunnoCelestine[@Nazgra]LordSakuraPetals[@Witch Doctor]MalisClearBright[@plaidLabrador]

You guys made it hard for me to pick, and I don’t think there’s a single entry that I don’t like!  There can only be three winners, however, so it’s time for me to make the decision.

In first place…

plaidLabrador!  I really love that you actually put in the effort to go “hey, what’s special about August?” and incorporated that into the kelph!!  The design is very pretty and the idea of fireworks replacing the fins is really fascinating and creative, I really love it!!

In second place…

ClearBright!  I legitimately don’t know what hits me about this design since normally I am so ambivalent towards blues, but blue and gold is such an easy combo to hit me with… and the cute white belly, I haven’t been on FR for a while so I forgot how INCREDIBLY WEAK I am to soft-looking white bellies! 

In third place…

Celestine!  You were not joking when you said this mockup was my aesthetic, the feathery softness is so pretty, and it’s the only mockup I wouldn’t tweak before tossing it into the edit queue.

First place, please inform me which mockup you would like to claim as your own!  Second place, let me know what your first and second picks are.  Third place, I will ping you to alert you which mockup you have won!

You guys have no idea how hard it was to pick from these, hahah.  Even those who didn’t place have a lot of love in my heart.  If you guys do not mind, I would like to use some of the design elements from your entries on mockups for myself in the future!  I won’t sell those mockups, I won’t hand your design work to anyone else, so on and so forth.  If you don’t mind me using your design, please let me know!  I will henceforth use this thread (after distributing the prize mockups) to show everyone what mockups I make with the designs they submitted to this contest.

As a bonus, under this spoiler you will find a list of my thoughts on every entry!

KeeperGreyMuzzles, this was the cutest entry following the ‘fox’ concept!  The ear edit is especially cute, and I liked the colors for the sash a lot.

thewordeater, your entry is absolutely excellent.  It’s a Kirin, right?  The koi whiskers and the wild mane are all so excellent, and the color choice is so nice.

Dunno, I was really struck by the flower pattern on a black kelph— I definitely have to pursue that in a mockup and explore it, because I saw it and I got super inspired!

Nazgra!  This was such a cute entry, I love that you took the effort despite your lack of access to digital medium.  It’s cute!  The accessories are probably my favorite part, they’re so delicate and feminine, I like them a lot.

Lord, your entry didn’t win almost entirely because the flower inspiration you used was the flower I had been holding onto for a custom. BUT. This actually inspired me to actually make those artist inspiration customs kelph-fusions - I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, it’s perfect!!

SakuraPetals, this entry is so precious… what a bubblegum pop princess!  She just looks utterly darling and I do like the subtle pattern coloring on her.

WitchDoctor, this entry really struck a chord with me on an aesthetic level! I looooooooooooooove that tail edit, and the red, blue and white is a fantastic combo.

Malis!!  If I ever get an okami fan pet, I’m using this design…. the clever inking lines as an edit is so good, the actual not-just-white fur color is excellent, fur swirls are all great!  I might genuinely buy this design (and the additional edits you said you might consider adding) since you didn’t win a proper prize.

Posted 09/01/16

Congrats PlaidLabrador/ClearBright/Celestine! Those are all really lovely designs, and I’m not surprised the three of you won~

Kippie I’m glad you like the fox, but I have to admit I got pretty…attached…to the design whilst I was making it. Since it’s not one of your top three, would you mind if I kept it?

Posted 09/01/16

Kippie kinda of on the same level as Grey, actually. I may get a custom done up of it later on, if that’s alright. It keeps staring at me from my bookshelf saying “I want to liiiiiive.”

Also, i do have access to digital medium, its just that i have trouble with colors in digital and I have a super shaky hand on my tablet. Pencil is just steadier and easier for me and yields better results ^^; Thank you for the kind words though. I think my favourite part in all honesty is the hair accessory :D

Posted 09/01/16

Kippie I’m so glad you like the design! I spent a while trying to find what would represent August well and still incorporate into a nice theme, and including elements you like too. I had a lot of fun with that, so it makes me happy that you enjoy it! Congrats to ClearBright and Celestine as well. I have to agree with Kippie in that I love all the designs here.

I’d like to claim the Apprentice design!

Posted 09/01/16