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[SUBMISSIONS] My Corner of the Cave - Player Submissions
Player Submissions
Entry Guidelines
  • Your entry must portray a personal space associated with yourself or your character. The space can be a personal room, house, or other space that is important to you or your character. This can be a home, a safe or special place, or a “dream” space.
  • You may create as many entries as you’d like, but you only receive credit for one entry (art or writing) in each category.
  • Art-based entries:
    • The entry may be created in any medium, from drawing to creating a depiction of the space in another game such as Minecraft.
    • Your piece must show a reasonable amount of effort equivalent to at least the level of a clean sketch.
    • Character entries must be for a character with a Mycena Cave representation, though they do not need to exist in canon. Please be sure to link to the relevant character’s profile.
    • Your entry must include any necessary credit for assets you may have used (ie., stock images, fonts, etc).
  • Writing-based entries:
    • Entries should use descriptive language to describe the space and its contents.
    • Character entries must be for a character with a Mycena Cave representation, though they do not need to exist in canon. Please be sure to link to the relevant character’s profile.
    • The entry excluding the title and profile link should be at least 200 words long.
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Posted 05/07/22, edited 05/07/22
Posted 05/12/22

Nerrrrrd lmao

Posted 05/15/22

Because I didn’t hate myself enough the first time, here’s my living room:

Posted 05/18/22
Posted 05/18/22

Where I pretty much lived during winter.  :|


In one corner of the livingroom, an old spare mattress has been pushed up against the side of a coffee table, entirely blocking one of the recliners so that it is necessary to climb over it to actually get to the sofas. The sheets are orange and brown, stripey with matching pillowcases covering a few of the dozen or so small pillows that have been tossed there. Piles and piles of soft blankets, in a myriad colors and designs, take up most of the space. The soft memory foam of the mattress is made even comfier by the addition of various thick duvets and an assortment of couch cushions. Easily turned into a fort, the blanketpile is positioned so that both the television and laptops are visible. A little wooden tray table allows the latter to be set anywhere. With a power strip nearby, all that’s missing is a mini-fridge really. But the kitchen is just down the hall, which means a steady supply of tea and hot chocolate.

The blankets themselves vary widely, from thick quilts to fancy weighted ones. There was even a heated blanket in there during wintertime, but it has since been replaced by lighter, fluffier blankets that are good for throwing over the shoulders or bundling up cold toes. The best ones are huge soft blankets that are great for burrito-ing, with room to spare for all the extra pillows. While there are many different colors, the current theme is blues and soft beige, with some cool greys and warm browns thrown in for good measure. Lastly, there’s a little shelf built into the underside of the coffee table, perfect for storing some books to read while snuggling under the covers.



Posted 05/19/22

My perfect bedroom would be one that has a huge soft bed. There would be a lot of soft pillows and a huge fluffy comforter. The walls would have a lot of shelves. All the shelves would have stuffed animals and figures on them. I love Pokemon and other anime, so I would have a lot of Pokemon and anime figures and stuffed animals. There would be tunnels, tents, and cat trees for my cats. They would have a food bowls and a water fountain. There would be thick curtains or blinds, so that the room is dark enough when I sleep and so that it stays dark so I can sleep in on the weekends. There would be some speakers that I can plug my phone into to listen to music or shows to help me fall asleep. There would be a fan on, always, because it helps me sleep. There would be a small closet, enough to hide my dresser in, that way the floor space that is not being taken up by the bed could be used for my cats to make zoomies. I’d have a set of pet stairs for my oldest cat to use to get onto the bed. She’s 16, so it’s hard for her to jump onto the bed. (Right now I’ve got an ottoman set up so she gets onto the ottoman and then the bed). My perfect room would make our lives so much more fun!

Posted 05/19/22

I had more fun working on this than I thought I would haha

Posted 05/20/22

An approximation of the reading room I hope to be able to have someday…

Made using Sims 4 and its various expansion packs, and room shape based on our dining room.

Posted 05/21/22

Covered with a carpet over two decades old and surrounded by walls the color of fern and seafoam lays a certain spot. A spot perfect for sitting on. With a forest green and cream checkered couch at my back, and a small ottoman at my front, I sit on the floor and type away. It’s in the room I was raised in, the room that has seen laughter and tears. What makes the spot special? My use of it, of course. Someday another patch of floor may be preferable, but for this period of my life, I enjoy this patch best. It faces a window and five tanks containing beloved pets. From here I watch them go about their lives, as they watch me go about mine.
Some may say the couch at my back would better serve this purpose. However, I have always preferred the floor to a cushion. The left side of me is piled with necessities like hairbrushes and meds. The right contains snacks and a trash can. All I need to be about my day in one spot. Overhead is the loft I sleep in. And of course beneath me is only my beloved patch of floor.

Posted 05/21/22

My bedroom is home to my collection of interests, with walls that have been painted too many times to count - indicative of my personal tendencies to jump from idea to idea. My pet geckos and snake live in one corner, alongside them, a black bookshelf filled to the brim. I constantly have to reorganise it to store new things, but I enjoy the process. There is a new CD waiting for a home on it as I write.

My computer desk lines along the back wall, and my computer tower, PS1 and monitor sit upon it. My desk isn’t minimalist, home to an abundance of things I enjoy. Figures, recent model kits (Digimon and Zoids), little Nanoblock Sonic figures I made, an assortment of dice… My desk is my favourite place to be and I enjoy doing my hobbies here as well. Next to it, a drawer, with my Switch, Gamecube, PS3, and Dreamcast sitting on top. The Gamecube and Dreamcast shown particular care, adapted to work with a modern TV (only HDMI…).

The final important part of my room to me is my bed. It’s full of plushies, and my sleep is much improved by having them close by. I have a Shadow plush I particularly love, adorned with a black and red bow. He was a recent Valentines gift and I love him dearly, so he takes pride of place on my pillow. My bed also has a black throw blanket with a grey cat on it, a birthday gift from a friend of mine four years ago and long since claimed by my dog. Gifts from my friends fill me with particular fondness, and my favourite place would not be the same without them.

Posted 05/21/22

Just the idea of having a pond on my property would make me the happiest, but built-in bookcases are a whole new level of AWESOME!
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Posted 05/21/22

out goes all my black ver antique furniture and in comes the HELLO KITTY SET RED N BLUE TIME BABEYY

also while i was redecorating, flurry came for a visit! wouldnt follow me to my room tho for pics :”)

Posted 05/21/22

My (Api) Dream Space. Where I go in my head… I wish it was real!

Posted 05/21/22