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Cave Capsule 2013: What's Inside? [giveaway!]

Greetings Mycenians and Mycenites! I hope everyone is having an amazing February. Thanks to the amazing event we just had, I ended up receiving a Cave Capsule 2013! However, there isn’t really anything I’d be looking to get from this, so I thought we’d have a fun little giveaway!

I’m Reggi, your cute little host. I love doing little events like this in the community from time to time, as they bring me a lot of joy. I only have two requirements for entering this little raffle!



1. Please only claim an item if you have plans for it or would use it! I’d love to hear about your plans for the item should you win, but that’s not required <3

2. Only claim one item

Available items:

may not be up to date…I’ll try my best but I have school too ;-;

1. Tanuki Mushroom polygone i luv your characters but each time i try to say their name my brain glitches. ONE DAY >:[
2. Leaf Hat Miranda I would die for meimei, no cap
3. Sake Nobo tbh i thought you didn’t have a body either..but like..13 of them
4. Kheper Mushroom Oxton god among mycenians *^*
5. Egyptian Wings sweaters big brain and even bigger heart
6. Golden Headpiece raus a crown fit for the absolute royalty you are
7. Mycena Kimono Mushroom Hawkins gotta catch ‘em all! Cause i mean..youre already the very best
8. Obi Chicken secret plans, EH? >.>
9. Kanzashi lagg my favorite cryptid
10. Brown Wood Owl Mushroom Hoax it’s not better beautifuller than you
11. Ornate Gold Bracelet Featherfoot you may be obsessed with Warrior cats cause omg same but we’re obsessed with you <3
12. Autumn Leaves Shigure omg precious and prefect little bean *^*
13. Siberian Squill Mushroom crystallofolia you’re definitely not simple, but cute for sure!
14. Flurry of Flowers Gabriel amazing and talented…ur a legend
15. Whiskers PURRple they’re addicted and they just cant get enough..

Once all of the items have been claimed, I will pop open our cute little capsule and send the item to whoever “claimed” that item!

Posted 02/07/22, edited 02/11/22

I’d love to claim the Whiskers if they pop out, to put on my irl cat pet! :D

This is so sweet, thank you Reggi ;-;

Posted 02/07/22
sweet Reggi back at it again!!!  can I politely request the Kimono mush if that’s what pops out?  I don’t have character plans but that would round out my 2013 coats!
Posted 02/07/22
Aw this is so nice of you Reggi. If it’s okay I’d like to claim the Sake for my Temple Guardian character.
Posted 02/07/22
may I claim the leaf hat for meimei? you’re an absolute gem, reggi!!
Posted 02/07/22
AWWWWWW REGGI!!!!!!!!! Oh okay caps lock. Could i possibly claim the obi I’ve got adorable plans about it!!!!!!
Posted 02/07/22, edited 02/07/22

Tanuki mushroom would be my choice~ :o

Echoes the others that this was nice of you to do.

Posted 02/07/22
May I claim the Golden Headpiece? That’s one I’d love for one of my noble desert characters! I’ve always wanted one of these. Thanks for the raffle! You’re wonderful!
Posted 02/07/22
Everyone has been added thus far! <3
Posted 02/07/22

This is so nice of you, Reggi! Thank you for the giveaway. c:
I’d love to claim Autumn Leaves for a desert-themed character I’m working on, I think it looks neat on them!

Posted 02/07/22
Can I claim brown wood owl shroom? Just for a nice coat to maybe put a character on :3c
Posted 02/07/22
Could I ask for the Kheper mushroom? I’d be using it for a fan pet! Thank you for the giveaway <3
Posted 02/08/22

Everyone accounted for thus far! I’m super excited to pull for you all, and can’t wait to get this rolling!!

Here’s what we still have left:

5. Egyptian Wings
9. Kanzashi
11. Ornate Gold Bracelet
13. Siberian Squill Mushroom
14. Flurry of Flowers

♥  Stay safe out there, lovelies!  ♥


Posted 02/08/22

Ahhhh, thank you Reggi!!!

Can I claim the Egyptian Wings?  I have a tentative idea right now for who they’d go on but…. I’m not super sure yet!!!

Posted 02/08/22
Could I claim the Siberian Squill Mushroom if it happens to pop out? No immediate plans, but I think it’s a really cute and simple coat for future pet ideas. c:
Posted 02/08/22
Could I get an ornate gold bracelet if it comes out? I think I’m going to use it on a character that I’m gonna make…
Posted 02/09/22

♥ Everyone accounted for! Only two more slots left ♥

9. Kanzashi
14. Flurry of Flowers

Posted 02/09/22
Still have two spots left! ✨
Posted 02/10/22, edited 02/10/22
Could I claim the Kanzashi please?
Posted 02/11/22

I’ll claim Flurry of Flowers, please! :D

I think it would look cute on my pet Poppy!

Posted 02/11/22

Reggi shakes the capsule, a furry ear pressed to it’s side, listening to the contents rattling inside. “Hm…I kinda think it’s a mushroom, but I can’t be sure.” She says, cocking her head to one side in confused canine fashion. “Ah, whaddya say, let’s just open ‘er up!” Her eyes shine with excitement. “I bet it’s somethin’ old and dusty!!” Vibrating with excitement, Reggi inches her paws closer and closer to the cap of the Capsule. It hisses softly as she turns it, like a soda bottle shaken slightly. Looking inside, her eyes grow wide. “WOAH!!!” Reggi reaches one of her paws inside of the container, drawing out a





Kheper Mushroom!

“Wowee, it’s a real shiny one!” Reggi gasps as she turns the mushroom in her paws. “It looks just like a beetle shell!!” She smiles as she hands the mushroom over to Oxton. “Congrats on guessing it right!! I hope you have lotsa fun with this new little shiny!”

Thank you all for joining! Many apologies for so much delay on my part, I have had lots of things going on irl. Don’t worry though, I haven’t forgotten about you all!! ❤️

Posted 03/10/22, edited 03/10/22
Thank you so much Reggi! I really appreciate it, I’ve been kinda stressed recently so it was really nice to see this today :D <3
Posted 03/10/22