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[The Walk of Three] The Sorceress: Eat, Drink, and Glow
The third group is composed of only the bravest Mycenians. They travel deep into the echelons of the caves, only stopping when they reach the ends of the mapped locations. There, at the yawning mouth of the shadows caves, they leave lanterns of glow worms and offerings of food and drink so that if the sorceress ever appears, she could be led home.
The Walk of Three, Mycenian Tradition submission by sweaters
The Sorceress: Eat, Drink, and Glow

Create, either in real life or through art/writing, a special treat or drink to leave as an offering for the Sorceress. Alternatively, you may create (through art, writing, or IRL crafting) a glow lantern meant to help guide the Sorceress home!

  • IRL treats/beverages should be made by you and include at least two ingredients. Please include a piece of paper with your username in the photo, and a brief description touching on what you’ve made. Full recipes are not required, but would likely be appreciated by other players!
  • Written submissions should spend at least a few paragraphs describing the offering(s) left for the Sorceress by your Mycenian (RP is welcome, as long as all participants meet these requirements).
  • Artistic submissions should be at least at the level of a clean sketch.
  • Submissions or components of the submission cannot be reused from the Gift or Gallop activity! If you decide to draw or write for both activities, please ensure that your entries are distinctly separate (though references to other submissions/activities are fine).
  • Submissions should display approximately 30 minutes of effort.
Participation Rewards
  • All players who complete this activity will be rewarded with:
    • A Glow Worm Lantern event item
    • A randomly selected Cave Capsule!
  • Participation in at least one Walk of Three activity will receive the activity sticker!

Posted 01/23/22

Ok, so admittedly I did start this before the event (I kind of guessed there would be a treat-making component), but! I just finished it now, so I think it fell within the timeframe (if not, I am happy to do something else)

I made sourdough bread. I took a couple pics throughout the process for today (no pics from the night before)

I started last night by with mixing flour and salt together and then mixing some my sourdough starter with water, then I mixed it all together. I kneaded it some and then set it out to proof overnight. Today, I periodically checked it to see how it was proofing (mine was still a little firm even after sufficient time, so I went ahead and put it in the oven).

I proofed for one more hour while preheating the oven and the dutch oven inside. Then, I scored the bread (I tried to make a nice pattern) and put it in the oven!

The scoring didn’t work out quite as planned (I think I cut too deep, a learning moment!), and I burned it a little (another learning moment). But I am excited to cut into it when it cools!

Posted 01/23/22

Aelzea rarely left her home in the ruins, but this was an excuse. Before she went to sleep each night, she left some offerings on the rocks for the Sorceress, so a chance to actually do it as part of a ceremony was something she just wouldn’t miss.

“Almost there! Everyone, single file, single file! Careful there!”[b/] the voice came from an obnoxious Ineki who led the group. Rolling her eyes, she regretted going out with others for the 100th time. Why hadn’t she though of going out at night? Ugh. She rolled out the map that was given to her for the trip, and scanned the red line to see where they were going again. There was approximately around mile left… A moan from nearby broke into her thoughts. The Drasillis behind her was groaning in an exaggerated way. “When are we gonna get there? I’m dying over here!” he whined, trying to get some attention. The others shushed him or gave him apologetic glances, but Aelzea just pushed to the middle of the group, trying to get away from that respectless creature. Didn’t he understand that they were going to give offerings to the Sorceress, and that she was the one who saved them? She felt like she would lose her mind if they didn’t get there soon. In what felt like an eternity, they came to a spot where the large space became a thin tunnel, so narrow that Aelzea’s sides brushed the walls, and she had to duck from the low ceiling. It was so dark that the only things that allowed her to see was the glowing mushrooms, her horn (and the lit-up bodyparts of some others), and the lantern that the leading Ineki carried. Aelzea clutched the baggie of food that she carried even tighter as she saw a dead-end at the front. Slowly, as everyone in front of her dropped their offerings on the cold stone, her turn came. She carefully untied the knot in her bag and all of the contents poured out - muffins, cookies, apples, oranges, pork. After she arranged the food near the other piles of things, she pressed her nose to the wall. “Please, come back home. Thank you for saving all of our lives…”

Posted 01/23/22

For the weeks around the Walk of Three, Darcy sells a “special magical hot cocoa” - in reality, it’s just hot cocoa with whipped cream and edible luster dust sprinkled on top, but it brings a smile to the face of everyone who drinks it.

Posted 01/23/22

I made Molten Chocolate Lanterns.
I thought that lava cakes were kinda lantern shaped and would be a fun thing to make for the Sorceress.

Instead of having a shining light inside the cake, it’s a warm gooey center. To represent the warm light of the lanterns. :)

Posted 01/23/22

If not for the gummy worms and ramekin, this lantern soufflé would simply float away

Posted 01/24/22

A little lantern to guide the way ~~

Posted 01/24/22


Posted 01/24/22
This is slightly sad/depressing cause Matthew is a paranoid realist.

Matthew hadn’t been here in a long time, not since the faire, and he’s not really one for overly pretentious holidays…Or at least that’s what he thought this was. He stayed around the storytellers for a bit and listened in. He took Different lessons than the others did. Scarier lessons.

A winter that strung out so far that it disrupted the natural cycle? Is it still going on outside the cave? That thought is bad enough. Even worse… that’s a scary amount of magic to do that to all the mycenians. All of them, turned to stone? Some could remember the before and some couldn’t. and if she really spent that much time gathering up who she could…Well. He’s not going to tell anyone what a normal lifespan is. Even an augmented one wouldn’t last this long.

He doubts the woman is still alive even with that kind of magic. If she is though…Well. If there’s any truth to the old stories then a chunk of people owe her big time. Even the non-natives.  He was pretty hungry and down on his luck when he found the faire and the kindly folk running the stalls gave him enough time to recuperate that he was able to ace the next few jobs he took on.

With a shudder Matthew continues carefully slinking down one of the cave tunnels he chose. He didn’t feel like trying to blend in as a native so he’s chosen one of the tunnels far and away from everyone. There’s no evidence anyone has been down this way, if ever,  in a long time and he’s had to leave a trail of lanterns and scratched arrows to ensure that A) he could get back himself and B) his offering would have some use rather than being symbolic.

Speaking of. He drives the last piton into the wall and starts hanging up his lantern.  It’s nothing that was made special for the occasion, just a standard mining lantern. He chose this kind specifically as they’re built to direct and focus the light. Rather than spreading the light all throughout the cave tunnel it’ll focus it close. If he’s done this right it’ll make an efficient pathway back and not diffuse the light so much it’s impossible to tell which tunnel to go down.

The special parts are the light inside the lantern and the glow on top. It’s one of his few non-battle spells and one he’s quite proud of.  He’s focused the light into two orbs. The one inside the lantern glows a pale red, red light travels farther than blue light after all. The orb on top of the lantern is a pale soothing blue-white. It’s a specialized spell that heals anyone that sits in it’s glow.

He’s stored a chunk of power in each and made them so they’ll glow low but for a long time. He wouldn’t be surprised if he came back in a few years and they were still going. What’s the point in leaving a trail if it dies out as soon as he leaves?

If this sorceress comes this way after so long away she’s probably going to be in a bad way. Matthew hopes that A) if she is hurt the lamps can get her to town where threre’s real healers..and B)..He thinks she’d find it soothing that there are other magic users out there with non-violent uses for their magics.

With some last few fussy adjustments Matthew nods at his last lantern then starts carefully wandering back. If he hurries he can find some more free food and enjoy the rest of the festivities.

Posted 01/24/22
Posted 01/24/22
Posted 01/24/22

Let this flying lantern look old, but it will become a faithful companion on a journey. Your paws will always be free, and the path is sanctified. Even if it goes out or gets lost among other lights, you will always find it by the ringing of its bell.

Posted 01/25/22

Rolf prepared some banana bread for the Sorceress using this recipe!

Posted 01/25/22, edited 01/25/22

An Ineki shaped desert!

Posted 01/27/22


Posted 01/27/22

A lantern Lesbun has made for the sorceress!

Posted 01/27/22

Minny made a mushroom lantern! :)

Posted 01/27/22
mr glase leaves a box of pizza rolls in the cave
Posted 01/27/22

A lantern to light the way.

Posted 01/27/22

Lantern cake

Posted 01/28/22

A magical lantern that not only glows - you can conduct it to play any song you want with just a flick of your bow-wand!

Posted 01/28/22

Chai Coffee Thingy help how are different types of coffee defined-
Spice up your morning coffee with a healthy dose of chocolate and the faint bite of chai!

Posted 01/28/22
Osmia left a lantern she’s been working on, along with some winged cookies for safe, swift travel.
Posted 01/29/22

Why not both? 8)

Posted 01/29/22

Zucker carrying the lantern she made for The Sorceress :)

Posted 01/29/22

Honeydew or lime flavor Jello whichever one would be more edible

Posted 01/29/22

I hope The sorceress likes spicy stuff, since I made her some spicy tofu


step 2: make a marinade of chili crisp*, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and honey. Ratios are really to taste but I like using 3-4 tablespoons of chili crisp, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon honey, 1/2 tablespoon sesame oil, and 1/2 tablespoon vinegar. Cut the tofu up however you like, though note triangles taste best, and then marinate in the sauce for about 30 minutes. (advice: do not use a plastic bowl for this unless you’re okay with it staining pink)

step 3: cut up some green beans and mushrooms, preheat the oven.

step 4: Put the tofu in a baking dish (all on one layer), then put the beans and mushies in, and pour the marinade over everything. Bake it all at 400F (200C) for about 20 minutes, until the green beans blister and the tofu gets a few brown crunchy bits.

Serve with fresh sliced chilis, sesame seeds, and more chili crisp if you want.

* aka Lao Gan Ma - I like the kind with peanuts.

Posted 01/29/22, edited 01/29/22
Posted 01/30/22

A puffed pastry treat stuffed with cheeses and seasoned ground beef! If I were to make it again, I’d add diced jalapenos and refried beans. I also would not bother adding the chips… Though it would benefit from something that would retain a crunch…

In the center of a large pan, place a little bowl. Put pieces of croissant pastry dough, with thicker ends creating a rim around the bowl and skinny ends resting over the edge, in the bottom of the pan. The pieces should overlap on the bottom of the pan to create full coverage.

Slather nacho cheese salsa dip over the dough.

Put chips in, if you’d like, but they’ll disintegrate.

Add pre-cooked ground beef, flavored to your preference. Add any other ingredients that you’d like as well (e.g., refried beans, jalapenos, onion, green olives)!

Drizzle ranch dressing overtop.

Sprinkle grated cheddar cheese on top, then carefully remove the bowl. Clean up the center of the pan so it’s nicely hollow, and fold the pastry in so it touches the bottom of the pan.

Give the pastry an egg wash.

Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes.

If you’re aiming to please the Bone Monster or perhaps some party guests, place the small bowl from earlier back into the middle of the cooked pastry, filled with salsa or sour cream.

Posted 01/30/22, edited 01/30/22

However, I wasn’t drinking most of it, so went with bb’s prefs instead. Fresh strawberries are sliced and soaked in strawberry brandy, then dusted with brown coconut sugar. I served mine with frozen dragonfruit cubes and watermelon seltzer water. Strawberry mochi on the side as a sweeter contrast.

Posted 01/31/22