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Overflowing Fountain Crafting/Giveaway (Ingredients needed)

I’ve had a single lonely recipe bottle stashed for years now while I waited for new recipes to be added. Now that I finally opened it, I figured I might as well offer to make a few items in exchange for the ingredients if anyone wants an Overflowing Fountain, since that’s what I got. I just don’t have the ingredients to give them away for free (or make one myself yet whoops, I’ve long since sold all my fish for nuggets) but I can help with some of the other ingredients. Just ping me or echo if you’re interested!

I’ll keep this up for a week or so, since I haven’t been reliably active lately and I am sure other people will be fishing up the recipe soon, if they haven’t already. I should be able to check in a few times in the evening/early morning EST each day. This idea is shamelessly stolen from Laggingbehindreality except I am not swimming in fish to be able to just give any away. If I can fish some more up, I will certainly share!

Iridescent Coral
2 x Pond Water
3 x Rock
Small Fish

What I have:
Iridescent Coral (1)
Pond Water (0)
Rock (53)
Small Fish (0)

Posted 01/14/22, edited 01/17/22

Hello! I can give you a small fish to make one and can also give you a Purple Alchemist Jacket as a trade. =)
I’ll go ahead and send the fish, then send a trade for the jacket and you can add the Overflowing Fountain when it’s done. ^_^

Posted 01/15/22
odin Ooh, thank you! I was really eyeing that jacket. <333 Added the fountain!
Posted 01/15/22
raus You’re welcome and thank you as well! <3
Posted 01/15/22