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[ACTIVITY SUBMISSIONS] Professor Sprocket's Combinabulator Concoctions

Item Name
Fish Hook Earrings

x2 Fish Hooks
x1 New Can
x1 Net

Threaded with used net strands and plated in new can, these fish hook earrings are sure to bring the iconic sea bound look to any myceanan. They shine in any light, scrubbed to perfection and dulled for lobe protection. Whether you are channeling your inner adventurous pirate or hang by the dock in the misty evening sunset, you are sure to love the fine craftmanship by the one and only Professor Sprocket.  Any fish will be thanking you for your contribution and recycling efforts. After all, these fabulous earrings look better on your ears than lodged into a fish’s mouth!

Posted 07/03/21, edited 07/03/21

Always happy for more foreground/background elements *u* Also totally ok for these to be considered for recipes.

Iridescent Coral x3
Bottled Cloud
Torn Incantation x2
Moonbow Trout

This item is a shimmering veil of aurora floating behind or along the side of the pet. It is iridescent and shiny, but see through as auroras would be in real life. The item can cast a glow onto the head, tail(s), wing(s), or back of the pet as if it is including a backlighting effect, and this can be a toggle. The aurora itself is a toggle, so that the glow on the pet can be used on its own as well. The colors are like the iridescent coral, and are pastel, but fade into a brilliant teal and purple as well besides the lavender, blue, and yellow of the Coral.


Pond Squid Ink x 3
Ghost Knifefish
Pond Water
Torn Incantation

This item is a fog that is dark and murky. It is greyish black, hovering in a cloud like that of the magical streaks but is larger and more dense. It is a foreground item, swirling in a cloud at the bottom of the image, where it can be layered above the pet to appear like a cloud that covers the feet/paws near the bottom of the image. Another layer can be used as a background layer behind the pet, so the effect can encompass the fore and background of the image. The fog layers can be toggled, so the larger background layer can be used only, or the sparser foreground layer can be used instead. A potential variation on the fog can be an effect of some of it shrouding one or more paws that are near the bottom of the image like the Black or Green Magical Streaks, as if the fog is catching on the paw(s) and being moved or parted as the paw moves through the fog.


Cooking Herbs x3
Nonmagical Sprout x2
Water Lily
Slime Fish

Like the Winter and Stony Steppers, this item affects the paws and ears of the pet, but unlike these items they cover the ears, paws, and possibly the tip(s) of the tail(s) with little clover-like growths. Below the pet, there are toggleable paw prints disappearing behind the pet of clover-like patches, and there can be separate toggleable tiny yellow or white flowers nestled within the patches both on the pet and in the pawprints on the “ground” of the image. This can be similar in effect to the Ancient Overgrowth item or the edits on the Last Frost coat, but where those are larger effects that hang from the pet in the item and cluster at multiple parts of the body with the Last Frost, the item is mainly focused on the paw pads and the tip of the tail(s), with a little bit at the very tips of the ears. This effect can also include a green or yellow-ish tint to the paw pads and ear swirls to make it more like the other Steppers, or it can only include the growths.

Posted 07/03/21

Item Name:
The Emperor
The item is either a background or a foreground element that sits off to the side of the mycenian it is used on. The item consists of two parts: A large mound of rocks, and a penguin standing on the rocks with a little crown. The penguin in question should have it’s flippers raised, as if shouting out an order for its subjects, being the emperor of all penguins. The penguin should be toggleable, in the case of someone simply wanting to use the pile of rocks as a bit of scenery for their pet.
Rock x 10

Item Name:
Bass Boosted
The Rockstar Bass, Blues Bass, Rock n Roll Bass, and Rock Bass have all gathered together to form a full-on fish band, coming to a mobile fish bowl near you! This foreground item consists of a large fish bowl on wheels that contains the four fish in question fitted with different fishy instruments. The Rock n Roll base will of course sport its signature guitar, Rockstar Bass brought their own microphone, and Blues Bass is ready and waiting for their turn with a sax solo. Rock base, meanwhile, is playing a drumset made from various shells and rocks they put together. Truly a sight to behold.

Rockstar Bass x 1
Blues Bass x 1
Rock n Roll Bass x 1
Rock Bass x 1
Pond Water x 1

Item Name:
Playing Hooky
Everyone has been going fishing in the lovely ponds around Mycena, but there is somewhat of a danger to it. At the least for our more aquatic friends, with the kelph in particular being susceptible. This item will hang several fishy fish hooks to the top of a pet, hanging from somewhere far above them. Each hook could be toggleable, with each one descending a different depth into the frame. These big ol’ hooks come from eager mycenians far above the surface, hoping to catch some rather large fish. It’s definitely a reminder to be careful where you’ve decided to go swimming!
Fish Hooks x 3
Net x 1

Posted 07/03/21, edited 07/03/21

Item recipe:
nonmagical sprout x2
driftwood x1
pond water x2

an underwater background in greens and and blues that has that watery effect across the top and some rays of light shining down from the upper right corner towards to lower left, dissolving into the water as they go down. the central piece is a large piece of driftwood with little under water plants, mostly anubias and java ferns, poking out from holes or behind it. Taller frondy things like larger anubias and hornworts are taller and on other side of it. there are small schooling fish in the background like neon tetras and maybe the tetras can be toggleable!

(i would love to see this as a real item im sorry i cant draw it for you!!)

Posted 07/03/21, edited 07/03/21

Torn Incantation
Fabric Scraps
Gem Bass

Posted 07/03/21

Eh? Where’d they go? I swear I saw them jump underwater, but there’s only this pile of junk here…

Nonmagical Sprout
Mud Fish
Slime Fish

This very clever disguise consists primarily of a net draped over a Mycenian’s body. There’s seaweed woven through the net, as well as a few rocks caught here and there in the gaps. The whole thing looks like it’s been moldering underwater for some time now; it’s covered in mud and something slightly…oozier, and several of the fibers are beginning to fray. Still, when you’re hiding underwater from predators (or worse), you can’t be too picky about what you use to cover yourself. At least the slightly slimy, stinky net will keep other folks from getting too curious about what might be lurking beneath.

Posted 07/04/21

Ingredients: Cooking Herbs + Nonmagical Sprout x2
Quick Description: Various delicious veggies surround the Mycenian!

Ingredients: Blues Bass + Rock n Roll Bass + Rockstar Bass
Quick Description: The magic of song materializes!

Ingredients: Pond Water + Iridescent Coral + Torn Incantation
Quick Description: Soft rain clouds on a sunny day

Posted 07/04/21

+ + +

Swarms of rays and flying fish dart and leap around the mycenian, inviting them to join in their joyful dance. They flit over cloudbanks and leave delicate wisps in their wake, long tendrils streaming back from their fins and tails. The clouds drift behind the pet and curl across its paws (active) or haunches (upright), making it look as if they have wandered into a low-hanging cloudbank. The item layers across the foreground, midground, and background, and the clouds and dancers can be toggled separately, allowing a choice between wispy clouds or an underwater swarm.

Variation: Stormy Cloud Dancers –
+ + + +

As above, but with the clouds coloured a stormy grey and lightning flitting from the larger components. Sparks crackle across the rays and fish, and both sets of critters are duller in colour.

Posted 07/04/21

- Pearl
- Bottled Cloud
- Moonbow Trout
- Moonbow Trout

High in the night sky floats a gleaming moon, full and bright. The clouds pass to reveal the moonlight against the dark sky. You think they are birds at first - the small shapes catch your attention for the unusual sight. Birds? At this time of night? But then the moonlight catches on gleaming golden scales as the swarm of elegant fish crest over the moon, leaping as one from one cloud to the next. Their beauty is mesmerizing as moonlight dances over their scales. The wind blows and the clouds shift again. When they part, the fish are gone, leaving only the full moon and the quiet night.

This item captures the fantastical image with a small moon and clouds in the distance with a school of gleaming golden fish soaring over them.  The moon, clouds, and fish could all be toggleable for extra customization!

Posted 07/04/21, edited 07/04/21

Item Name:
Knitting Needles

1. New Can
2. Fabric Scraps x3
3. Small Fish x2

A pair of shiny, new knitting needles to be held in the paws, hands, or claws. They are silver metal forged from the remains of a new can fished out of the pond. The spines of a small fish are used to create durable and sharp tips for the end of each knitting needle. Blue yarn stretches between each needle, feeding into a woven mesh of fabric that is both thin and long: a scarf! The completed section of the scarf sweeps upwards and wraps around the neck of the knitter to keep it out from underfoot. Might as well wear the fashion as you create it! Multitasking is an excellent talent.

Posted 07/04/21

1x Rockstar Bass
1x Rock n Roll Bass
x3 Pond Squid Ink

A daring and vibrant hairstyle perfect for any punk-rocker.

1x Non-Magical Sprout
1x. New Can
1x. Old Can
1x Pond Water

A little sprout from the fishing pond, carefully and lovingly transplanted into a flowerpot to grow into something more.

x3 Pearl
x1 Fish Hooks
x2 Iridescent Coral
x1 Swordfish

A gleaming blade adorned with delicate silverwork and set with shimmering pearls.

Posted 07/04/21

3x Rock
2x Pond Water
1x Iridescent Coral
1x Small Fish

Description: A background in the shape of a large fountain. The design of the fountain itself is not complex, two stone disks with raised edges, a larger one at the fountain’s base to (futilely) contain water and a smaller one about halfway between the base and the top of the fountain’s central spire of coral. The raised edge of the stone rings has some simple detailing. In the center of the fountain is an artful spray of coral, from which water gushes out in an arcing plume. Too much and too forceful for the fountain to contain, only some of the water lands within the fountain’s rings (forming, still, a graceful cascade from ring to ring) - the rest of the water splashes into empty space, too far for the base of the fountain to catch.

1x Mud Fish
1x Slime Fish
1x Right Boot
1x Pond Water
1x Pond Squid Ink

Description: What a mess! You trudged your way through a swamp in the rain and got splattered with all manner of substances, and the mud even sucked your boots off your feet and into the bog. Forced to slog home without your trusty booties, you leave a trail of wet, gunky pawprints in your wake. These pawprints are… mostly brown from the mud, but traces of the other gunk remain in algae-green, black, and other shades of brown in the prints as well. Placement-wise, there is a trail of pawprints appropriate to the species right below the Mycenian and tracking off to one side of the portrait, as though they are placing the prints as they walk. For the upright ineki, the prints are at a level that the portion below the ineki would disappear behind the tails of a fox ineki, but probably not be behind the tails of the cat or dog ineki. Any visible paw-bottom of the Mycenian is also covered in the same mess, with a few spatters escaping up the legs.

1x Slime Fish
1x Rockstar Bass
1x Pond Squid Ink
1x Nonmagical Sprout

Description: It’s… It’s not really hair. Honestly, you’re not really sure if you were trying to make a wig or a hair product to improve your natural fur, but you have made this and you’re going to wear it proudly because you are too stubborn to admit that you may have made a mistake. A semi-transparent goop of riotous blues and greens of varying shades sits piled atop your head, gently bubbling in a way that you hope isn’t the herald of… baldness or something. It’s congealed enough that it’s not in danger of sliding off if you tilt your head around, and it jiggles a little when you tap it. The pile is almost as tall as an ineki’s ears (similar on other Mycenians without that measurement), and leaks a little over the forehead and down the back of the neck a short ways. The goop is quite blobby, and fairly shiny.

Sorceress, you hope this isn’t permanent.

Posted 07/04/21

1xRock Bass
1xBlue Bass
1xMushroom Bass

These fish have gotten tired of being overshadowed in the minds and hearts of the music-loving MC inhabitants. Thus, they’ve developed their own music label. Unfortunately, they can’t agree on what type of music to produce so they’re simply producing all the different genres of them! Like true hipsters.

Each fish has different tempo music notes coming out of diffrent areas of the image. The individual fish and music notes (from three different styles/rhythms of music, so they’re in different colors and arranged at different frequency intervals) should be toggle-able. This means that this could function as a few fish (maybe in hipster^tm outfits) or as just music notes around whatever pet pose it’s attached to.

2x Pondwater
1x Bottled Cloud
1x Torn Incantation

(I was going to use x1 Glass Shards as well but that’s not on the list)

Everything is better under the sea; it’s an underwater life for me!

Water, water, water. Or in more pratical terms, the pet is underwater. I can see this working one of two ways: a small pond background that the pet is lying in + upper layers of water/ripple effects to make it seem like we’re looking down at the pet or a full immersive look that makes it look like the entire pet and surroundings is underwater. For the first one I think the idea is going to be best done with multiple layers, so that there can be ripple effects that are turned on and off. The item laying gives us the ability to move some slightly transparent water layers around as well, which means it could be a pet floating on a pond or truly underwater. For the second I think it’d function like a square background + foreground layer. This way the pet has everything sandwiched in so the entire pet can look underwater with the top level filter.

x1 Torn Incantation
x1 Pearl
x1 Pond Water
x1 Squid Ink

Beware the moon’s reflection, for sometimes they are the eyes of the depths.

I was thinking an addition to the eye items that works more like the event eyes with schlera as well as gazes! I was hoping for the eyes to have a glowy whiteness to them, which would make them different from our existing event options as those are all slightly tinted towards one color or another. I was thinking these would be a great option since we now have gloomed pets; these would fit right in on those since these are true “no color” options that still change what the normal look is. (Since most of the existing options do pull towards one color or another they’re not totally suitable for fully gloomed pets.)

Posted 07/04/21, edited 07/04/21

1 x Pond Squid Ink
1 x Fish Hooks
1 x Mud Fish

Sometimes you just wanna be spooky. This item would turn the whole of the pet’s eyes black, and allow for inky black tears to dribble down the cheeks and drip to the ground leaving little puddles on the ground! A very spooky look overall. It would be cool if the puddles on the ground, the drips, and the eyes themselves were all toggleable making for fun mix and match depending on what you’re going for, for the pet. I really just like spooky things, and noticed we didn’t have anything creepy like this!

Posted 07/04/21

2x Fabric scraps
3x pearls
1x Gem Bass
1x cancan
1x pond squid ink

Description: A surprisingly fancy dress made from pond scraps, just in time for the ball! Evil Stepmothers HATE this recipe!!

1x Shoddy Hammer
1x driftwood
3x old can

Description: A heart shaped spade for all your romantic gardening needs

1x moonbow trout
2x river rays
1x pond squid ink
1x jellyfish

Description: A stylish and informatory fashion choice, perfect for stargazing on a chilly night

Posted 07/04/21

1x Old Can
1x Fish Hooks
1x Torn Incantation

This item is a large metal trash can (reminiscent of a certain grouchy puppet) which sits to the right side of the canvas. The can has a toggleable lid, and underneath is a pile of old rubbish (also toggleable). Around the Mycenian’s feet is an assortment of loose rubbish including a mushy banana peel, old can, and some crumpled up bits of paper.

In order to do their part, the Mycenian also has a grimy glass bottle in their hand, making an effort to help tidy up… or just enjoying a drink behind the bar and next to the refuse bin. Classy.

Posted 07/04/21

Mother of Pearl Wig


  • 1x Pearl
  • 1x Rockstar Bass
  • 1x Fabric Scraps
Be careful when putting up your hair in this pearlescent style, especially if you’re a parent!


  • 1x Bottled Cloud
  • 2x Flying Fish
  • 1x Torn Incantation
Take to the skies with these wings torn straight from the clouds.


  • 2x Cooking Herbs
  • 1x Nonmagical Sprout
  • 1x Right Boot
Want some jewelry that grows as you do? Try fashioning it out of living vines!
Posted 07/04/21

3x Pond Water
1x Pearl
2x Moonbow Trout
2x Iridescent Coral

The waters of the Cave are ever moving, always changing. The light catches on ripples made by fish and creatures within its depths, bouncing a hypnotic pattern onto nearby cave walls. It makes you a bit dizzy if you happen to look a bit too closely. Perhaps it’s best to stand a step back, or else you might find yourself falling in…

This item would create a pattern on the underside of the pet, i.e. the tail/belly/underarms. This pattern would mimick that of a water reflection. Underneath the pet would be a puddle, from which the reflection is coming from. This would be toggleable.

3x Rock n Roll Bass
2x Blues Bass
1x Rockstar Bass
1x Net
2x Driftwood
5x Rock

Sitting by the Pond, you often hear the softest sound coming from the water’s depths. Is it…singing? Lowering one ear carefully to the water’s edge, you can hear the faint yet distinct sound of an underwater concert. You wonder how the fish managed to construct an electric guitar underwater. Nevertheless, their music is quite fantastic.

This item would be a guitar with the same design as the one that the Rock n Roll Bass holds! It would also have a similar black strap that holds it to the pet, although that may be toggleable. Surrounding the pet there would be black music notes similar to those on the Blues Bass, which would also be toggleable. On the face of the pet would be dark shades like those the Blues Bass is wearing, which is also toggleable.

x3 Cooking Herbs
x4 Matches
x2 Really Big Fish
x2 Driftwood

Darcy is known all across the Cave for being an amazing Chef! However, some of the new ingredients that have been popping up all over the Cave has led to the creation of some rather…interesting dishes.

This item is based on the real-life dish Pescado a la Diabla. It is a Mexican dish that has the potential to be veeerrryy spicy! This item, when equipped to the pet, would make the pet appear as if it were breathing fire! Wisps of smoke come out of the pet’s ears, and flame erupts from their mouth. I would imagine that toggles would be added to make the flame vary from small, medium to large.

Posted 07/04/21

Fabric Scraps, Bottled Cloud, Iridescent Coral, Pearl

A floaty, ethereal scarf that’s said to be woven out of a cloud.

Jellyfish, Net, Pearl

An assemblage of items scavenged from the pond, it’s… somehow strangely fashionable?

Water Lily, Blue Bass, Bottled Cloud, Rock, Nonmagical Sprout, Cooking Herbs

Floating glass spheres with miniature environments inside - each is perfectly enchanted to sustain the life held within.

Posted 07/04/21

Nonmagical Sprout
Torn Incantation

Magical Sprout(fish)
Makes a funky lil weird plant that’s like, tentacle-y and rainbow and def has Magic.
(Pot is supposed to be showing a whole ocean connected via portal or whatever lol)

Posted 07/04/21
Activity Wrap-Up

Sometimes, Professor Sprocket secretly worries that he’s not the Cave’s greatest genius. At no time is this more true than when so many people show him up with their creative prowess. Needless to say, he’s feeling pretty raw right now.

In total, we had 49 players submit 96 recipes! This means that, in addition to the stickers and Birthday Surprise avatar backgrounds that will be headed everyone’s way shortly, we are raffling off:

  • 3 Bags of Wonder (rounded up)
  • 2 Changingshrooms (rounded up)
  • 1 Glowing Changingshroom (rounded up)

The raffle winners are below:

All prizes and stickers will be delivered shortly!
Prizes and stickers have been delivered!

Recipe Winners

The recipe raffle will be pulled and winners announced as soon as I can confer with Myla about it. We will need to ensure all winning entries are feasible on our bases, and that they do not overlap too closely with existing items. We’ll provide an update on this ASAP!

Posted 07/05/21, edited 07/05/21
Congrats everyone! :D
Posted 07/05/21
Posted 07/05/21
Ah thank you so much! <3
Posted 07/05/21
I WON MY FIRST RAFFLE!!!!  I can’t believe this thank u mods (or whoever made this raffle) T_T   :D
Posted 07/05/21
Yay! I can’t wait to see the new items. :D
Posted 07/06/21
Recipe Raffle Winners

The following submissions were chosen via raffle to be made into site recipes:

Note:Some recipes may be adjusted slightly from their submission combinations, but the item will be as faithful to the description provided as possible.

Due to a staff win, we ended up pulling an extra. These items will be created as we can fit them between other ongoing art needs, and as such, we don’t have a solid ETA on them. However, when they do arrive, all winners will receive a copy of their item, as well as the recipe to create it.

Otherwise, recipes will be added to the contents of the Recipe Bottle openable, which you may chance across while fishing.

We really enjoyed seeing all of the creative recipes everyone thought up for this activity! Since there were so many great submissions, it’s possible that we may want to bring more of them to life! We may reach out to individual players later on for permission to do so - but that wouldn’t be until after the raffle winners’ items are completed. :)

Posted 07/08/21

Ahhhh oh my gosh I’m so excited to see the items, everyone had such cool concepts!!! (and I’m ecstatic my wig got picked, I was so pleased with that pun)

Thank you staff :D

Posted 07/08/21
Aaahhhhh!!! This is so cool! Thank you so much for the event!
Posted 07/08/21
Congrats to the winners! I’m excited to see these new items once they’re ready!
Posted 07/08/21