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[ACTIVITY] Cabbage in the Wild
Cabbage in the Wild

“Hey, hey!”

You slow your stroll, attention nabbed by the tiny screeches growing louder in your wake. Suddenly, a clawed paw grasps onto your own and begins tugging. You look down to see a familiar-looking little drasillis clinging onto your arm, staring up at you with big, blue eyes.

“Um. Hi, Hopper. What’s up?” You ask, realizing that you don’t think the two of you have ever actually interacted outside of the Marketplace—is he just this friendly with everyone?

“Have you seen one?” He hisses, pulling much closer to you than you’re really comfortable with. Again, you are reminded that you’ve hardly shared more than a passing greeting with this kid. “They’re everywhere.”

“What? What’s everywhere?” Obviously you haven’t seen whatever he’s talking about.

His eyes dart from side to side conspiratorially, and he tugs you down to his level, whispering like it’s some horrible secret: “The cabbages.

...Oh. You think. You have seen those.


Hopper needs your help spotting cabbages! They’ve been everywhere recently, and he really needs some photographic proof. All you need to do is procure said photographic evidence and bring it to him, and he’ll reward you handsomely! Or, well… as handsomely as an apparently orphaned forever-child can manage, anyway. Still, the nice thing to do is help him out.

Activity Length

This activity runs from April 1st 00:00 ST to April 15th 23:59 ST!

Activity Guidelines
  • Bring Hopper a photo of a cabbage in the wild. This can be achieved in several ways - for example, you could:
    • Take a photo (either with your own camera, or by finding a free-to-use photo online) and use an image editing program to place a cabbage into the scene
    • Take a photo of an actual cabbage or cabbage prop somewhere ‘in the wild’ (i.e., somewhere you wouldn’t typically see a cabbage)
    • Draw an artist’s rendering of a cabbage ‘in the wild’
  • Upload your image to an image host
  • Post your image in this thread (be sure to include your username, as well as proper credit!)
  • You may submit up to two cabbage documentations for this activity.
Entry Example
  • The prize for this activity is King‘s Sprout Fairies. You may earn up to two of these by participating in this activity - one for each cabbage documented in the wild.
  • You will also earn a sticker for participating in at least one Mycena Cabbage activity
Activity Links

Discussion and questions should go in the main Mycena Cabbage thread. Submissions should go in this thread!

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There are two cabbages in this photo! One is trying to sneak into the water <_<
(photo from pexels.com)

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These two cheeky cabbies were trying to help knock the fruit off, but the branches are a little too shaky to hang on to!

Creds: Boston Globe article

This guy is a little shy, but he wanted to be included in this project nonetheless.

Creds: RelativeObserver

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(Photo credit: Wikimedia)


(Photo credit: History.com)

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Credit: pixabay

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CREDIT: pexels

CREDIT: pexels

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Posted Apr 1

Photo by me

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Free image from here

Free image from here

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Unfortunately the actual photo is funnier…

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Photo by Pip Christie

Photo by Kyaw Tun

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Photos are mine, cabbages are from this article

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“Never seen one this thoroughly shredded before… whoever did this isn’t even cabbage.”

Uh, Mycena, I know this is an April Fools prank but it’s gone a little too far…”

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Photo from Unsplash

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Posted Apr 5
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Posted Apr 7

No spoiler we die like men
i worked way too hard plz at least look at them

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Colorfully decorated galloping horses on carousel ride constructed on London’s South Bank. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016.
quest.eb.com/search/118_796819/1/118_796819/cite. Accessed 8 Apr 2021.

EMPTY HIGHWAY WITH TUMBLEWEEDS IN ROAD. Photography. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016.
quest.eb.com/search/300_1829594/1/300_1829594/cite. Accessed 8 Apr 2021.

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I don’t know if it’ll be very effective…

via Skitterphoto

“That’s one small step for cabbage and one giant leap for brassicakind!”

via Pixabay

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can u believe it….. truth uncovered

oooo im so scawy look at me peeking out of the dark…. just kidding its a cabbage

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i didn’t want to waste a cabbage so i didn’t buy this one, hope that’s acceptable!

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A guide to good cabbages:


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