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February OoTS Raffle

This mini-event features Wells, who belongs to me.

February OoTS Raffle

Ends: February 3rd, at 11:59 AM (Noon) Site Time.

“It’ll be fun!” Forgotten chirped. “And you’ll get to meet some of the people who live here!”

Wells groaned, uncertain that any of this was a good idea at all. Her arms prickled uncomfortably at the idea of meeting anyone new at all. Her face was red, and she felt the air catch in her throat. Her chest tightened. She didn’t want to MEET people, she wanted to be left alone, to live in her house on the hill while being left unbothered by others. But, both of her parents seemed to think it was a good idea for her to host some sort of event, and her parents always got what they wanted when they decided to put their minds to it.

That was how Wells ended up standing uncomfortably behind a folding table in the plaza, hoping that she could shrink down into herself. There was a raffle turner next to her, the golden cage glimmering in the sunlight, and a bowl full of inexpensive plastic eyeballs from the Nugget Store. Each person could take an eyeball and write their desired number on it, and place it inside the raffle turner. At the end of the day, Wells would select two winners, and would be able to pack up for the day.

She hoped this went by quickly.


Entering the Raffle

Select an available number between 1 and 20 in order to enter this raffle!

Each player may only select 1 number, and each number may have a maximum of 1 player assigned to it. If more than 20 players would like to enter the raffle, numbers 21-40 will become available to select from!


2 winners total will be selected, by a random number generator, to win a prize.

- 1 winner will receive a Prismatic Peace (Upright or Active) ineki,
OR 10 gems,
OR 2 paw prints to be added to a CURRENT* custom/sprout/edit order.

- 1 winner will receive a Gilded Heart Staff and Peaceful Daydream Background set,
OR 6 gems,
OR 1 paw print + 1 gem applied to a CURRENT* custom/sprout/edit order.


* IOU’s will not be handed out for paw prints prizes on this event, to ensure a smooth and fair distribution of prizes. If a raffle winner specifies that they would like to have their prize in the form of PP, they will need to have an order open and ready to receive PP within 48 hours.

If a winner is unable to specify which prize option they would like within 3 days of the event closing, they will receive the first listed prize in their respective category by default. So, they will receive the OoTS items or pet, depending on if they are the first or second winner.


1: polygone
2: Kiaria78
3: Miranda
4: Neut
5: Purr
6: Hyasynthetic
7: nobodies13
8: Pirran
9: Yoshi
10: theoryofaghost
11: Vely
12: Farosh
13: Hawkins
14: Chicken
15: Heather
16: Nyfeaena
17: raus
18: feyers
19: doragon
25: DelightfulDragon

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Previous Winners

Everyone may participate, including: Previous winners, staff, and former staff.

Nyfeaena: 2 PP
Pine: 6 gems

raus: 2 PP
feyers: 6 gems


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At first glance, you would be forgiven for mistaking this ineki for a living, breathing one, but the moment she turns her face to Wells it becomes quite clear that she is not living or breathing. She does speak, however, in a low, silky drawl: “What’s this? Some sort of game?” Her screen display shows an image of a question mark, then a smiling face, emoji-style. “I’ll play.”

So saying, she plucks up one of the eyeballs, her screen flashing a closeup of someone’s eyes blinking. “Charming.” She plucks a pen from her jacket pocket and carelessly scrawls 19 on the white of the plastic eye. The eyes on her display give a playful wink as she drops the ball into the gilded raffle cage.

tl;dr: 19 please!

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Oh, poly would also like to join as number 1.

Ash wanders over to the table, drawn in by the stall and the interesting-looking mycenians already milling about. He walks upright, holding himself up as if he were entering a particularly fancy formal gathering, despite his tattered cloak and floral wreath around his neck. He nods his head politely at the others as he passes by, picking out one of the plastic eyes and inspecting it before marking a one onto the back of it. As he puts it into the container he looks at the ineki behind the counter. “Well, hello. I like your bow.” With that he takes a step back, going to find somewhere to sit and wait to see if his number got called.

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The young girl known as Kitty Bear crept over to the stall, mouth full of stolen bread from nearby. She chewed, the eyeballs having caught her attention but on closer look she realised they weren’t edible. Looking silently to the teddy gripped in her hand, she shook her head in disappointment, but her hand shook the bears head in disagreement.

Looking back to the table, she swallowed the bread and watched a stranger pluck a ball and write a number on it. Grabbing a marker, she took a ball after propping the teddy up on the table and looked around. She wasn’t entirely sure how to write, but made her best impression of a figure 8 onto the ball, before copying what the stranger had done and dropping it back. Sniffing the rest of the balls to confirm they weren’t edible, she snatched up her bear again before ducking back under the stalls and disappearing into the crowd.

TLDR; Number 8 please!

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Thank you for this! I would like to join as number 11, please.
Posted Jan 28
Aw this is such a fun idea, Hoax! I’d like 7 please!
Posted Jan 28
thanks for organizing, i’d love number 3!
Posted Jan 28
Lovely idea! Thanks for offering this! 17 please?
Posted Jan 28
could I claim #13? :>
Posted Jan 28
CUTE. Could i claim 14? ♡◇♡
Posted Jan 29

Thank you everyone, for joining!! ♥♥

I have placed a ping next to each number that has been claimed, in the first post! Please take a moment to check that I have placed you at the correct number! If you find that there is a mistake, please do not hesitate to let me know!!

I’ll edit in a character interaction post for Wells here in a bit!! I just wanted to get a quick verification post out there that I’ve added ya’ll. =D

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“Hey everyone! Lyric here.” The dog Ineki’s chipper voice before she and her hamsters came into view. Most Mycenians in this section of the plaza could hear her, but she seemed unbothered, chattering into her phone.
“Today I’m walking around the plaza. Now, it’s usually pretty busy here from the few times I’ve been, but it seems like different Mycenians show up every time. Sometimes there are calls for adventures, sometimes there are just friends chattering over tea, and sometimes there are temporary stalls. Oh, like this one!” Lyric’s attention landed on Wells and the raffle turner.
“I haven’t seen this one before, but it looks pretty cool. A raffle? Oooh, a raffle… with eyeballs!” Lyric picked up one of the balls and tossed it a couple times in her paw, holding it in front of her phone camera to make sure it was in focus. “This looks really cool. And whoa, it’s free? I should check out this plaza more often.”
Lyric picked up one of the pens and considered the ball for a moment, then started writing as she spoke. “Any number from one to twenty… well, usually I would pick three, my lucky number, but it looks like someone’s already got that. Fifteen it is, then!” As she finished, she held out the ball to Wells.
“But where are my manners! Who are you? Why do you have this raffle set up? I’m new to town, and I’m always up for making friends. My name’s Lyric!” she said, extending the paw that wasn’t holding the fifteen-ball forward as well, then realizing she had her phone in that paw, then setting the phone on the table so her paw was free to shake.

tldr: 15, please!

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Can I claim #9, please?
Posted Jan 29

May I claim #4 please?
Thank you!

Posted Jan 29

Thank you all for entering!

I have set a ping for each of you next to your chosen numbers! Please take a moment to double check that I have placed your name next to the correct number!

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Pick a number, get a chance at a free OoTS pet for February!

Quick boost for this raffle!

Posted Jan 31
Could I claim an eyeball with a lovely 16 written on, please? :D
Posted Jan 31
Thank you for hosting! Could I claim 12 please? :)
Posted Feb 1

Yes, absolutely!!

Thank you both for entering! I have placed a ping to each of you next to your chosen numbers! Please take a moment to review them to make sure that your selections are correct! I would be happy to help if they are not!


There is only a little less than 24 hours before entries for this raffle will be closed! Anyone who would like to join, but has not yet done so, is encouraged to claim a free ticket! The raffle prize is for the coloration and items that are currently in the OoTS shop!

Posted Feb 2
I’d like 5 please!
Posted Feb 2

Absolutely!! 5 is all yours, Purr! <33

I stuck your name in a ping next to the number 5 in the first post! Please take a moment to review it, and make sure I got it in the right place! I’d be happy to move it for you if there are any mistakes.

Thank you for entering! I wish you the best of luck!

Posted Feb 2
I’ll take 10, please!
Posted Feb 2
I’ll slide in at #6, if that’s all right?
Posted Feb 3
If it’s still free, i’ll take #18. OuO
Posted Feb 3
#2 please?
Posted Feb 3

Yes, absolutely!! <3 <3 <3

I have all four of you noted down! I have placed a ping to each of you next to your selected numbers in the first post! Please take a moment to review them and make sure that they are next to the correct number! I would be happy to move them for you if there are any errors!

Since number 20 was the only available ticket, I went ahead and opened up tickets numbered 21-30! Just in case anyone would like to slip in within the next couple of hours!

There are a couple hours left before the raffle closes at 11:59AM Site Time! Tickets are free to claim!

Thank you, all of you, for playing!! I’m so happy to see so many people enter this time! I wish everyone the best of luck!! <3 <3 <3

Posted Feb 3
I’ll take #25, if that’s okay? ^^
Posted Feb 3

Yes, that is absolutely okay!! <3 <3

I’ve placed a ping for you next to the number 25! Take a moment to review it if you like, and make sure that it is in the correct position! Thank you so much for playing, and I wish you the best of luck!!

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raus Wins the first prize! Please let me know if you would like a Prismatic Peace (upright or active), 10 gems, or 2 PP applied to a current order!

feyers Wins the second prize! Please let me know if you would like the February OoTS item set, 6 gems, or 1 gem + 1 PP applied to a current order!

Thank you again, everyone, for playing!!

I will be hosting another one of these soon, either closer to the middle of this month or next month, so be sure to keep your eyes out if you would like to enter again!

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