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Open Roleplay Season

With Bingo roleplay coming back in February, I’m looking to start an open roleplay or two! Where anyone can join!

But first!

Tell me some ideas that you’d like to see in an open roleplay! Or a genre!

Suggest, chaotically! GO!

Posted Jan 18

Random bits:
-Fight club
-A festival of lights and food
-Everyone is trapped in a big empty box with no explanation and occasionally people appear/disappear at random
-Everyone is goats
-Interdimensional Waffle House (with Interdimensional Waffles)
-Everyone meets in the afterlife, some remember more than others

Posted Jan 18
gameshow-style matchmaking
Posted Jan 18
body-/power-swap >>
Posted Jan 18


We are going to DO THESE!!!

I was thinking maybe we can be kinda cheeky and like, maybe do it as like a monthly thing? Except slightly offset from the actual ends of months? So that there could be a prize pool? Like 1 roleplay post = 1 ticket, raffle for an OoTS set, or maybe misc other things as prizes? Each open roleplay like… starting and ending maybe on Productividay? That way if winners get OoTS sets they can know if they get them prior to the end of the month, so they know if they need to get one for themselves?

Maybe when we do things like interdimensional Waffle House, or everyone is stuck in a big box, we can use the actions tropes to spur the plots? Then maybe mix those plots with like, other open roleplays that have maybe a bit more structured plot? So that we can wax and wane naturally as a group between faster and slower paces? And like… we wouldn’t have to close the thread at the end, so if people really like one AU they can hang out in that thread longer. Just that posts stop counting as tickets into prize pools!

Let me know your thoughts!! I’m just spitballing, so hit me with it!

Posted Jan 18
A ticketed monthly thing would be neat. :o
Posted Feb 8