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This mini-event features Brew, who is borrowed with permission from -Bat.

Brew’s Fish Raffle

Ends: January 23rd, at 11:59 AM (Noon) Site Time.

“What kind of fish do you think are in that pond, anyway?” Brew asked, while spinning in her second-hand computer chair. It creaked and wobbled while she did so, but that was something she enjoyed about spinning in this particular chair. The rhythmic clicks and bumps soothed something in her mind.

“I’m not sure.” Forgotten admitted while she leaned over today’s newspaper. It had been a whole process to get the local newspaper to deliver to their house, and it required some trade involving paper money, and Forgotten still wasn’t sure that they did it correctly, but whatever they did must have been satisfactory. Every morning, lately, she had been able to enjoy the local paper. “I’m sure we could go fishing and find out.”

Brew groaned, leaning back over her chair dramatically. “That would take forever!”

“I could help you.” Suggested Forgotten. “Maybe that would help it take less time to document what all is in there?”

“Yeah! We could get each of your hands to hold a fishing rod!”

“I think that would work, yeah.”

“Maybe we could get some of the locals to help, too?” Brew suggested hopefully.

“I think that would be fun, do you think they’d agree?” Forgotten hesitated at the idea, uncertain if they’d be able to successfully recruit some help with the task.

“Maybe they would if we offered a prize?” Brew wondered out loud.

“Yeah, that might work, it’s worth a shot, right?”

Entering the Raffle

1 Fishing Item = 1 Ticket
Max entry per user is 10 tickets

- If you would like to enter the raffle, send your fishing items to Hoax in one trade for entries to be verified.
- Make a single post in this forum specifying how many fishing items you have sent. This will be used for verification.

- Any items that are obtainable from fishing may be used. Please check to ensure that you are not accidentally sending over high-value items.


- 1 winner will receive a Diamond Ice (Upright or Active) Drasillis,
OR 10 gems,
OR 2 paw prints to be added to a CURRENT* custom/sprout/edit order.

- 1 winner will receive a Frozen Halo and Snowy Feathered Wings set,
OR 6 gems,
OR 1 paw print + 1 gem applied to a CURRENT* custom/sprout/edit order.


* IOU’s will not be handed out for paw prints prizes on this event, to ensure a smooth and fair distribution of prizes. If a raffle winner specifies that they would like to have their prize in the form of PP, they will need to have an order open and ready to receive PP within 24 hours.

If a winner is unable to specify which prize option they would like within 48 hours of the event closing, they will receive the first listed prize in their respective category by default. So, they will receive the OoTS items or pet, depending on if they are the first or second winner.


Nyfeaena with tickets #: 1-10
doragon with tickets #: 11-20
Jacq with tickets #: 21-30
Heather with tickets #: 31-40
nobodies13 with tickets #: 41-50
Pine with tickets 3: 51-60






Posted Jan 9, edited Jan 28
Good luck everyone!!!
Posted Jan 9

The prize pool has been edited in order to offer a larger variety of equivalent prizes.
The prize pool now includes a gems or PP option for both prize pools.

A notes section has been added to clarify prize options that may need clarification.

Posted Jan 9

Roughly 1 week reminder!

Enter a fish for a chance at an OoTS set, or PP! Ends 1/23!

Posted Jan 18, edited Jan 18

This is super cute!

I believe I’ve sent over 10 fishing items in a trade!

Posted Jan 18

Perfect, I count 10! <3

I listed your entries in the first post! =D Best of luck!! <3

Posted Jan 18
ahah i meant to enter this when i saw it first posted, but i forgot :‘D i sent over some feeshies.
Posted Jan 18

Perfect, I count 10 mushroom bass, thank you for entering!! =,,D

I edited your tickets into the first post, best of luck!! <3 <3 <3

Wheezes because they were all mushroom bass, and that tickles my fancy a LOT.

Posted Jan 18
sending some friends for the mushroom bass
Posted Jan 18


Perfect, I count 10 cave trout, Jacq!! =D Thank you for entering!! <3 <3 <3

I have you listed in the first post as having tickets 21-30 !!

Best of luck!!

Posted Jan 18
Sending ten more fish friends along!
Posted Jan 18

Thank you Heather!!! <3 <3 <3

I am mobile right now, so I’m delaying opening your box of feesh! Just because it is a little unreliable to open new tabs on mobile, and I want to make sure I get you counted and edited in properly!!

You should see a ping when I have edited in your tickets! And I’ll post here, as well!! <3 <3 <3

Posted Jan 18

Thank you Heather!! I have received your 10 mud fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish !! XDDDD

Thank you for entering! I have noted your tickets in the first post! You have tickets 31-40! Best of luck!!

Posted Jan 18
Sent 10 fishing items!
Posted Jan 19

Perfect!! Thank you Nobo!! <333

I count 10 fishing items, and I have listed you in the first post as having tickets numbered 41-50! Thank you for entering! Best of luck! <33

Posted Jan 19
Oh this is a cute idea! Sending over 10 fishing items now <3
Posted Jan 19

Perfect, I count 10 fishing items, Pine! =D

Thank you for entering!! <3 <3 I have edited you into the first post with tickets numbered 51-60!! Best of luck!!

Posted Jan 20

Nyfeaena won the first prize option! Would you like the monthly dras, 10 gems, or 2PP?

Pine won the second prize option! Would you like the monthly item set, 6 gems, or 1PP+1gem?

Posted Jan 24
Hoax I’ll take the 2PP, please! I’ve got an order set up.
Posted Jan 24


=D <3 <3 <3

Thanks for playing!

Posted Jan 24
Thank you!! This was a super cute raffle and I’m very stoked that I won! <3
Posted Jan 25
Hoax I’ll take the 6 gems please! <3
Posted Jan 25


=D <3 <3 <3

Thanks for playing!!

Posted Jan 26