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[ACTIVITY] The Chamber of Reflections
The Chamber of Reflections

The Chamber of Reflections is an ongoing monthly activity that promotes building profiles for your characters by focusing on one aspect of them at a time. It is inspired by our previously held Profile Drive activities. Each month, you are invited to choose a character or geness and work on their profile—expand upon their histories, their personalities, their relationships; write, draw, create. At the end of the month, submit your profile below to be rewarded for your efforts!

This thread is intended for discussion, questions, and general chatter about this activity. Feel free to use it to ask others for profile opinions, ideas, and chat about what you’re working on!

Posted Jan 2
Oooh, excited to get to work on some profiles. Got a bunch of characters I need to get going with. :o
Posted Jan 2

im very excited for this!!! but i have a few clarification questions for the requirements. when you say “a few paragraphs” is there a certain length of the paragraph itself that you guys have in mind? for instance i could write say 3 lil baby paragraphs or i could write one big ole’ meaty paragraph, and the writing itself could be edited and workshopped to different degrees! it’s much harder to express in writing how sketchy something is than in art haha. would that one big paragraph still count then even though there’s less line breaks? (edit: and will the level of workshopping the writing has received be considered in any way?) or is it more of a word count thing, and if so do you guys have a number in your head you’re looking for? and if we decide to use poetry of some style instead, how will that fair on grading?

ALSO when you guys determine how polished a piece of art (or writing too actually) is, will you be taking into account that not everyone is at the same place as far as skill? im sure some very incredible and talented artists could make a piece very quickly that would take less skilled me quite a bit more time!

LAST QUESTION IM SORRY, so general structural edits such as developing the formatting/coding of the profile itself wouldn’t count here, yes?

okay i think thats it for me LOL thank u so much for this activity i think it will be a fun one and a great incentive to explore our characters more deeply in new ways!!

(edited to better reflect how many questions i ended up asking and what im really curious about LOL sorry yall)

Posted Jan 2, edited Jan 2

I have a question too! (and am also wondering the answers to Miranda’s questions).

Are we able to combine multiple aspects into a longer- or larger-form creative exercises? A “plot synopsis” may contain information about a characters relationships, history, and powers, or a fully-rendered art piece or written vignette may deal with multiple aspects of the character’s appearance, personality, pets, and wardrobe. That is, so long as each aspect on its own can be interpreted as meeting the minimum requirements, can multiple aspects be incorporated within a single piece?

For a more concrete example, something like this pet’s profile contains a short story / vignette that very clearly hits the notes of the character’s personality, history, and family relationships. (For reference, previous profile drives wanted each module to form at least 200 words, and the linked story is around 1000 words). Would something like that be acceptable?

Posted Jan 2, edited Jan 2


I got some folk who need some profiles worked on, most excellent.

I’m also really enjoying that between the creative collective, and now the chamber of reflections, a person can net themselves almost enough currency onsite to get an out of the shadows coat or item set via their creative efforts.

My main feedback so far is that it would be nice to see more creativity-driven ways to earn golden tickets. It would be nice if, in the future, a user were able to say, do the creative collective, the chamber of reflections, and also another ongoing creative activity? And earn themselves enough onsite currency through those means to get a complete OoTS set each month! More methods for the grinding folk to get their basic shinies, so that they can save up their nuggets for trading for PP and earning themselves their ultimate shinies!!!

I’m also really happy to see that this has an automated interface, because that’ll be much easier for staff to handle I imagine ROFL.

Posted Jan 2

As far as effort requirement goes, similar standards to the Creative Collective would be a good benchmark. I know they’re not exactly comparable, as prose might to take longer to write than, say, a personality breakdown. There’s really no hard and fast rule, because there’s always a ‘what if’ situation.

Some examples: Poetry that might not be many words but is several stanzas long would count, but a single stanza haiku would not. A description of likes/dislikes and perhaps why would count, but a list of likes/dislikes without elaboration would not.

We do have the ability to reject submissions for this activity, so if we are checking them over and see that something is very obviously low-effort (list of traits without expanding on them, etc), I will be sure that we echo along with the rejection so that whatever’s the issue can be fixed and resubmitted.

Same idea with artwork - while everyone has different ability levels and styles, there’s still usually a pretty marked difference between a hasty doodle and a more polished sketch.

As far as coding goes, I’d say that would count — so long as you don’t use the same basic code for every profile. Like I do, for instance - I wouldn’t count simply altering the name on a banner or something like that, but would count substantial formatting edits.

I hope that’s everything? Feel free to poke me if I overlooked something!

As is, I would consider something like the example you linked to be a single aspect. It’s important that we don’t need to extensively read through every profile while checking submissions, so keeping sections sort of separate is necessary for this activity. That said, if you broke your linked piece down into a couple of different sections, I think it would be just fine.

Our goal with this activity is to open another creative avenue to earn nuggets, and we agree that it’s good to encourage creativity with nugget rewards!  Between this (up to 4 tickets) and the Creative collective (up to 5 tickets, with feedback included), you’ve got 9 tickets. Add on a bit over a week of game grinding or actively RPing (RP circle & bingo would certainly affect that bit), and you’re up to a full OotS set. So, even though our current activities don’t offer a ‘full ride,’ as it were, it should still free up some funds for bigger goals!

Posted Jan 2
Heck yeah!
Posted Jan 2

Crow thanks crow for answering all that!! it sounds to me like in general as long as you can see that effort has been made you’re awarding credit, is that accurate?

and thats cool to hear about the coding bit! i agree simply throwing the same template on every pet shouldn’t count, what made me think of it was that i sat down one day and almost complete redid/reorganized my own template i use bahaha

i thiiink im all set for now, thank u so much!!

Posted Jan 2

Aw, thanks for the clarification, even if it’s disappointing. I understand it from an overhead aspect, but it does mean that the best/only approach is to make every profile that “counts” look exactly the same. Rather than headers, would it be okay if we explained which aspects were touched on in which sections in the explanatory part (maybe pulling out the blurbs or marking them with “footnotes”/symbols or something that didn’t completely break the narrative structure with HERE’S A BIT ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS)?

Could you also clarify whether the 1:1 piece:aspect applies across the board to all entries regardless of medium, or just written entries? My example was meant to clarify the question, but that piece wasn’t written with this activity in mind so I think it muddied the waters more than anything, sorry. I’m thinking, for example, of a fully rendered art piece with multiple characters (appearance/sidekick/wardrobe) and background (world details)? Art is much easier to take in quickly, compared to writing, but it might be too unfair to treat them that differently.

Posted Jan 2, edited Jan 2
Oh i love this. I’m fairly burnt out on character creation but for someone who isn’t this is a great idea and I love it.  I should rattle things and see if a new muse falls out to play this once or twice <3
Posted Jan 2

You summoned me on accident and now I’m the one here after all, HUAHAUHAUAHA.

In any case, Jacq, for our (judging) sanity’s sake at the time of submission, having them in some way visually divided is best — whether that’s with headers or line breaks or some other formatting is up to you! If it’s really something you want displayed together, I would suggest just editing the formatting back once your submission has been reviewed!

As to your art question: I completely understand where you’re coming from — however, while I think it would be feasible to address multiple topics in one picture, from a judging perspective, permitting individual pieces to count for multiple aspects becomes very subjective! In the interest of maintaining clarity in our guidelines and judging, larger art pieces can only be evaluated as 1:1 for aspects. Sorry — I know that wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, but we hope you don’t find this too limiting when working on your profiles!

Posted Jan 2