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“I mean, I don’t see any napkins, but I can hand you this paper towel.”

Iirastus turned around suddenly from where she was preparing dinner, wet hands still in the sink as she gave the half-elf a hard squint. Meanwhile, she was met by Promise’s smirk as she held the roll of paper towels in her hands, tearing off a couple sheets.

It begins anew.

Promise had… a very particular way in which she used words. After all, words had a purpose in helping people communicate and understand each other, so it was important that words had a consistent definition, even if putting that definition into actual words wasn’t very easy. Naturally, something like this doesn’t come up in every single conversation, but sometimes, somebody would say something “weird” to her; Most often, this meant that somebody called an item by a different term than she would call it, usually a broader, less specific term, but sometimes it was just outright “wrong”. And the most frequent offender of this was, in fact, Iirastus. One would think after eons and eons of knowing a language, one would understand the difference between calling something a square and a rectangle, or the difference between a napkin and a paper towel, in this instance. But, no, apparently, devils just sling language around willy-nilly like it doesn’t matter.

No, at the end of the day, Promise knew it didn’t really matter, but it always threw her off when it came up. And, every time it came up between them, both absolutely refused to acknowledge what the other was saying as even possibly or technically correct. Sometimes, it even cropped up into actual misunderstandings or arguments, but usually, they were both well aware of what they were doing, and further pressed it just for the fun of being silly and pushing each other’s buttons.

Iirastus frowned at her a tiny bit, her claws reaching for a nearby kitchen drawer, and before the words fell out of her mouth, Promise could see the glint of the revolver as she pulled the drawer open. But she refused to move, instead bouncing in her spot in the doorway, ready to flee should it be necessary.

“I’m going to beat your ass.”

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A nice sketch of Memento covered in Forget-Me-Not flowers, because if there’s one thing he’s come to worry about, it’s being forgotten about or left behind just as he’s gotten cozy in this crazy, chaotic guild. After all, in a group full of outsiders, undead, and royalty, how can one plainly-human wizard compare?

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1. Delivery to the Heart
2. The Depths of Forest Broceliande
3. The Fading Dragon’s Oracle

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Cervus and Solomon’s Seal, which represents wisdom and peace.


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Piper puts her foot down in her own special way.

Adventure: Gnome or Gnomes
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“What the fuck is that?” was Trish’s first question. That was fair, to be honest, not that I would admit it to her. At least, not in the moment.

“What, you’ve never seen a uh,” I hesitated. Frowned at it. “Goopy space dragon?” Trish threw a punch and I caught it with a raised hand, unphased by the way the impact reverberated up my arm.

“Genna,” she growled.

“His name is Harold,” I told her as earnestly as I could. She stared at me.

“Why,” she said, then repeated it. “Why are you like this.”

“Question marks, Trish,” I said innocently. “They’re important.”

Trish spent the next few minutes trying to turn me into a question mark. Harold watched, eyes wide as he chewed on a log.

Eventually I had Trish pinned between my thighs, arms around her throat,  and she gave up on that.

“Where’d he even come from?” she asked,  not even out of breath despite our tussle.

“Honestly, I was really hoping you knew,” I admitted. “I figured your mother-in-law.”

“That and like a safe guess, since he showed up at your house,” Trish agreed. “Are You keeping him then? ”

“I’ll kill you,” I said pleasantly. “Help me send him home. But don’t be mean; he’s sensitive.”

(( i feel like this feels like a cop out but i honestly just thought it’d be funny to have Genna standing her ground— by stubbornly continuing to play dumb. ))

Canvas Circle

Feedback welcome on either!

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“Are you certain your plan will succeed, Flam?”

“Flambe,” The ineki in question hissed, pouring an amber colored clear liquid from one beaker to another with mounting frustration. “My name is Flambe. Not Flam. Like your name is Misu and not Mi.”

“It’s a nickname.” Misu sighed with an eyeroll. “It’s to make your name shorter and thus easier to say so it can be out of the way faster.”

“Flambe is not that difficult to pronounce!” She retorted with a flourish of a thankfully empty beaker. “It’s laziness, is what it is! Besides, in your hurry to speak you’re more than likely forgetting quite a few important details.”

“Flam it’s not that big—”

Misu was interrupted by a paw smashed into the counter and roared in a much larger rage than expected. “MISU, IF YOU DO NOT REFER TO ME BY THE NAME I PREFER YOU CAN STOP TRYING TO SPEAK WITH ME WHILE I AM WORKING!”

After a tense silence, Misu finally, quietly asked, “...I just wanted to know how certain you are about all this…electric mind business.”

“PERFECTLY certain!” Flambe huffed and wrote something down on a clipboard. “You think I would go through all this trouble on a whim? Just for fun? Just messing about???”

“I’m just tryin to…” But whatever Misu was trying to do Flambe didn’t hear, as she turned around and plodded out of the lab, letting the heavy door swing shut behind her.

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Fiouna and Acierno with some roses that represent their love for botany (and also each other)


Stanari I love the colors of this canvas circle entry, all of the colors match without being too samey, and the patterns and shading make it so pleasing to look at. The anatomy is a bit out of proportion, but I can see the effort that went into it so I don’t want to hammer that point home when all it needs is some practice and reference. It’s a great work and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future if you’ll be sticking around!

Titan Your scribe circle entry is very nice and atmospheric, the repetition of the storm and the memories brought on by it really made me feel the pounding of the rain as it came down on the ship. It had such a melancholy, too, Vela’s mourning for her crewmate being so long ago that its pain had numbed down out of just getting used to it…it hit a bit close to home, admittedly. Really well done.

KeeperGreymuzzles Such a cute fluffy puppy!!! With their little camera and the little flower in their ear. Their pawpads being little hearts was also such a good touch, just a little bit of extra cuteness to add onto the cute, fluffy pile. If I had a criticism, I’d say that for a chibi style the eyes should be less…humanlike? To accentuate the larger size of the head and make the face more expressive, especially in proportion to the nose. But I can’t say I’m one for following rules for rules sake, and I do like the vibe those eyes have, so absolutely feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

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Featuring Caius adorned with white peonies (shame and regret) and chrysanthemums (death). A befitting crown for the herald of death, who has done much to warrant sorrow and remorse in his life.
Feedback is okay.

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Aleksy felt his body would splinter apart from the rage he carried. His parents—his darling, doting parents that drowned him in the waves of their love—sat cowed before him, unable to meet his gaze.

“Tell me this isn’t true.” Aleksy wondered if the earth would quake with his anger, if every soul in Vitezslav could feel the scope of his grief. “How could you do this? How could you even think—“

He stopped abruptly, his shoulders slumping. His mother sobbed softly into her embroidered handkerchief, wisps of her fine blonde hair clinging to the sweat on her brow. He’s never seen her like this, upset, tender, human. The sight of her trembling shoulders sent a wave of revulsion through him, followed immediately by the shade of shame.

“Aleksy,” his father began in a low voice. “Please understand that I did this for our country, for you—“

Out of the corner of his eye, Aleksy saw Miya flinch. He ground his teeth and silenced Bazyli with a glare. His father shrank back against the velvet loveseat he shared with his wife, his shoulders rounding and his gaze dropping.

“Enough. You did this out of greed and we all know it. You worried that your legacy would be nothing, that no one would recall your name save in passing.”

Bazyli remained silent, but Aleksy could see the blood trickle from his face. In a moment of searing anger, blinded by his desire to cause his father pain, he spoke.

“Tomorrow, you will abdicate your crownand tell the country that I am giving up my claim to the throne. The Meleska line ends with you.”

His mother moaned under her breath, curling in even further on herself. Miya remained still, gazing at Aleksy with an intensity in the clench of her jaw that quieted the uncertainty raging in his mind.

“Aleksy, my son, please. Rethink this. I know you’re acting in anger. But this is your birthright, everything you’ve worked for.” Bazyli lifted his hands towards Aleksy, his fingers cupped and pleading.

But Aleksy merely turned away. His heart thumped unevenly in his chest, but he knew that he could not take the crown. His father had paved his reign with the suffering of his people. Aleksy could not fix his fathers mistakes, but he could ensure that someone of his blood never did harm again.

“You’ve made your bed, king. Now it’s time to lie in it.”

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This month, the Creative Collective had a total of 31 participants, who earned:

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The Feedback Raffle

We had 9 individuals leave feedback this month, with a total of 29 comments! Here are the winners of the feedback raffle:

  • Nyfeaena -Waved Bob Wig & Elegant Cigarette Holder
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June’s Prompts
Scribe Circle

How We Ended Up Here

With June comes summer proper; the memories of youth and childhood cast like shadows at our backs. This month, we’d like you to consider your character’s formative years—and, specifically, a memory, moment, or decision that either changed or solidified their path to adulthood. The first echoes of their future carried upon the warm summer breeze.


Canvas Circle

Show Your Pride

In celebration of Pride Month, we would like to see you create a piece depicting one of your characters with a focus on their pride flag as the color palette! And, of course, characters who would consider themselves allies are welcome to participate, too!

And, if your character does not fall under the pride spectrum (or if you would simply prefer), we invite you to depict them using a limited palette of your choice, instead!

Adventure Circle

Challenge Yourself

This month, we invite you to challenge yourself using the Adventure system. If you’re a hardened veteran at creating adventures, try something new—a new mechanic, a new style, a more strict deadline—and if you’ve yet to dip your toes into adventuring, give it a shot! Poke around with the system and start to familiarize yourself with it! Oftentimes, the hardest part of learning a new thing is just getting started.



Submissions from May are now open for feedback, starting with this post and running through this one! Please be mindful of players who have requested not to receive feedback on their pieces.

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Aaa tysm! I’d like an upright golden glow, please ;v; thanks!

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Occo‘s dad hadn’t come back.

It had been two days, and the teenage Kelph had run out of leftovers to eat and interesting programs to watch in his dad’s absence. He wasn’t too keen to spend more time than strictly necessary outside of his home, not until he was on the spectrum of teenage-hood that was a little closer to an adult anyway.

It was perhaps not wise of him not to make any attempts to try and ask his neighbors if anyone had seen where he’d went, or if they’d seen him at all recently. But truth be told, Occo wasn’t all too keen on putting effort into figuring it out. It would be nice to have his dad back if he brought back any groceries, but other than that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to deal with his dad’s short temper and his incessant calls to do chores that in Occo’s mind could have waited until any other time than the one that his dad called him.

Occo was trying to put this all out of mind, of course, with a rerun of a TV show that he didn’t even remotely find interesting. The volume wasn’t loud enough to drown out the knocking on his door, it seemed, so Occo reluctantly put it on mute and pried himself off the sunken cushions and stumbled hazily to the door.

Behind it was a police officer, who very wearily informed him his father had died in the hospital, and in the absence of any known family members the young man was going to be placed into the foster care system.

Occo’s only questions were if he was going to be given any time to pack his things, and if the officer could wait for him. On the affirmative, Occo promptly shut and bolted it locked.

By the time the police busted the door down, Occo was long gone.

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Ollieshark Your story was really cute and sweet! Maybe a bit soured by Ethen’s outlook on life and obsession with his garden, but that really only serves to make stronger characterization for him. Not like he’s the only character, and the unnamed girl’s kindness either despite or without knowledge of Ethen’s disapproval of her kindness to the puppy wasn’t any less heartwarming for it.
Ashlar The rose you made for your canvas submission is really amazing. I really have trouble with roses myself, you make it look easy. The petals are all lined and shaded in a way that looks naturally asymmetrical, and the paint strokes are all perfectly placed. The only thing resembling a criticism I can find is that there’s an extra layer of a what I think is shading, it doesn’t quite match the petals. But other than that, really great!
nobodies13 Your canvas circle entry is really great! The lines are clean and the colors and textures are amazing together. The anatomy is on point as well, especially the integration of the fantasy elements like the horns and teeth and the ear. Especially the ear actually, aside from it looking a little small for the size of the head, though that’s subjective on my part.  Excellet work!

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Mild Gore and Violence (someone gets punched and there’s a scene with an agressive nosebleed)
When I grow up

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The very pretty Jasper with his hair dyed in the colors of the bisexual flag! (plus a small doodle)


[@]‘s Canvas Circle -
[@]‘s Canvas Circle -
[@]‘s Canvas Circle -


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The boy scrambled up the shelves, his form’s inherent nimbleness barely outweighing his lazy lifestyle, and winced at the sound of shattering glass from a vial he’d dislodged. He hadn’t intended to bring attention to himself yet, but at least the approaching footsteps spurred his own paws on. Whatever part of practicing magic required such high shelves was a part he would never understand. He heard the sorcerer call his name rather sternly, though he refused to look back until he reached the top.
“What are you doing?” They spoke strongly and with a hint of worry underneath. Despite wanting better from him, they knew his nature perfectly well. The boy knew they were only asking in an attempt to get him to stop. Or, as they liked to see it, “consider his actions.”
It was only when he reached the top did danger creep into their voice. “Come down from there,” they snarled in a rather frantic manner, a stark contrast from their usual calm self. The boy, however, decided that he wasn’t coming down any time soon. He’d only just gotten where he wanted. On the very top of the shelf they kept their most prized materials and tomes. Liquids which glowed in ways that the boy had never seen before, inscriptions in runic symbols, exotic parts preserved in jars. He sneered at the sorcerer.
“You don’t know him,” he said, and began to shatter it all down, flinging much of it far across the room. “You don’t.”
The sorcerer dove in vain to save what they could. The boy paused when he reached a rather strange tome, both its cover and its pages thick and woody. A disguised box, perhaps? There was a rather thick lock on it, but he’d amassed enough experience from his time with his father to pick it before the sorcerer noticed. The clattering of the lock on the shelf was enough to end the distraction, and when they looked up their face fell to horror. This time, they screeched his name, only for their voice to drop almost to a whisper.
“Don’t do it. Please.”
He heaved it over the edge, expecting beloved belongings to join what was already on the floor. Instead, when the book landed on its spine and the pages flipped open, thousands of dark talons reached up and tangled their claws in his fur. He dug his own into the wood as deep as he could. The sorcerer hurled spells at the base of the talons, doing their best to help him, but the talons only reached more of their sooty claws towards him. Some tore off clumps of his fur until finally one wrapped around his neck and lifted him from the shelf, so that all of them triumphed in pulling him down into the darkness.
There, they purged his memories. The names and faces of all that he knew were consumed by the shadows. They even took his own name and body, replacing it with their form.
But they could not erase the revelation that the townsfolk had been right about his father. Everyone in the town had truly cared for him, and he only realized this after pushing them away. Nor could the talons erase the burning, foreign emotion which welled up in his very core: regret.

for Wraith

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Feedback?: sure!

it’s meimei the lesbian panda hehehe

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Idle Chatter
Seno and Poly are off on a new adventure to the South! Here they stop to chat before bed.

Feedback welcome~

Gonna put this here for now, since I couldn’t get the color palette thing to work otherwise. Is a difficult prompt. x_x

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Adventure: [micro]Weighted Encounters
I spent the last couple hours making an adventure to demonstrate a method of creating weighted multi-pool encounter pools. This allows for things like putting all monsters in one pool and all loot encounters in another pool, and then adjusting the chance for getting one or the other through external means, without needing to be careful of how many of each type of encounter are in the adventure.

  • Everything!



Oh, Cervus is a cutie. You did a fantastic job on the coloring with that piece, capturing the shading gradient of their coat quite nicely. I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t hand-drawn because of the style, in particular the lines making it look like it was done with ink on paper. I quite like it. Apart from that, the choice of flower really compliments the idea of a wise gentleperson, just laying there reading a book. I particularly love how they’re holding their paws to keep the book still and mark where they’re reading, eyes trained on the book. Very well done.

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Here it is.

Feedback?: Yes, but please be gentle!!

A real quick pride icon for my socials!! My fursonie posed in front of the trans flag!!

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A snippet of the adventure that -Bat and I are working on. <3


Kiwi‘s Canvas: Awh, this is a super adorable portrait! I feel like keeping it unshaded really lets this one shine. I enjoy that you used gradients to help add some variation to the portrait. I also really enjoy the subtle lines around the facial features. They really are a lovely little detail! And you did a very fantastic job on the flower crown. I appreciate the detail that they seem to not be the same flower copy and pasted. I think that allows for a very nice, hand drawn feeling to the flower crown, and I feel like it lets your understanding of radial balance shine through. Very well done!

Chicken‘s Canvas: I really love the scene that you set up with your canvas circle! The line of movement is really effective, being followed both through the plant and the character. Keeping the line of movement mutual between them really helps sell the idea of weight, and like there’s a lot of struggle and action going on in this scene. I also really love how you did the expressions! I feel like they read super clearly, which is great!

KeeperGreymuzzles‘s Canvas: Aaa!! What an adorable page doll you did! You cleaned up the edges of the scanned in image very nicely. Very tidy. I also super appreciate that you kept the outlining lineart a medium grey instead of trying to shift them into a stark black. I feel like keeping it a medium grey helps marry the balance between the digital finishing and the traditional coloring. This is also just such a cute character, and the props are very nicely within the same balance and plane as the character is. Well done!

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Feedback?: Yes or No (only for published adventures)

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My clumsy attempt at color.
Barry in the colors of the bisexual flag.
(Yes, I didn’t have markers of the right color.)

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She wanted to run away.

Pink crystals in the walls faintly illuminated a small cave, large drops fell from the ceiling, creating a pleasant melody and a light breeze refreshed the room. All this created a relaxing atmosphere, but this situation did not calm Holly at all. Head tingled unpleasantly because of the flowers and ribbons woven into braids, and the ringing of bells on horns and in tail was already really tired. But despite this, the girl continued to pace from one wall of the cave to the other, until she was distracted by the sound of approaching footsteps.
  “Mom” Holly whispered, turning around and seeing the older fox.
The guardian only smiled gently and approached her daughter. A pink haze followed her, spreading across the floor and gradually filling the entire cave. Espiritita fussed around her head, skirting the Rose Candles hovering nearby. Starshine Summon rested on the back of the hostess, watching all this fuss through half-open eyes. Rhona looked at the girl, Holly tried to look as determined as possible, but you can’t hide anything from those amber eyes.
  “Are you worried?” The older one asked, adjusting the ribbon in the girl’s hair that had slipped off. “Don’t be afraid.”
  “I’m not afraid,” Holly interrupted sharply. Her voice trembled noticeably. “just… it’s just all so exciting. All these traditional decorations, speeches, everything is so formal and.. What if I get nervous and make a mistake? What if the familiar doesn’t choose me? And if the tree rejects me and our species? And if…”
Holly didn’t have time to continue the flow of her anxious thoughts, as she was pulled to a warm and soft chest.
  “This will not happen.” Rhona said, stroking her daughter’s back soothingly. “he tree will not refuse such a wonderful girl as you. And even if you don’t have a familiar, it doesn’t mean that you will be a bad keeper. Not all keepers had familiars, and this did not prevent them from leaving their mark on history. A familiar is not an indicator of strength.”
Her mother’s voice helped Holly calm down and she buried her face deeper into the fur on the elder’s chest.
  “I understand,” she muttered.
Rhona giggled and licked the girl’s forehead, then pulled away. They sat in silence for a while and enjoyed the peace and quiet, until they heard the loud singing of birds and the whistling of the wind outside the cave.
  “It’s time” The keeper said softly, getting up from her seat and heading for the exit of the cave, Starshine Summon lazily detached himself from the back of the hostess and now hovered nearby.
Holly jumped up from her seat and followed her mother. After a long stay in a dimly lit room, the sun hit the eyes unpleasantly. Quickly getting used to it, the fox looked around. Her entire clan and some representatives of the higher blood had already gathered in front of the Sacred Tree, while her mother managed to get to the roots, where the ceremony itself took place. The girl swallowed and, trying to walk as smoothly as possible, headed for the tree. Her heart seemed about to jump out of her chest or she would faint on the way, nevertheless, she reached her place and now that the two foxes were standing in front of each other, the ceremony was solemnly opened.


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Posted Jun 15

Scribe Circle:
Wherein Kylricien takes the first step on the path he will follow into adulthood...

Feedback?: sure~

Canvas Circle:

Featuring Claradelia Zoddo and a sneaky Pete who decided to stealth in and steal some of her pink.

Feedback?: sure~

RP Circle:
1. Jenric & Red Loot The Vault 1
2. Jenric & Red Loot The Vault 2
3. Jenric & Red Loot The Vault 3

Adventure Circle:
Adventure Circle:June2021 - Challenge Yourself
(tried doing a new thing - combat-heavy adventure for once)

- created the adventure, set the number of players, and made it non-canon
- set some adventure tags
- wrote the one-line description
- edited the adventure tags
- increased number of players
- wrote some embark text for the adventure
- edited the status message text for the defeat command
- renamed node 1
- changed adventurer HP
- wrote post text for the start command
- added a damage player action to the start command
- set the damage type and dice roll for the damage player action
- created node 2 but it didn’t seem to work properly and I ended up with 7 of them <.<;
- renamed node 1
- edited the post text for the start command
- refined the adventure’s embark text
- created item 1
- created item 2
- wrote a description for item 1
- set item 1 as useable
- set a heal player action for item 1 and set its dice roll
- renamed item 1
- wrote a description for item 2

Feedback Circle:

Oh wow, this picture is so whimsical and pretty! The willow tree especially is very delicate and detailed. The branches are beautifully done. And all the colors in the image are very soft. The clouds in the sky and the birds are a lovely background as well.

The amount of detail in this is just amazing. Especially the shading in the hair and the way the petals are colored. The colors are so vibrant and striking, and the flowers just seem to fit naturally. The contrast of the blue in the eye really draws the viewer’s attention nicely.

The lines are so clean and lovely. I love the gigantic hat and all the little stars. The details in the hair and bow are also fantastic. The blue flowers really stand out in the image, and create a very nice contrast. There’s so much pretty detail with all those delicate petals.



Posted Jun 15, edited Jun 30

Feedback?: No thank you!
I just had to write a personal life history for a course, so I cannot imagine anything worse than doing a reflective childhood piece for a character right after that. asdhls;ad. Sorry. Have a goofy piece about the moment that Kalima decided maybe some humans are okay to not eat instead of anything remotely serious.

Feedback?: Sure — but please be gentle!

A piece depicting Eramoon‘s ceremonial makeup. I don’t really know how to describe what I was going for with this. It’s sort of Eramoon through the eyes of Isidora, who would identify as bisexual if that term existed in her world, while Eramoon would be a lesbian. It’s got some nice Hozier lyrics because they just VIBE with the whole story of Issie being a prophet who isn’t even sure she believes in the gods but when she looks at Eramoon, who is very religious and actually spends a lot time thinking Issie is a dreadful traitor, well…

no one ask me how long this took I am so slow I want to perish

Feedback?: No - it’s not published yet!
Spiritual Guidance
- ran through a test to try to determine if the whole interpret-for-yourself is a bust (I think it’s okay? Most of the cards finished so far seem to work with the different prompts? It’s hard to keep track… Would love second opinions, plz feel free to echo me or shoot me a message on the discord server if you’d be interested in running through it for General Vibes)
- did small text edits throughout to improve sentence structure and flow
- planned and added stuff for 2 more side commands, but didn’t give them text yet or set up the Fancy Stuff I want to do because I don’t know how yet… (Pocket a candle [theft!!!!] and Tap on the glass [rude, there are animals in there])
*note to myself for next month because I really feel like I’m going to forget if I put this in my planning document: gotta change each tarot image so that instead of floating, its in a table with image on one side (50%, centered), and text on the other (50%, not centered) so they don’t look dumb like they do now


Miranda‘s scribe circle: I love the balance of vagueness and specifics that you struck! I’m left wanting to know more about Eden, and more about the person who’s seeking her out, but I also feel fully satisfied with the story. It’s neat to see a second person story too! Those aren’t as popular, but I always seem to enjoy them. It was a great choice for conveying your story in particular — I felt like I really understood the strength of Eden’s power in a way that I might not have in third or first person. I also liked that at first I wasn’t sure who the “you” was, so I didn’t know who to expect to fulfill the prompt in terms of being unwilling to compromise! That made Eden’s role much more thrilling after seeing the desperation of the other character.
Miranda’s canvas circle: Eden again!!! I got really excited to see Eden after reading your scribe entry! I had this impression from your story that fits well with the stereotypical image of roses, that mix of gentle but fierce, and then I get that sort of repeated in the art! I love how the pose is so cute and relaxed. It feels like a great contrast with Eden’s almost spooky appearance! I also just love the style. So pretty. <3

apiphily‘s canvas circle: Those flowers are so detailed!! :o I’m in awe! You’ve got a really nice realism about Azel (those eyes… wow…) and the flowers, so they mesh super well. I think my favorite part is the composition; having the flowers wrapped where they are provides a lovely frame. I actually… went hunting for Azel’s profile because I was desperate to see if there was a cleaner/colored version and… :eyes: Amazing!

polygone‘s canvas circle: You got so much into a pixel piece! I really like how you used colors to differentiate between overlapping parts of Aki’s body, like the tails and legs. Although it’s a relatively small image, none of it feels cluttered and its super readable, which I’m always really impressed by in pixel art! I like that you included Aki’s staff too — it brings the piece to life!

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genuinely can’t believe I’ve never drawn a pride piece of Tyby he was like. my first really Queer character way back back when!!!!

another card for Nyf’s adventure!


Kiwi goodness this is gorgeous!!!!! I love love LOVE the blue flowers on the orange hair, the contrast is so pretty.  his features are so chiseled and his expression is so serious, but then that beautiful flower crown and those flowing locks!!! it’s such a cool juxtaposition. I think you did a great job with this whole piece, honestly, but especially those lips! yowza!

Purr brooo this is so nice!!!!!! I LOVE how the flowers look even if some of them are c+ped they look dope and her hair looks so good!!! the very gentle movement of it blowing with the flowers….. I’m obsessed.  the rlly simple background really makes her POP which I love and especially her eyes are just like POW right off her face!!! beautiful!!!

dream_weaverr ooo this is so nice and soft!! you did a really amazing job with the different layers of flowers and petals!  I struggle a lot with depth so I’m blown away by how easy you made it look fhfjkf I also love how kinda angular the hands are! the way they’re holding the flower is so appealing to the eye but at the same time kinda flirty and devious.  I dunno this whole piece is just so Soft I just wanna keep looking at it it’s so soothing……. this character might not be trustworthy but this art sure sets me at ease fhdjdk

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Less of a rainbow Enthalpy and more of just a rainbow kelph

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Arcus was startled when the old man slammed the door shut. Before Arcus could recover he grabbed them by the arm and dragged them into a back room where he slammed a second door. The old man sat down on a stool and listened for a moment. He turned his gaze to Arcus, but his head stayed tilted with an ear on the door. He scowled at them for a moment before letting out a long sigh.
“Well,” he said glancing back at the door. “Looks like they’re not going to break my door down.”
His scowl didn’t waver as he studied Arcus in an attempt to comprehend the circumstances he now found himself in.
“So, what’s the story here, young prince? Never been off the castle grounds before?”
Arcus was confused. “Oh I’m not a prince,” they said.
The old man scoffed, “Not a prince indeed. But you are a foolish young man.”
“They if you please.”
There was a pause when Arcus’s words didn’t spark further ridicule. “Very well.” The man got up to pace the room, but he stopped and turned to Arcus, finally registering that another person was in the room. “Oh. I suppose I should be introducing myself. My name is Damilec,” another pause. “And he if you please,” he added in a manner that told Arcus such formalities were not a part of his day to day life.
“My name is Arcus… I must say, I’m unsure what happened out there on the street. Any chance you could explain?”
“Well Arcus, you’re rich.”
Now Arcus scowled. Damilec seemed to think this cleared everything up, but Arcus found no enlightenment in his statement.
Damilec sighed. “If you don’t know, I don’t think I can explain. But where are you even going?”
“Away from here, that’s for sure.”
Damilec studied Arcus before he spoke. “Well,” he said finally. “You might need to get some bearings before that. I could use some help around the shop and you could use some street smarts so what say you stay here for a bit?”
Much as they wanted to, they could hardly decline when they couldn’t make it one afternoon without being saved by a random shopkeeper. And so began Arcus’s stint as a shopkeeper’s assistant.

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As a kid, Luster never quite understood his father’s fascination with death. One would think being the cemetery groundskeeper would have given him his fair share of morbidity in his daily life, but that didn’t seem to be the case for him. No, his father went all-in, taking his worship of the death goddess and the treatment of the dead very seriously. Perhaps that only made sense, as who else would be able to handle such a profession but someone who was passionate about it? He just always found it strange, how that was where his passion lied. Nothing else got nearly the amount of intrigue or emotion out of him, except perhaps his family, and even that was questionable at his young age. So, naturally, one day Luster asked him about it.

“Why do you like death so much?” The child asked one day as he watched his father work under the morning sun. At the time, he was preparing a few fresh graves, manually digging out the holes with a spade.

It took him a moment to get around to answering him, between thinking over how to answer his son’s question and simply trying to get through his current job. Eventually, he planted the shovel into the bottom of the pit, wiping sweat from his brow as he exhaled. “Well, think of it this way. People, animals, all creatures, they spend the entirety of their lives fighting and struggling, usually for survival, but also for things like equality, or to protect their way of life. Everybody has something that they’re fighting to achieve while they’re alive. That’s not to say that it’s not a struggle worth fighting through. Quite the opposite, actually, because to live life, well, it’s a beautiful thing. And it’s precisely that idea that makes death, in it’s own way, beautiful.”

Luster listened very intently to his father’s words, but the last statement got a good, hard squint of skepticism out of him.

His father, a stoic man, cracked a smile. “When you run and play all day, from dawn to dusk, you get tired eventually, don’t you?”

“... Sometimes.”

“And when you get tired, really tired, it feels good to finally lay down and go to sleep. Do you disagree?”

The boy gave his father another hard look. Being a kid, he didn’t like to admit that he was tired in the first place, but he knew the man was right. After a long moment of contemplation, Luster shook his head.

In response, his father nodded somewhat. “That is what death is. Death is the sleep that puts weary souls to rest. Yes, it is a very sad occurrence for those who knew them in life, but those who pass are those finally given a good night’s sleep after a day of playing hard. That is why I appreciate death.”

He thought about this concept very hard. In a way, he understood, he thought. But at the same time, it didn’t quite sit right with him. Eventually, he shook his head somewhat aggressively. “I just think you like to sleep.”

The echo of his father’s laughter rung softly in his head as Luster awoke from his daydream amidst the catacombs, a small smile on his lips. It amused him, thinking back onto that first conversation. It was what really got him to think seriously about life, death, and spirituality. And while he ultimately, as he became an adult, didn’t entirely agree with his father on certain specifics, he did come to appreciate his perspective, and at the end of the day, they did agree on the important things. It was sad when his father passed, but it was comforting to him that he could get that big nap he was always talking about. Luster laughed at himself, and after a couple taps of his father’s old spade into the earth where he’d been digging before he got distracted, it was back to work in the crypt as usual.

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And here’s Reaver basking in his Bisexual pride, and lookin’ damn good doing it! (But no really this is a cute look on him. o:)

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The First

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Kiwi First of all, stop bullying my son. Caius is a perfect, sweet, good, precious boy who deserves only love and good things in his life. Second of all, this picture is amazing, the slight sketchy feel of the lines with the muted colors, it evokes so many emotions. I absolutely love it, 100% the best thing I’ve seen. The soft gradient as well is just, absolutely fantastic, ugh, so very good.

Nyfeaena I love how easy it is to just pick up and read whatever it is you are writing. I have no idea about this universe but I understand enough of it from your story that I’m interested in it. Your characters are lively, well written and captivating, they are really easy to love. The flow is nice, and I have just enough background description to be able to place them comfortably in a scene. I love it.

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feedback is eternally gucci

“Hey Princess,” Killian called out, as she leaned up over the edge of the boat, a smile with a hint of exasperation in her voice. “For someone who loves boats so much, you think it might help to learn about how to actually use one?”

“Huh?” Adelaide responded softly, looking down at the woman with wide eyes. She was sitting daintily on the side of the boat, the wind flowing through her twin pigtails. She looked as though the wind may steal her away at any moment.

Killian grimaced. She really never drops the act, huh? “Nevermind.” Taking another breath, the woman fussed with a few more ropes, the sail slowly rising to its peak. It was a small little boat - not really fancy at all, quaint and well maintained. Killian still remembered saving up for it - the cruise ships her parents owned were big and fancy and lacked the intimacy of the boat and the water. Besides, she was qualified to actually drive this one.

With everything ready to depart, she stepped back onto the dock, her hands running over where she had painted the boat’s name - The Dreamland - back when she had first bought it, before working on the knots that kept her boat tethered to the land. She suddenly felt watched, and glanced up to see Adelaide’s round eyes on her, full of anticipation.

Don’t do that! Killian looked back at the knots, her cheeks going red. She’s doing that on purpose, she has to be!! Don’t you have enough girlfriends? Why does she hang out with this girl, anyways?

With the boat free, Killian climbed back in, her attention now wholly consumed by navigating the vehicle out of the bay they were currently inside, the boat quietly and effortlessly gliding past the other rows of, if we were being honest, bigger, fancier boats lining the harbour docks. One of the windows on a houseboat they passed opened, an older lady waving to Killian as they went by. Killian grinned and offered a wave in return, before turning her attention back to the boat, as they slid out of the harbour. Once they were well enough away, Killian extended the sails - which buffeted full of wind, slowly and steadily pulling the boat to a higher speed, the docks behind them becoming smaller and smaller.

Adelaide moved to the front of the boat, resting her hands on the railing, scant clothes buffeting around her petite frame with the flow of the wind, her eyes falling as they lost their innocent, naive charm, and relaxed into some sort of calm tranquility.

Is this the real Adelaide? It felt like it - with civilization miles behind them, and with nothing but them and the waves, she always seemed to change - a completely different woman riding with her. Like a siren, or - no, like a mermaid - longing to return to the sea. Killian could understand the draw of the waves, of course - but sometimes, when she looked at Adelaide, it felt different.

Real - fake - ugh, who cares! She’s just some girl. It’s not a big deal. Killian tied down the mast and walked over, hesitating before standing next to the smaller woman. She followed the girl’s gaze, looking out at the ocean shimmering around them.

“I have sunglasses if you need ‘em,” Killian mused, looking up at the sun glinting off the waves. “It’s real bright out, huh?”
No response. Tough crowd, huh? “Any idea where you want to head today?” Killian asked, turning around to lean against the railing.

This seemed to get through to the girl, who tilted her head in thought. “...I’m not sure it matters.”

“Hmm? Well, of course it matters,” Killian chuckled. “If you just wanted to be in a boat, we could’ve stayed in the harbour!”

Ah wrong answer, it seems, given that Adelaide had once again lapsed into silence. She was so hard to talk to. “Did you want some wind in your hair, or should I drop the sails?”

“Keep them up,” Adelaide replied, quiet but firmly.

“Aye aye, cap’n.”


“Hey, Princess, if it’s not too much to ask—”


Adelaide blinked open a sleepy eye at the woman, quietly curled up in a corner. Killian blinked. Since when was she half asleep? She’s just faking to get out of work! When did her stupid act come back? Augh!

“Nevermind,” Killian grimaced, looking back at her work. It’s not like she couldn’t do it alone, but - having another pair of hands was nice! She should really bring her sibling next time, or maybe Adelaide could bring her girlfriends, Germaine had “happy to help” energy to her. The woman sighed and focused on returning the boat, dropping the sails, so on, so forth.

She clasped her hands together, turning to announce they had arrived, the words dying on her lips as she observed a very passed-out girl. Killian let out another sigh. Unbelievable. Now she has to carry this girl. Not like that was hard - she looked about forty kilos soaking wet. Despite herself, she carefully picked up the girl, moving out from the boat.

Why do I even hang out with her…

The question echoed through her head, as she glanced back down at the girl in her arms. It’s the way she looks at the ocean, isn’t it? Even if the girl was just using her, it looked like it was for something she really needed.

You’re lucky you’re cute. Killian groaned, walking up the pier. Femmes, I swear to god. They will be the death of me.

adelaide experiencing womentm
yes i know and love the sunset lesbian flag i just thought the lipstick matched her palette better, stone femme rights-

its lazy hours today yall im sorry im in the middle of a heatwave im allowed-

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when will i start deleting this category. have i done feedback once.

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