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[ACTIVITY] The Creative Collective [2021]

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Character:  Lua

Posted 10/17/21

Molten Dreams
Melting has a nightmare.

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I made little hard candies wrapped up in the style of Uosio’s markings. Kinda simple, but it turns out drawing candy in a small space is pretty hard. xD

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Adventure: Lickshaw Lake Fishing
Go fishing in Lickshaw lake! :D

  • Added small fish to the fishing encounters!




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feedbakc yeah

“E-excuse me—, um—”

The stranger wrung her hands together shyly, looking down at the ground. “I hate to bother you-” she was stammering, “but my car—”

Spinel raises an eyebrow, watching her try and work her way through this sentence. Thinking on it, he supposes a fair amount of horror stories begin this way, right? Your car breaks down in the middle of the woods, you wander until you find a mysterious cabin, he guesses she hadn’t expected the door to actually be opened, for people to actually be home.

“Spinel, who is it?” Her voice comes from within the cabin, twinged with apprehension. If anxiety were not her natural state, Spinel could apply the same logic - a mysterious stranger at the door who only brings with them doom.

The two could do with a little less reading.

“Your car broke down, I presume?” Spinel asks, looking down at the woman passively. She’s searching for empathy in his eyes, and he’s not in the mood to provide it. She shifts uncomfortably as a result, relief and regret filling her gaze.

“Yes - could you possibly… help me…?” she inquires nervously, eyes darting back up to meet his.

There’s a warmth behind him - and he can feel Tori relax slightly as she sees the person in the doorway. Just some harmless human girl.

“What are you doing so far out this late?” Tori asks, moving slightly past Spinel’s shoulder, but remaining firmly behind him.

“Trying to get home,” the human explains, letting out a small, nervous laugh. “I think I might’ve made a wrong turn somewhere…”

Tori frowns, sympathy crossing her features. “Poor girl…”

“I can take a look at it,” Spinel cuts in, reaching over to grab his coat. Assisting her would be the easiest and fastest way to get her off the property, and to fall back asleep.

“Thank you!” she exclaims.

Spinel offers Tori’s hand a brief squeeze before stepping out into the night, squinting slightly as the moonlight washed over him. The clearing was serene as ever, as the stranger walked ahead of him, leading the way to her vehicle. Spinel spares a glance back at the cabin, seeing Tori watching him through the window.

“Where did you turn?” Spinel asks, turning his attention back to the stranger.

“Uh, well, to be honest, I’m not sure-” she replies, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. “I sort’ve - zoned out, I guess.”

Spinel raises an eyebrow. “Are you under the influence?”

“Huh? No! No, no—” she insists, shaking her head. “I just - zoned out, was all. A lot on my mind, I guess.”

A lesson for the future, then. “Where are you headed?”

“Just to the mountains - you know, the little tourist city?” She gives him a bit of a look, unsure of whether or not he actually knew what she meant.

“I do,” he replies. “It’s not far from here.”

“Oh, thank god,” she exclaims, letting out a breath of relief. She seems to be getting antsier the closer they get to the car - perhaps she’s as paranoid as Tori.

She unlocks the car door, pushing her hand into the console, the hood of the car popping open in turn. Spinel walks around, grabbing the edge of the hood and lifting it open. Under the harsh light of the moon, his eyes scan over the inner mechanisms.


“Your engine seems fine,” he says, turning to face her. “Is your oil-”

In her hands, the woman is gripping a gun, pointed squarely at him, trembling between her fingers. She takes a cautious step back, her eyes steely.

“You’re one of those Ashuris, right?”

Spinel raises an eyebrow as he raises his hands. “What gave it away?”

The woman doesn’t reply. Spinel lets out a short breath through his nose. Were things really this bad again? It seemed so archaic to him. This is why he and Tori never went out into the cities.
Besides, this was just foolish.

“What exactly are you-”

His sentence is cut off as a blood curdling scream rips through the quiet forest, a flock of birds quickly alighting off of the trees they had been resting on. It’s not a scream that’s coming from him, it’s not a scream that’s coming from the human across from him, it’s a scream that abruptly cuts off —

In an instant, nothing else matters. There’s a sword in his hand. A gun pitifully misfires. There’s a sword in a woman’s throat. She gurgles blood into the soil as Spinel tears through the underbrush, the blood roaring in his ears with every step. He kicks the cabin door open.

In the dim light of that infernally pitch-black cabin, he can just barely make out three strangers, and Tori’s wide eyes fixing themselves upon him, her mouth opening to scream his name.

A name that gets cut off with a bright flash of a muzzle flair —

it tastes… fruity…

im too sleepy to code these =w= thanks yooks for volunteering-

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im not even gonna pretend i have the energy for this LMAO
GREAT WORK AS ALWAYS EVERYONE LOVE UR STUFF so thats 30 entries right staff? epic thank y

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Scribe Circle:

Wherein Pete faces the drastic consequences of a seemingly small decision...

Feedback?: sure~

Canvas Circle:

If Pete were a candy, he’d be a jawbreaker, because at this point, he’s basically indestructible. :|

Feedback?: sure~

RP Circle:

1. A Visit To The Archives 1
2. A Visit To The Archives 2
3. A Visit To The Archives 2

Adventure Circle:

Adventure Circle:Oct2021 - Monster Mashup

- created the adventure, set number of players, and made it non-canon
- set the adventure tags
- added the one-line description
- wrote text for the embark page
- renamed node 1
- edited the post text for the defeat command
- refined the embark text a little
- created enemy 1
- added post text for the start command
- created command 3
- refined text for the start command



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Illy Pops! 8) They probably taste like fish. Or sushi? Umami flavors, maybe? 8|c I dunno, lmao. They probably taste like something Ilya would like, though. Maybe they’re just fish shaped.

Posted 10/21/21

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Rock candy for Plasm. It would probably look a lot better than it tastes…like a crystal.

Posted 10/22/21, edited 10/25/21

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brain…............. pls

Posted 10/23/21

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Inspired by Carver. Taste the universe. And, uh, some skulls.

Posted 10/25/21

1. Of Angels and Sentinels
2. Happenstance
3. Fading Dragon’s Oracle

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Scribe Circle text

Adventure: Soup, Stones, Snakes - Mapping the Cave
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Posted 10/29/21

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Feedback?: Sure

Yummy yum Lithy candy. She always wanted a dog as a kid, and she and her best friend had one for a little bit that they looked after.


Posted 10/29/21

Feedback?: Absolutely, go right ahead! ^^

A Lesbun bonbon, or a Lesbonbon, if you will! hahaha. When the wrapper is folded correctly, it looks like a little rabbit girl, ready to make your tasty acquaintance! I picture them coming in several different flavours and co-ordinating colours—this one is citrus and honey!

Posted 10/29/21
Posted 10/31/21, edited 10/31/21

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Boone never gave much thought to the things she’d already done. She found, in her relatively brief experience with living, it caused far too much pain thinking back on what had come to pass. Instead, she distracted herself with intricate webs of possibility, of what could be.

Because of this habit, Boone could often struggle to pinpoint where exactly something had gone wrong. In the rapid circles of her thoughts, bad experiences seemed to exist within a vacuum, devoid of any sort of prelude or explanation. She simply took what it was at face value.

Save for this instance. Boone could pinpoint exactly what had led her to this moment. As she lay on the tiled floor of her bathroom, she thinks of the morning, only hours previous, but already a lifetime ago.

She’d left five minutes too early to meet Edie for coffee. The coffee shop was still closed, the baristas laughing at they wiped down the tables, the clock ticking slowly towards eight. The temperature was just cold enough that she didn’t want to wait outside. So she’d pivoted, ducking into the antique shop across the street. She couldn’t recall the face of the woman sitting behind the counter, or the confusion she’d felt at the antique shop being open before a coffee shop, but she could remember the book. The cover, faded floral print, seemed to draw the eye like a beacon. Boone had picked it up and purchased it before she could think it through. Only after she’d pocketed her receipt had she realized that she hadn’t even bothered to flip through its pages. As she’d stepped onto the sidewalk, Edie had called for her across the street and that was that.

That evening, Boone remembered the book and fished it out from her bag. She’d settled on the edge of her unmade bed and began to flip through the brittle pages. Each page was covered in writing, thin, wiry letters that seemed to move out of the corner of her eye. It was a diary.

She’d tossed it onto her desk after reading a single entry, only two sentences long, the last in the book.

The next thing she knew, Boone was sprawled on her bathroom floor and her skull was splitting in half. She cried out, pressing her palms against her temples in a vain attempt to keep herself whole.

“Thank you for accommodating me,” someone whispered. “You’re an absolute doll.” The voice, soft and lilting, amused with it’s own cleverness, seemed to reverberate through every bone in Boone’s body. “I think we can share this body perfectly well.”

Posted 10/31/21

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A little candy based on Cali. She’s supposed to have orange irises, but I haven’t got around to buying that one item yet

Posted 10/31/21

Adventure (working in progress). Features status effects.

  • Player can select their adventurer’s species (ineki/dras/kelph)
  • Added enemies: Spider 1 and Spider 2 and modified their stats
  • Added sword/unarmed attack for player
  • Added bite attack for enemies
  • Added buff/debuff items (providing information about their respective status effects)
  • Added health potion
  • Added mechanic to prevent players from transferring resistance and defense bonus status effects
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This month, the Creative Collective had a total of 26 participants, who earned:

  • 20 Canvas Circle stickers
  • 11 Scribe Circle stickers
  • 9 Roleplay Circle stickers
  • 6 Adventure Circle stickers
The Feedback Raffle

We didn’t have any feedback this month, due to the Drawntlet break in September.

November’s Prompts
Scribe Circle

The Things We Leave Behind

For many of us, November ushers in the beginning of the holidays—and along with the celebrations often comes the obligation to visit family. This can bring us back to places that we once called home, but are now strangely alien: your old bedroom, emptied and turned into a guest room; the neighborhood where you and your friends used to play, now all shuttered windows and crumbling sidewalks.

This month, we’d like you to take your character back to someplace or someone they’ve left. How have things changed? What is their relationship with the person or place like now?


Canvas Circle


As the chill of late autumn settles in, a bit of warmth is more than welcome. This month, we’d like you to create a piece that embodies warmth—be it through palette, theme, or some other way.


Adventure Circle

Loose Ends

This month, we challenge you to revisit a command or concept within your adventure that gave you some trouble, or that you are ultimately unsatisfied with. Work with it a bit more, see if you can’t make it tick.



Submissions from July are now open for feedback, starting with this post and running through this one! Please be mindful of players who have requested not to receive feedback on their pieces.

Posted 11/01/21
I’m afraid there was a small mistake because last month I created only a circle of canvas, but I also received a sticker for the scribal circle and received one extra golden ticket.
Posted 11/01/21

Feedback?: Sure

Posted 11/15/21

Scribe Circle:

Wherein Vic returns to a place that holds many memories...

Feedback?: sure~

Canvas Circle:

Apparently, Vic isn’t the only one who appreciates the warmth of a cozy blanketpile on a chilly winter night. <.<;

Feedback?: sure~

RP Circle:
1. Visit to the Archives 1
2. Visit to the Archives 2
3. The Lighthouse

Adventure Circle:
Adventure Circle:Nov2021 - Loose Ends

~ revisiting last month’s combat adventure to try to figure out the combat system again

- created the adventure, made it non-canon, and set the number of players
- set the adventure tags
- set the one-line description
- changed the max number of players
- wrote an intro for the embark page
- set the destination node for the defeat command as node 1
- wrote a new status message for the defeat command
- renamed node 1
- created item 1
- wrote a description for item 1
- made item 1 a weapon and set the hit bonus and damage roll for it
- created item 2
- made item 2 a weapon and set the damage roll and damage type for it
- wrote a description of item 2
- changed adventurer HP

Feedback Circle:

That popsicle looks so delicious! The highlights are fantastic. That, combined with the way the star is sticking out the side really gives it a sense of depth and shape. There is so much detail in it. I especially like the melty bit on the bottom.

Ooh, that candied apple looks so good. The shading and highlights are really well done. They make it look coated in deliciousness, especially with the bit at the bottom. I like the patterning on the stick a lot. That’s such a good idea, to have it made out of chocolate - the whole thing is edible. XD

That tea spread is super cute! The shading and swirly gold bits on the teacup is so pretty. And all the detail in the wood is fantastic. It helps make the smoothness of the dessert stand out and is so detailed.

Posted 11/15/21, edited 11/30/21

Feedback?: Sure.
Kanji’s grown a lot, but she’s not sure she’s happy about it.

Feedback?: Sure — but please be gentle!

This fits the prompt because (1) Zairia‘s got a warm palette and (2) part of the matching meme is directly about warm titties.
See Epipen‘s and DelightfulDragon‘s posts for the full gang (this is a callout to get yours done my beloveds)

Feedback?: No — it’s not published yet!

Spiritual Guidance


nobodies13‘s canvas circle: I desperately want to eat that. I love the gooiness of the one corner and the star sticking out the side. The candy looks translucent, so it might have been neat to see the stick going partially up into the candy rather than ending right away, but the depth of the purple swirls in there and all the little planets are so eye-catching! I would buy 100 of these.

Pesky‘s scribe circle: Your depiction of the god was enthralling! The part about the antlers forming a cage gave me goosebumps, and it felt like such wonderous foreshadowing of Hartley’s potential accidental god-enforced servitude at the end. I especially enjoyed that the writing was lighthearted! It added to the sense of “huh. that was weird.” that Hartley seemed to have at the end, which I think would have been lost a bit if the style had been very serious.

Pesky‘s canvas circle: The shading in this piece is spot-on! It’s so realistic that it makes me crave a candy apple, despite me not even enjoying them. :’) The pooling of the candy at the bottom of the apple really sells it, and I adore the idea of a chocolate stick. Why don’t we use more edible sticks for candy making??

Posted 11/15/21, edited 11/30/21

Feedback?: Sure
Have something vaguely related to the prompt.
Nyfeaena For mentions of your children.

Feedback?: Sure

Not me doing something only vaguely related to the prompt, couldn’t be. Idk I just had fun with this one, tbh, given that I’ve been so busy with senior project. There is no strict style just, whatever I was feeling. XD You can see Nyfs and Lightfuls for the rest of the meme. Disaster lesbian trio for the win?


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Feedback?: Sure

resident realm warden admires doughnut trees


Posted 11/19/21, edited 11/20/21

1. Delivery to the Heart
2. On Helicopter Wings
3. Delivery to the Heart

Feedback? N/A

Nothing here yet…


Feedback? N/A

Scribe Circle text

Adventure: Soup, Stones, Snakes - Mapping the Cave
Feedback? No.




Nothing here yet…

Posted 11/21/21, edited 11/29/21

Feedback?: Yes

Something was on the Captain’s mind, Zey could tell.

Zey was at the helm, in clear veiw of everything thatvwas happening on deck. Nuo, Octo and Guilla were chatting without a care in the world as they attended to their own duties, as usual. They sounded particularly excited, though, as they were heading somewhere captain previously had forbidden the ship to land. They wondered why, of course, but the lack of an answer from the captain had only left them room to speculate.

Speaking of, Zey peered upwards, squinting against the sunlight. Captain had been in the birds nest for awhile, by now captain was liable to get sunburn.

“Guilla! I’m going aloft.” Zey called out, then jumped onto the rope ladder up the main mast. Zey only placed back to check that Guilla actually had heard them halfway up the ladder, to which he gave them a thumbs up from behind the wheel. A bit irresponsible, but captain wasn’t close enough to chew them out.

Captain didn’t turn around, even when Zey leaned their head onto the rough fabric of captain’s coat. After several unbearably silent moments, Zey leaned forward to get a look at captain’s face to see if captain had noticed them.

“You’re supposed to be at the helm.” Captain finally said.

“You’re supposed to be giving orders to your crew. We’ll be landing soon.”

Captain huffed. “There’s nothing to say. It’s just a supply run, you’ve all done this before.”

“Oh, so we avoid this one dock like the plague for our entire voyage, and suddenly we need early groceries so bad we just have to land here with no explanation?” Zey crossed their arms. “You insult us, captain. We deserve to know.”

Captain’s eyes never moved from the slowly approaching land. “It’s my hometown. I didn’t want anyone to recognise me before…”

“...before you had some respect to your name.” Zey finished.

Captain didn’t respond right away. “The old clocktower’s gone. There’s a taller one on the opposite side of the port.” A quiet sigh. “Town’s been growing without me.”

“Towns are made of people.” Zey shrugged. “And so is this ship. Both of them would be happy to see you, I’m sure.”

That got a laugh, Zey couldn’t help sporting a triumphant grin. “Alright, alright.”  Captain stretched and finally turned to face them.

“Lead the way.”

Feedback?: Yes

Complaining in two different ways

Feedback?: Yes

Tried to complete the option to hide under the overhang, did everything besides “talk to ineki” option because I’m out of conversation ideas and my writing hand is tired


nobodies13 Love how shiny Luka’s lollipop is, it’s really good (i don’t know the right words) 3d illusion? Sorta? You did a great job of making the little spacey things in the pop look like they’re floating inside translucent candy. The dripping concerns me a bit, not because of any real reason it’s just some part of my brain is telling me i need to eat it quick before it melts.

Pesky never before have i seen a candy apple that looks so much like an apple I could just reach out and take! The shine and speckles on the coating are perfectly done. I also love the shades of red you used, they are so dark and rich. Weirdly enough I feel like the coating would be spicy cinnamon flavor? Not sure how that would taste. Also the stick having feather marks is a nice touch, but if it’s really made of chocolate it would be really messy to grab…

Tamako fish flavored lolipops…an interesting concept. I feel like they’d be more popular with mermaids than us landlubbers, but these look so cute I just want to give them a try either way! The sprinkles and shading are superb on this, as well as the translucence showing the stick. I feel like the shape of the fins would be a little sharp, though maybe I’m misinterpreting the thick lineart. Overall, really love it!

Posted 11/23/21, edited 11/26/21

Feedback?: Yes

Feedback?: Yes

Bazroph is gonna go blind. He likes to watch the sunrise far too often


Tamako’s Canvas circle: I love the design of them! It’s very fun and iconic, almost brings Neopets to mind hahah. I also really like the shininess and transparency and overall rendering. Your style goes really well with the concept! I think the sprinkle colors being inverted is a nice touch too, it helps spread the focus between the pops without being too confusing.

Nonnavlis’s Canvas circle: Honestly I can see this being in a kid’s book illustration or something similar, it’s got a comforting but vibrant style to it! I like the wrapper being a bunny idea too and you got it down really well. The detailing on the oranges is super good and already making me crave oranges. I would 100% eat the bunny candy

Posted 11/26/21

im so tired all the time help
feedback is yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss queeen slaaaaaaaaaaaayyy

He didn’t need to knock, Violet knew he was here already.

But still, he knocked on her door.

Violet opened it immediately, looking down at him.

He smiled. “Hello, Violet,” he said. “Might I trouble you?”

Violet nodded, opening the door wider to allow him in.

Andy walked in, trying not to look around. Her apartment was unsettling - nothing in it except a bed, completely empty living room, the only thing that looked somewhat lived in was the kitchen, which was where she led him, offering him a chair.

“Would you like some tea?”

Andy nodded, sitting down and clasping his hands together, quietly switching between watching her as she made tea and looking at the ground.

She placed the teacup in front of him and sat across from him, smiling politely.

Talking to another rank 8 Valeria is strange - you become so used to passively observing people, knowing them so intimately, and then suddenly - you knew nothing. The cues you were trained to pick up on were gone, you had nothing to rely on.

It’s unsettling. It’s why Valerias don’t tend to date other Valerias.

Two Valerians are just a mirror reflecting a distorted image - unsettling.

They both understand this.

“I have a predicament,” Andy began, bringing the cup closer to him. “I know what others would tell me. I wanted to ask you.”

Violet’s eyes lowered in understanding. “Of course. What are you contemplating, Andy?”

He chuckled, shaking his head. “This place is so strange, isn’t it?” His face fell. “Being in charge, actually having some sort of power for once…” He shook his head. “It feels so foreign.”

Violet smiled, a little sadly. “I know what you mean.”

Sure you did. She likely did. “I’ve been doing my best, but…” He let out a breath. “I thought I could get through life without becoming a shell, like all the other Valerians. They stop caring and they just do their job. I didn’t want that. I want to feel things. But-” He looked down at his cup.
“I can’t do my job if I’m angry. I can’t protect people I care about if I’m blinded by emotion. I’m starting to think… it’s an inevitability.”

Violet was silent, her head tilted slightly as she thought. “...Love, is it?”

Andy nodded. “I can’t protect the ones I love if I feel. I can’t love the ones I love if I don’t.”

Violet leaned back, thinking some more.

“I think,” Violet said, after some time, sitting upright and looking back at him, “it comes down to your priorities. Are you loyal to your heart? Or those around you?”

“...What if it’s both?” Andy asked, a little desperately.

She bit her tongue. “You can always go back.”

He shook his head. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to.”

Violet looked at him for a moment, before she leaned forward, putting her hand over his.

“...I’ll bring you back. When it’s safe. When you’re able to.”

Andy looked up at her, swallowing. Was this it, then? He was a little afraid of what he’d be like. His empathy and love is all that has carried him so far - what would he be like devoid of it?

Still, he smiled. “...Thank you.”

Violet released him, leaning back. “You remember how to, I presume?”

Andy nodded.

“You can do it here, if you like.”

Well, here goes nothing. Andy closed his eyes.

@blossomfall ‘s inekis being epic

u think i have the energy to code hotlinks. jokes on you i didnt sleep last night >:“D

  • https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/451781
  • https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/451783
  • https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/451786

Purr i love you.

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Auk’s Retrospective
Auksinis takes a boat ride and thinks about the past.

Feedback welcome~

For this month, I drew apiphily‘s pet, Clove! Pretty dras.

Feedback?: Sure!

Adventure: Sydney’s Arcade: Pamiršta
A dungeon crawling adventure in an arcade!

  • I did some playesting this month in a continued attempt to see how well it functions in a roleplay setting.



That candy you made for Pete is really heckin’ pretty. I love the subtle swirl in the color you added in the background of the scattered speckling, which already would’ve made for a fantastic jawbreaker texture. The slight shading is also quite nice, the lighting staying consistent with both the candy and the beak. Adding the lil’ dodo snoot holding the jawbreaker is a cute touch as well. :D

Posted 11/28/21, edited Jan 1

Feedback?: Sure!

Submission (kind of sad this month)

Feedback?: Yes or No

Featuring a cup of tea from Jasmine’s tea shop, the Jazzy Place

First Post

Feedback?: Yes or No (only for published adventures)

put your submission in here! or don’t use the spoiler if you don’t want to!
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Posted 11/28/21