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The Scent of Roses: A Mockup Contest
The Scent of Roses

As my username probably indicates, I like flowers. Despite this, I have a shocking lack of flower-themed customs, which is something I feel the need to rectify.

One of the flowers I am most drawn to is roses. No real reason; I just think they’re pretty. I have, at various points, considered getting a pair of rose-themed customs, tentatively called Fairy Tale Rose and Corrupted Rose.
But I have found myself at a loss as to what to do with the concept beyond tentative coat names and the general gist of ‘roses’, so why not make a mockup contest out of it?

Rules and Other Notes
  • Ineki or Kelph only, please — but any pose/species is allowed!
  • The coats don’t need to be an upright/active pair, or even be the same species. I’ll be choosing winners independently of one another, so there’s no need for them to match (Of course, if you’d like to do a matching pair; go for it!)
  • Aside from the incorporation of roses in some way, there aren’t really any restrictions. The coat names have the pure vs corrupt thing going, but it’s entirely up to you how you interpret that theme.
  • There are no edit restrictions, so go wild!  As a general rule, I love hair edits, and unique ears and eyes. Muzzle and limb edits tend to be hit-or-miss with me, but I’m more open to them on horror-themed pets. Backgrounds/atmospheric elements are always welcome!
  • Multiple entries are allowed, but you can only earn the participation prize once for each coat (IE, if you enter once with Corrupted Rose and once with Fairy Tale Rose, you’ll get the participation prize twice, but if you enter twice with Fairy Tale Rose, you’ll only get the one participation prize)
  • The deadline is 14 February 2021, because roses and Valentines day go hand in hand.

The winners will receive 5PP/25 gems each, and there is a participation prize of 1 gem each for Fairy Tale Rose/Corrupted Rose.

Posted Jan 1



You say no edit restrictions - do you have a general budget guideline? Also, do you have color preferences/ideas?

Posted Jan 3



I do not! If you want to do a Zhenya-esque 60PP mockup, you’re more than welcome to! Alternately, low/no edit submissions are welcomed, as is anything in between. As for colour, not enough that I’d consider a necessity, but if tied down and forced to choose, I’d say warmer, more natural tones for Fairy Tale and colder, unnatural tones for Corrupted but that’s in no way a requirement.

Posted Jan 3



I took a stab at Corrupted Rose, but then halfway through I gave it a new coatname, oops. My working filename for this was Corrupting Thorns, but obviously you’re free to do whatever you’d like.

The general idea - this poor Kelph is being mind-controlled by their butt rose, which has sprouted controlling thorns tangled through their hair and around their body.

Posted Jan 3, edited Feb 9

Excellent, another mock-up contest!

Pinging anyone who either participated in the last mock-up contest, as well as anyone who I feel might be interested in trying their hand at a mock-up!

Pink Chocolate Pirran nobodies13 Blemy Quiche Lullaby Vely baekhesten -Bat

Posted Jan 4
So I have a really good idea for this (well, I think it’s good, lol), but whether or not I actually have time, energy, and motivation for it is another story. x_x I do have sketches started, though! If I do enter somethin’, it could end up being a sloppy concept I hand in last minute that hopefully gets my point across. But I am interested in entering! (Also I think I still owe you a commission and I’m sosososoooo sorry, my art commission thread kinda died lol x_x )
Posted Jan 5

I’d love to see you enter, and I’ll certainly count rougher/sketchy pieces that get the point across, if that’s what it ends up being! :D
(Also, don’t worry about the commission! I figured real life/your wrist thing/a myriad other things got in the way, which I’d rather you have dealt with first anyway.)

Posted Jan 5
Thanks for the ping, Hoax! I’ll see what I can do!
Posted Jan 5
Thank you for the ping Hoax I’ll try not to let you down <3
Posted Jan 5

I went with a parasite/symbiont idea behind the notion of pure/corrupt. entries are flat colored/sketchy cos lazy(more like out of practice. <<;;;) But anyways, here they be:


“Fairytale Rose”

“Corrupted Rose”

p.s. right click “open image in new tab” or whatever to see the fullsize

Posted Jan 7, edited Jan 7

This is my submission for the ‘fairy tale rose’ one! I’ll try and finish up the corrupted one before the contests end!

Posted Feb 2
Nudging this up with a little over 5 days to go! Thank you to everyone who has already entered I really love all of them so far!
Posted Feb 9

Here’s my submission! I might try and make the corrupted rose as well, but I am not promising anything. >>;

Posted Feb 9

My take on corrupted rose. I really hope I didn’t accidentally make it too similar to any other coat >__<

Edit: Added Fairy tale rose too

Posted Feb 9, edited Feb 9
WOAH there are such wonderful babies in here ;;0;;
Posted Feb 9

My Corrupted Rose!

Posted Feb 12
Last minute nudge on this; it ends at rollover tonight!
Posted Feb 14
A shame I first saw this now. wonthave the time to attempt unlss i want an ugly result but best of luc to everyone ( had an idea.. inspired by some roses I saw 2 days ago )
Posted Feb 14

Corrupted Rose:

Posted Feb 14

A huge thank you to everyone who entered! You’ve all given me an incredibly difficult couple of choices. I’ll edit this and ping the winners as soon as I’ve made my decision!

Edit: Participation prizes have been sent out! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I missed you!
And congratulations to the winners:
Vely for Corrupted Rose!
And because choosing between these two proved impossible, Huli & Lullaby for Fairy Tale Rose!

Let me know whether you’d like the gems or PP (I can do holds, if you like), and I’ll send them on ASAP!

Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 15
Hyasynthetic Oh gosh thank you ;__; <3 I’d like PP :D Also congrats to the other winners! Everyone had such nice designs :3
Posted Feb 15


Oo, thank you! I’m really glad you liked it! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I would like PP, please. I’ve set up a custom order. Thank you very much!

Congrats to the other winners as well!

Posted Feb 15

Hyasynthetic Ahh, thank you so much! And congrats to other winners! <3

I would like gems, thanks! :D

Posted Feb 15
All prizes have been sent out; please let me know if you didn’t receive them <3
Posted Feb 15