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Mock-Up Contest: 35 PP/Gem Equivalent Prize Pool!
Plasma’s Custom Mock-Up Contest

Hello, and welcome to a mock-up contest hosted by myself! I’m looking for a little help in designing a custom for a character I have, and so I look to you, contestants, to help me! Please be sure to read through this post! I’m super excited to see what everyone comes up with and I can’t wait to make my future custom!


1. Please be kind and courteous to everyone!
2. Chatting in this thread is permitted, but please keep it to a minimum. (Just don’t get out of hand! Posting questions/commenting on other entries is fine as long as it isn’t negative!)
3. Follow the parameters!
4. Post your entries in this thread; multiple entries are allowed
5. By entering this contest you provide me the right to create the mock-up as a custom for myself! (I will inform you if I intend to make your entry into a custom!)


Upright Ineki - any species allowed

The character’s name is Poppy Fields. Poppy is a conservator who works with museums and other clientele to restore, refurbish, or repair old artwork and other vintage furniture pieces. Her main love is restoring paintings to their former glory. She has an affinity for all things vintage, classical music, dated dances such as the waltz, and, of course, artwork. Her hobbies include tending to hundreds of plants overtaking her apartment and tending to her white hairball, Monet, who she rescued after he had been declawed and thrown to the streets. When she isn’t doing either of those things she is probably listening to music and painting.

Poppy has blonde hair normally tied back in a very messy bun with strands dangling down in her face and steely blue eyes! Her cat, Monet, is a white hairball (literally think a giant white ball of fur) with blue eyes. Her partner in crime will be Kit!

I would love if her coat was a representation of her interested—such as the vintage painterly feel. And of course poppies are more than welcome in any capacity in the design!


Grand Prize (1st Place) || 20 PP or Gem Equivalent
2nd Place || 10 PP or Gem Equivalent
3rd Place || 5 PP or Gem Equivalent

**Gifting of prizes is available upon request**


December 31st, 2020
Winners will be announced January 1st!

Posted 11/29/20, edited 12/03/20
Posted 11/29/20
Good luck to anyone who decides to enter! I’m super suuuper excited to see what all comes from this (and so is Kit) >>
Posted 11/29/20

none of the images in your post are showing for me D: they all say IMAGE NOT FOUND

Posted 11/29/20
doragon Thank you for letting me know! They’re just dividers so I’ll remove them for now! They show for me, not sure why they aren’t showing for you. ;O;
Posted 11/29/20
Plasma, do you have any preference on breed and pose?
Posted 12/03/20
Pirran Thank you for the question! I didn’t realize I left that information out! Ineki and upright; the actual species (cat/dog/fox) can be up to your choice!
Posted 12/03/20

I’m super excited to see what people post!!

I’ll go see if I can gather some art friends who might be interested in entering! =D

Posted 12/15/20
Posted 12/18/20, edited 12/19/20

Here’s my first attempt, I’m hoping to do one other idea I have in my head later on (if I get the time).

I went for a vintage bun hairstyle and dress, with a poppy red nail polish and polkadot dress. The fur is the colour of old parchment.

Posted 12/19/20

Here’s my take on Poppy! I’m definitely going to try and do a few more versions of her.

Plasma But I also have a question first! I was wondering what Poppy’s personality is like. Is she the serious sort? Confidant? I wondering around those lines.

Edit: 2nd one done! Tried for a more painting like feel.

Edit: Dec 31 - One last edit where I was thinking of her coloration as a restoration of a painting of poppies/field of flowers.

Posted 12/20/20, edited 12/31/20

OH!! These are darling!! I’m so glad to see people are entering!

Gently pokes at Quiche, -Bat, Akira, Thyme, and Blemy to see if they are interested in trying to design a custom. =3c

Posted 12/20/20
I’m actually working on something I planned to throw in here, just hadn’t had time to focus on adding more than a hair edit and a floof ball to it yet so it’s been sitting around for a couple weeks oop :3c (Also awesome to see entries here, I know last I checked there weren’t any yet O: !)
Posted 12/20/20, edited 12/20/20

Thank you everyone for the entries so far! :D

nobodies13 Poppy is mostly serious and work devoted, but she smiles and laughs easily. She’s definitely stubborn, but she’s also thoughtful and thorough and kind. She doesn’t like to see people struggling and is very charitable. She is professional and confident in her skills and when dealing with art or her business partners, but she can be kind of silly elsewhere!

Posted 12/21/20

Okay I didn’t want to overdue any edits so I didn’t add more than just hair/pet/paint easel: Was aiming for her coat to be like a poppy field painting, with the original idea having it be a partially restored one. So the top half has most of the grime removed, but the bottom doesn’t. I also provided another version without the grime/rustic color overlay in case it takes too much away from it. I’m not the best with painterly time feels so o3o; I really when with “this cat is just a ball of fur” than “it’s actually a cat under there” too ahaha XD;



Posted 12/21/20

I managed to get my second idea done, phew! Took a while!

Posted 12/22/20

Man you guys’ve come up with some suuuper pretty designs here! I’m even more excited to see what gets picked than I was at the start~

Quick reminder that this has a little under a week left to go, so there’s still time to squeeze something in if you’re working on an entry :D

Posted 12/26/20

First time doing something like this on Mycena (thanks Hoax for pinging me <3) and really wanted to give it a swing.

Good luck to everyone, you have some absolutely gorgeous designs <3

Posted 12/28/20, edited 12/28/20
WOAH Quiche That looks fantastic!!!
Posted 12/29/20

Here’s my entry! The whole idea of the background is for it to be based on Monet’s “The Poppy Field near Argenteuil” from 1873. I felt like it matches her, haha. 8)

Posted 12/30/20
Thank you everyone so far for the entries! You are making this super hard, for sure! A little reminder that tomorrow night is the deadline and I’ll be announcing results on January 1st! :D
Posted 12/30/20

Lullaby That looks fantastic !!

nobodies13 !! I just now saw the ones that you edited into your earlier post!! I love the splattery apron so much! ;;0;;

Posted 12/30/20, edited 12/30/20
Hoax Oh, gosh. Thank you so much. <3
Posted 12/31/20

I’m not sure what time exactly you’re ending this, but I’m working on a last-minute entry within the next few hours, if that’s okay!

Don’t mind me just sliding on in here with a late entry…

I went for a Van Gogh approach. Poppies and Daisies, mainly. The flower in her hair is an iris and the flower in the cat’s hair is a poppy.

Posted 12/31/20, edited 12/31/20

comin’ in under the wire with a look inspired by van gogh’s poppies

Posted 12/31/20

Thank you everyone for the submissions! I appreciate your contributions and choosing the top three was certainly difficult! I love seeing everyone’s visions and interpretations of Poppy’s character. Without further ado, I will announce the winners!

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Thank you once again to everyone! Winners, please let me know if you would like PP or gems at your earliest convenience, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Posted Jan 1

Plasma Ahh, thank you! 8O
There were many great entries, so I can imagine how hard it was to choose only three! Congrats to Blemy and nobodies13, I loved your entries. :‘D
Thanks for hosting this contest, Plasma!

I’ve created an order, so feel free to throw the pp at me whenever! Happy New Year! <3

Posted Jan 1, edited Jan 1

Plasma Aaaaahhhh!!! Thank you for holding this contest! This is so exciting!
All the entries were so good, and it was fun to participate in! Congrats to Lullaby and Blemy as well!
And Happy New Year to all!

I’d like the PP, please, but if you don’t mind holding onto it a bit I’ll be creating a sprout order later today!

EDITED: Alright set up a sprout order!

Posted Jan 1, edited Jan 1
Congrats y’all! <3 <3 <3
Posted Jan 1
nobodies13 Lullaby Both of you should have received your PP! <3 Thank you again for your participation!
Posted Jan 2