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ROCK FIGHT!! [A Give & Get Thread]
Rock Fight

So, everyone knows about those pesky little rocks that keep popping out of the Pond, instead of that Teal Pondshroom you actually wanted. These stones are practically worthless - unlike the fish, they grant only 1 nugget a piece. What better to do with these rocks than have a good ol’ fashioned rock fight?

Now, you may find yourself asking: what on earth is a rock fight?! Sounds like it involves a lot of violence. Well, this here rock fight is a way to exchange rocks with other players! (yes, I know they all look the same, just hang tight!) Especially right now during this pandemic, I know that I could use some positivity and cheer in my life. So that’s just what we’re doing here! Tape a nice message, a little joke, or a quick fact to that rock, and throw it at the nearest person.

How to Play

Take a rock from your inventory and give it to the user above you! In the package, include a small message - a fun fact, a short joke, or a compliment about that user or their pets. Anything that you think will put a smile onto their face. :D

Example (drag + drop for fullsize!):


note: the package doesn’t necessarily have to have a rock in it - it’s just the idea of exchanging positivity! If you don’t want a rock, please say so in your post!

I will send a “Rockpliment” to the first person to post! :D

Posted 05/14/20
a rockpliment o:
Posted 05/15/20
Hi Ollieshark, the second post is here.
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A rockpliment?


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Haha there’s a glitch.

Posted 06/27/20, edited 06/27/20