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No Zero-Days
No Zero-Days

Lifestyles have changed a lot in the last couple weeks, and it’s really easy to slide into a spiral of work-eat-veg-sleep-repeat. If that describes you uncomfortably well, or if you’re worried that that it could, then this thread is for you! So I invite you:

Pick a goal, something you’ve been struggling to motivate yourself towards doing, and do something towards it every day for the next 30 days.

To participate, make a post in this thread that describes your goal in a few sentences, followed by a bulleted list that you’ll add a bullet to every day to briefly describe what you did that day.

[h3]I will improve my ____[/h3]

A sentence or two about how I intend to improve my ____. Include why I want to do this, and what motivates me.

[li]Day 1 (April 22): I did a thing
[li]Day 2 (April 23): 

It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant any individual daily action is.

The only criteria is that the thing you did must be specifically towards your goal, and can’t be incidental. For example, if your goal involves physical fitness, “jogged in place for 15 seconds” totally counts, but “climbed the stairs a bunch of times because I had to go upstairs a bunch of times” does not.

Once you complete your 30-day stretch, if you want to go again, just make a new post! You can keep the same goal, or make a new one.

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I will improve my fitness

I will improve my fitness by rowing every day for the next 30 days. Since the shift to working from home, it has become very easy to just move from the chair to the couch to the bed depending on the time of day. I used to row in college and I bought a rowing machine some time ago, but it turns out that it sucks just as much now as it did then ;) I use the thing 2 or 3 times per week on a good week, which is just not enough.

  • Day 1 (April 22): Did 5 minutes. A lot less than I’d like, but that’s the point, eh? No Zero Days!
  • Day 2 (April 23): Did about 35 minutes. Much better than yesterday :)
  • Day 3 (April 24): Man, some days are just a struggle. 10 minutes.
  • Day 4 (April 25): Zero Day #1.
  • Day 5 (April 26): Zero Day #2. I super wasn’t feeling it over the weekend, but it would have taken just one minute to just do one minute :<
  • Day 6 (April 27): Did 40 minutes while being appropriately ashamed of my two zero days.
  • Day 7 (April 28): Today was a struggle. I went for a brisk walk outside. I’m counting it.
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I will improve my fitness

Stealing glitch’s tagline because I’m also working on this. :D My primary goal is to complete at least 30 minutes of dedicated exercise daily. I have been unhappy with my weight and lack of strength / fitness for years, and it’s important to me to try to get back on track! Working from home full time means I can no longer use my work / life balance as an excuse for my sedentary habits.

I actually started this 16 days ago and have only missed one day so far (and doubled up the next day)! I have been using Beach Body On Demand for my daily routines and am currently working through the 21 Day Fix.

  • Day 1 (April 22): I did a 30 minute Lower Body Fix workout!
  • Day 2 (April 23): 30 minutes of Pilates! Pilates is the worst 8l but better than last week!
  • Day 3 (April 24): 30 minutes total cardio! I wish I could say I felt a little stronger than last week, but I don’t think I did. 8/ Maybe next week on this one!
  • Day 4 (April 25): “Dirty Thirty” workout - 30 min
  • Day 5 (April 26): 30 minutes yoga! This officially finishes the 21 Day Fix, which means tomorrow I will need to decide on a new program 8) pleased to have managed this in it’s entirety!
  • Day 6 (April 27): 30 minutes Total Body Core — started 5 day “A Little Obsessed” workout, which is a prelude to BBOD’s 80 Day obsession. These ones are “real time” which really just means less production, and the trainer is doing the whole workout as well. Not bad!
  • Day 7 (April 28): 30 minute BOOTY WORKOUT. Had to order some resistance bands because this new program will be starting has a lot of exercises that use them. Hopefully they are here next week!
  • Day 8 (April 29): 30 minute AAA workout (arms, abs, a… booty)
  • Day 9 (April 30): 30 minute cardio core. HIIT. At the time I did this, I thought it was the hardest one ever. At the time I’m writing this, I know how wrong I am.
  • Day 10 (May 1): 30 minute leg day workout. I almost took a break today, and then I didn’t. My naivete on Day 9 has been corrected. This was so hard my legs almost stopped functioning. Guhhh. We are going to repeat this set of 5 again next week before progressing to the 80 day because we are not ready.
  • Day 11 (May 2): Zero Day #1 Alas, a zero day as far as my goal was concerned. I was feeling sick and so decided just to rest.
  • Day 12 (May 3): 30 minute yoga - back on the horse
  • Day 13 (May 4): 30 minute Total Body Core - round 2 of this set of exercises. Harder than I remember it being last week.
  • Day 14 (May 5): 30 minute Booty workout - still pretty hard but we really need those resistance bands to arrive to maximize this one. Shipping delayed :(
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I will improve my household upkeep and recapture my muse.

With my partner not currently working, it’s become super easy for me to just slug along and let her do all the house chores. I’d like to get back to feeling like I am contributing to the daily necessities and actually finish up some half-started projects, especially now that there’s (ugh) outside work to be done.

Additionally, and I may regret doubleheading this, I want to work on getting back into a more creative mindset. Recently the desire has been there, but the act of actually getting anything done has not. I aim to doodle, write, or chip away at something creative-y just a bit every day. :’) 

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I will improve my jello muscles and maybe art things. >.>;

*sweats* I’ll be less jello, and more beefy. :| Yes. Also I was totally going to learn to draw people at some point so might as well join the new cult group of possibly motivated individuals. >.>

  • Day 1 (April 22): I… relocated the blanketpile from on top of the treadmill to the couch. XD;
  • Day 2 (April 23): spent a few minutes on the treadmill before the livingroom got too cold, danced around the kitchen for a few more minutes, and worked on a character profile~
  • Day 3 (April 24): finished up all the placeholder art for the above profile, tweaked the layout a bit
  • Day 4 (April 25): did all the swirly profile art for Riael~
  • Day 5 (April 26): doodled some in CSP, and tried out some brushes in SketchBook~ also did laundry and climbed the basement stairs way too much :‘D
  • Day 6 (April 27): rested my jello-legs today and poked at some mockup ideas, updated my artshop a little
  • Day 7 (April 28): I may have doodled a frankencarrot  >.>;;
  • Day 8 (April 29): doodled a bit more frankencarrot, and danced around the kitchen briefly before my soup pot overflowed :‘D
  • Day 9 (April 30): doodling is so much easier than improving jello >.> doodled some more squiggly lines for new profile layout arts~
  • Day 10 (May 1): doodled some more potential profile art and danced around the kitchen, but managed to pull something lmao. dance fail
  • Day 11 (May 2): still doodling swirlies for possible profile arts. I may be addicted to swirlies
  • Day 12 (May 3): more swirlydoodles and started working on some profile images for Aleister
  • Day 13 (May 4): danced around the kitchen a lot, and attempted to get another layout set done
  • Day 14 (May 5): wandered around outside for awhile, lifted heavy things, then came in and doodled a possible profile flower~
  • Day 15 (May 6): doodled a little more flower today, and in an act of gymnastics, managed to leap atop a kitchen counter when a centipede scurried by… I’m counting it toward my jello improvement :|
  • Day 16 (May 7): tried to practice drawing people, danced around the kitchen a little, baked a tart, ate cookies, and did not encounter centipedes
  • Day 17 (May 8): attempted to (unsuccessfully) doodle some people
  • Day 18 (May 9): still trying to draw people, but my wrist started hurting
  • Day 19 (May 10): resting my wrist today and danced around the kitchen, but too cold for treadmill still
  • Day 20 (May 11): more people practice~ and some more kitchen dancing (someday warm I will get to that treadmill)
  • Day 21 (May 12): today was a very swirly doodle day~
  • Day 22 (May 13): failed to fix the chin on my original people-practice doodle, will have to try again later
  • Day 23 (May 14): tried again to doodle a face; it did not work, oof
  • Day 24 (May 15): started sketching CC entry~
  • Day 25 (May 16): edited some swirlies and roses for more profile arts, did a little more for CC sketch
  • Day 26 (May 17): discovered I no longer know how to draw hands
  • Day 27 (May 18): gave up on hands for today, danced around the kitchen this morning instead and somehow managed to hurt my back. ooph
  • Day 28 (May 19): worked on CC some more, still cannot draw people
  • Day 29 (May 20): tested different noses on CC face, still not satisfied with it
  • Day 30 (May 21): doodled some more profile roses
  • Day 31 (May 22): still working on CC, trying to get faces right
  • Day 32 (May 23): still working on CC entry, tried adding color
  • Day 33 (May 24): still coloring CC entry, but feel as if I may have to go back and tweak the lines again
  • Day 34 (May 25): took a break from working on CC entry to doodle random things
  • Day 35 (May 26): tablet driver updated, so tried to get Sketchbook to have pressure sensitivity, but no luck
  • Day 36 (May 27): finally warm enough to use the treadmill, but too humid to do so for more than a few minutes, ooph. Did more random doodles, and tried practicing hands some more
  • Day 37 (May 28): went back to working on CC entry, still not getting faces right
  • Day 38 (May 29): trying to finish up CC entry today
  • Day 39 (May 30): worked on CC entry some more, I am so sick of this sketch lol
  • Day 40 (May 31): was up all night trying to fix this face, but eventually just gave up and called CC entry done x.x
  • Day 41 (June 1): pulled out the sketchbooks and started going through my old drawing pens to see which still worked - so many are gone dry T^T
  • Day 42 (June 2): seem to have done something to my knee, so doing the arting thing instead and more pen doodles
  • Day 43 (June 3): spent the morning trying to shade with pens, then tried sketching a bit~
  • Day 44 (June 4): more sketching, this time feets. discovered I can draw socks okay but toes not so much
  • Day 45 (June 5): lots of toe practice, but when I moved from sketchbook back to CSP, it was very awkward
  • Day 46 (June 6): doodled some more socks and an eyeball
  • Day 47 (June 7): continued feets practice, while keeping my feet up so I don’t further injure my knee XD
  • Day 48 (June 8): did some hand and foot practice~
  • Day 49 (June 9): been doodling but keep forgetting to update this post XD
  • Day 50 (June 10): more foot practice, trying to figure out toenails |8
  • Day 51 (June 11): been staring at my knee a lot, so also been practicing drawing knees
  • Day 52 (June 12): even more leg practice
  • Day 53 (June 13): did some hand and feet sketches, and tried vaguely to figure out a skeleton
  • Day 54 (June 14): resorted to doing stick figures because skeletons are hard XD
  • Day 55 (June 15): rearranged Cerin’s face from last month |:
  • Day 56 (June 16): more face rearranging, tried drawing some eyes
  • Day 57 (June 17): I should really work on canvas circle, but instead I am still trying to fix last month’s one
  • Day 58 (June 18): went outside and did some doodling of flowers, kept looking for the undo button
  • Day 59 (June 19): did a little doodling of some vines in the margin of a notebook~ also, due to my knee, I can no longer do the jello part (not that I have really been doing it anyway >.>;) so I will focus on allll the arts
  • Day 60 (June 20): went thru my pen collection again, and tested which ones were dried out by doodling little flowers
  • Day 61 (June 21): attempted at arting in Sketchbook again, but couldn’t get over the lack of pressure sensitivity
  • Day 62 (June 22): tried to figure out how to make brushes in CSP, ended up playing with various settings for way longer than I intended
  • Day 63 (June 23): more feets practice and some legs
  • Day 64 (June 24): went back to pencil sketching today, but I smudged it DX where is the undo buttonnn
  • Day 65 (June 25): could not salvage smudged pencil sketch, and I has a sad :<
  • Day 66 (June 26): drew a foot |:
  • Day 67 (June 27): been lazydoodling flowers and vines, and some stylized dragony things
  • Day 68 (June 28): worked on CC entry
  • Day 69 (June 29): tried to tweak CC entry, but gave up on Matt’s face
  • Day 70 (June 30): got a new sketchbook for July, and will continue daily doodle, but will probably not continue to update this XD it’s getting harder to sit at computer with my knee ooph
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I will improve my linguistic skills & exercise (& maybe clear up some of my to-do backlog)

I just went on a fabulous vacation to Japan and would like to go back as a fluent speaker of the language to better enjoy a future trip. I’ve bought some of my favorite out-of-print mangas, Japanese games, actual learning materials, and I just need to work on it more constantly. (This is also feeding into my traditional crafts and antiques buying binge—apparently I don’t feel like I dragged enough home with me?)
I’m also using the stream of constant press releases and current situation to practice simulatious interpretation and my bilingual medical jargon (which I’ve let lapse over the last couple of years :c).
A couple of other languages I need to work on: French (I have some basic French, but same-ish motivation as for Japanese, just with more literary interest attached), German (same as French), Latin (same as French & German, except I’m not a fan of Spanish so I plan on using this as my crutch to maybe leave that as the one language my brother speaks better than me), and Korean (waaaaay too many cute webtoons with heroines with intelligence). Also, I want to be able to scrutinize ingredients lists in Korean/Japanese too for my general shopping habits.

Since the current situation means I’m currently spending more time around my mother, her nagging is quickly outweighing my natural couch-potato tendencies. (Also…I walked up to 20 miles a day when in Japan. <<; Apparently I’m not as out of shape as I thought I was?) Long story short, I now have the motivation to get back to a 25-inch waist because that’s the only thing that’s going to stop mom from telling me how fat I’ve gotten (constantly e.e;;;).

Additional to-do backlog:
- learn to program (would be such a great skill to have and do little projects with!)
- read the frankly insane literary backlog I have piled up
- a couple of art projects I’ve always wanted to try even though I’m pathetically bad at them
- nag bb into doing house repairs
- commission art for characters (...this might not count either, but I’ve been meaning to do that for a while)
- write a novel series for bb (he’s been begging for years but my motivation has always been meh on that)
- learn to use the sewing machine (in progress because of the current situation, jeez am I glad I bought that thing on a whim last year 8D;;)
- (extra) japanese style nail art (bought myself extremely expensive gel nail polish because that $130 manicure lasted for two months and looked amazing and was actually really practical…so I’ve actually been really consistent about practicing/learning this and it’s kind of doubling as language exposure)

Overall: Each day I will spend time on any language of my choice and exercise. I can sub in from my additional back-log because I think I’d get too bored otherwise. A caveat: I can’t use the nail art, although I can count it as part of language practice if I work from Japanese/Korean material, but not from any of the other languages.

-will probably update sporadically in a format I find more useful-

OH, but things I’ve actually done already: some literary backlog, a lot of cooking (<3!!!), wardrobe overhaul, wardrobe organization overhaul, home work-area organization, and some nail art stuff.

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I will improve my Brains and my Brawns

They put us on a lockdown here on March 25 (extended for the foreseeable future). During the first month, I was really motivated and managed to do about an hour of cardio each day (using my VR headset), but started lapsing because it hurts, and didn’t seem to be helping my mood or anything. Mood or not, it’s probably good for my heart, and adds much-needed structure to my day. I hope to do at least 20 minutes a day of moderate activity (heartrate over 110bpm).


Another thing I’ve been lapsing on since lockdown is finishing up my dissertation. I was/am in the home stretch and actually wanted to submit this month, but with the lockdown I lost access to most of my equipment, supervision/supervisors, and structure/routines. It’s hard to quantify this daily, but I want to do at least one substantial thing each day towards either 1) finishing a section; 2) overhead (technical formatting, planning, or communicating w/supervisors), or; 3) post-degree work (whether finding a mythical postdoc that hasn’t been put on a hiring freeze, cleaning up my CV for industry, or writing up grant proposals).

Update day 29: I decided that, after doing terribly in Week 4 and getting 4 zero days, I needed something to bring me back to this thread. To get in the spirit, for every Zero Day I have, I’m adding a day to the end so I get to “30 Zero Days”, even if it takes longer. I’ve had 7 Zero days so far.

  • Day 1 (April 23)
    • Brawn: I did some Beat Saber. My heart rate didn’t get up too high but it was nice to dance a bit.
      (52mins, avg heart 129bpm, 402 Kcalories).

    • Brain: Baby step this time (I only started in the evening), but I made a list of 4-5 small tasks, including one I can do early in the morning, to get me on track for tomorrow.
  • Day 2 (April 24)
    • Brawn: I did a set on BoxVR. (46mins, avg heart 124bpm, 346 Kcalories).
    • Brain: I got through my task list and got started on a backlog of paperwork/emails that I’ve been ignoring.
  • Day 3 (April 25) (Saturday)
    • Brawn: I tried survival mode on BoxVR (I didn’t like it AT ALL haha), then started a set and quit after realizing it had no squats, then did another set. (36 mins total but that includes about 5min of mssing around, avg heart 116bpm, 233 Kcalories).
    • Brain: This is cheating a bit, but it’s saturday <.<. I responded to an email from a prospective student I’d been putting off for two!(!!) weeks. It took like 35mins so I’m saying it counts.
  • Day 4 (April 26)
    • Brawn: BoxVR (60 mins, avg heart 122bpm, 437 Kcalories).
    • Brain: I spent a good chunk of the morning updating RStudio and its packages, and fixing my code to run on my home pc (relative paths my ass). I also spent a few hours going back over my thesis (who wrote all this? lmao), identifying specific chunks that need work.
  • Day 5 (April 27) (Monday - ANZAC day)
    • Brawn: BoxVR (46 mins, avg heart 128bpm, 362 Kcalories). I’m kinda sore today.
    • Brain: Despite the holiday I managed to get some revision done. It feels endless lol.
  • Day 6 (April 28)
    • Brawn: Beat Saber (34 mins, avg heart 129bpm, 274 Kcalories).
    • Brain: UGH THIS IS HARD bleck. But I did a bare minimum notes-taking thing.
  • Day 7 (April 29)
    • Brawn: BoxVR, around 47mins. My fitbit crashed sometimes today but I grabbed a screenshot because I beat my own previous high score. The calorie thing in game is super inaccurate but I estimate around 350-375Kcals.
    • Brain: I met with two of my supervisors for over an hour each. waugh.
  • Day 8 (April 30)
    • Brawn: BoxVR (46min, avg heart 131bpm, 384Kcalories)
    • Brain: Did more than the bare minimum I set out for myself today. win!
  • Day 9 (May 1) - Ugh it was hard just getting out of bed today.
    • Brawn: I started a long set on BoxVR but tapped out part-way through.(23mins, avg heart 116bpm, 149KCal).
    • Brain: I’m assuming this will be Zero Day #1, unless I find some motivation later today. After writing this I felt so guilty I opened overleaf and worked for exactly 13 minutes. Take that, guilt!
  • Day 10 (May 2)
    • Brawn: Beat Saber day! I know it’s not really the same kind of work-out with no squats, no lunges, no core stuff, but it’s so much fun!! (64min, avh heart 126bpm, 490Kacl)
    • Brain: Another bare-minimum thing. ugggh. I only have 10 of these small “gimmies” to do and I’ve already done 3.
  • Day 11 (May 3)
    • Brawn: Beat Saber again. (46min, avg heart 124bpm, 335Kcal)
    • Brain: Zero Day #1. I tried to work through some stuff but couldn’t concentrate. I made a list for tomorrow but didn’t do anything substantial. Aw :(
  • Day 12 (May 4)
    • Brawn: BoxVR. (35mins, avg heart 124bpm, 264KCal)
    • Brain: I got a solid hour-ish of work in, which is more than I thought I would.
  • Day 13 (May 5)
    • Zero Day #2. I barely got out of bed. Just one of those days.
  • Day 14 (May 6)
    • Brawn: BoxVR. (58mins, avg heart 126bpm, 433KCal)
    • Brain: Worked on monophthongs. wooo :|
  • Day 15 (May 7) - I’m super sore today. I think I overdid it yesterday
    • Brawn: BoxVR, no squats (32min, avg heart 124bpm, 231Kcalories)
    • Brain: More monophthongs. Still a bit more to do tonight but I did alright
  • Day 16 (May 8) - My legs are still really sore today :/
    • Brawn: Beat Saber, no squats (44min, avg heart 129bpm, 330Kcalories)
    • Brain: Chasing some technical gremlins and cleaning up some models.
  • Day 17 (May 9) - Almost a Zero Day, but one I planned for since I could feel burnout creeping in. So today was a guilt-free day.
    • Brawn: No VR cardio, but I made pierogies and kneaded bread for 10-15 minutes, plus a walk in the sun.
    • Brain: sent some stuff off to someone else to take a look at and heard back. Nothing major, but still, it’s a no-guilt day.
  • Day 18 (May 10)
    • Brawn: BoxVR. (64min, avg heart 125bpm, 480Kcalories)
    • Brain: Normalizing, cleaning, blahblaaah.
  • Day 19 (May 11)
    • Brawn: Just Dance 2020. Something new, at least I’m so bad at it help (47min, avg heart 116bpm, 281Kcalories)
    • Brain: Went over some modelling with a friend and cleaned up some visualizations
  • Day 20 (May 12)
    • Brawn: Just Dance. (49min, avg heart 129bpm, 378Kcalories)
    • Brain: Hammered out some conditional formatting that I didn’t need to do but looks nice, and had something else quietly blow up in my face. welp.
  • Day 21 (May 13)
    • Brawn: Just Dance. I definitely pulled something today. jfc I’m so tired of different muscles hurting very badly all the time. (61min, avg heart 121bpm, 423Kcalories)
    • Brain: I met with my primary supervisor. I didn’t get much else done but I had a lot to organize/synthesize afterwords. I also prepped to go back to the office next week.
  • Day 22 (May 14)
    • Brawn: Back to BoxVR. I’m swapping around based on which muscles hurt the most lol. (62mins, avg heart 123bpm, 467 Kcalories).
    • Brain: No excuses, I just suck. Zero Day #3. It’s annoying to have this at the very top of a week.
      (note to future me though: Remember what Dan said!)

    • Day 23-24 (May 15-16) - Zero Days #4 & #5
  • Day 25 (May 17) - My birthday :3
    • Brawn: We walked around to work off birthday dinner. It didn’t technically hit my average bpm, but I’m counting it because it’s a day for being kind to myself. (23 mins, avg heart 106bpm, 112KCal)
    • Brain: I read a small thing and made corrections. Just a few minutes but whatever.
  • Day 26 (May 18) - Zero Day #6

  • Day 27 (May 19)
    • Brawn: Beat Saber. (44mins, avg heart 127bpm, 481 Kcalories).
    • Brain: boring work stuff.
  • Day 28 (May 20)
    • Brawn: I was getting tired of the tracks on BoxVR, but I got some bluetooth earbuds so I can listen to my podcast backlog instead! BoxVR and Sawbones. (46mins, avg heart 127bpm, 347 Kcalories).
    • Brain: Supervisor meeting. Sorting out office sharing next week.

Week 5:

  • Day 29 (May 21)
    • Brawn: BoxVR and Sawbones. (60mins, avg heart 130bpm, 324 Kcalories).
    • Brain: A bunch of visualizations. I’m not sure what they mean yet though.
  • Day 30 (May 22)
    • Brawn: I jogged back from my Brains meeting. (34mins, avg heart 125bpm, 237 Kcalories).
    • Brain: I went to my dept. head’s house to catch up and talk about potential work next year.
  • Day 31 (May 23)
    • Brawn: Just Dance. (60mins, avg heart 125bpm, 417Kcalories).
    • Brain: Mmmm work stuff.
  • Day 32 (May 24) - Zero Day #7. OTL. Sundays are so easy to just vege out on.
  • Day 34 (May 25)
    • Brawn: BoxVR and Sawbones. (69mins (nice), avg heart 113bpm, 355Kcalories).
    • Brain: LOTS of work stuff. I actually did really well today but bleargh I’m tired now lol
  • Day 35 (May 26)
    • Brawn: Beat Saber. (64mins, avg heart 128bpm, 479Kcalories).
    • Brain: Work. idk it’s weirder to talk about somehow.
  • Day 36 (May 27) - I messed up somewhere? My days are off?? (OH I accidentally listed a day twice. back on track now)
    • Brawn: I’ve had an awful headache most of the day. I got my heartrate up for 15-20mins during a walk, but nothing really substantial.
    • Brain: Meetings today, and big block set aside for revision.
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I will improve my reading

For the last few months, I’ve been realizing more and more how much I miss my college history and culture classes. I wish I had the ability to go back and get my masters in history. It’s been a rough few years on my mental health, and anyone I know would be able to tell you I am in terrible mental shape, letting my interests wane. I have rediscovered my love for reading and history sporadically, and though I rarely read, I watch a ton of 20 minute videos on little history topics, listen to the occasional audiobook that lasts me a year per 18 hours… But why watch when I can read, with this being the first time in ages that I have had time at home? I have so many books on Japanese history especially (back to my college enthusiasm, I majored in it), since that was my first love, so why not start there with a book I wish I had actually read in college, instead of buying and only looking at a chapter once? I’ve had massive migraines for the past couple months due to stress, and working 13 hours a day on my laptop has only worsened it by staring at text on the screen, so I count actually listening to audiobooks instead of perpetually perusing them as reading for this challenge. Anything to get my interest back and whittle down on a book, read aloud to me in a dark room or not.

I plan to pick back up The World of the Shining Prince to start my book binge. ;.; It’s sitting on my bed. Second book I will swap off with is Amedeo: A True Story of Love and War in Abyssinia. I’ll pick one of my many audiobooks when my headache gets bad again.

  • Day 1 (April 23): finish the introduction of the Shining Prince - read some, had headache…
  • Day 2 (April 24): finish the introduction of the Shining Prince - finished! still had a headache… did not start chapter 1
  • Day 3 (April 25): start chapter one, read til I fall asleep… - done! Got roughly 30 mins read. It’s all preliminary stuff I already know, but hey, it sets the mood?
  • Day 4 (April 26): day off! read a chapter! - listened to the first two chapters of Cast Under an Alien Sun by Olan Thorensen, a little over an hour. Not the audiobook I was planning on listening to next, but I had already downloaded this to my computer and I cannot download to my phone anymore, so I rolled with it. Man the narrator does a good job at making the first chapter gripping. This is one where I feel the pressure much more as it’s read, versus reading myself. He does a good airport announcer too, haha.
  • Day 5 (April 27): I am really bad at updating these. I attempted to listen to more of Alien Sun but after 5 minutes my cat was acting up so that’s as far as I got.
  • Day 6 (April 28): read a few pages into chapter 1 of Shining Prince
  • Day 7 (April 29): read almost to the end of chapter 1 \o/
  • Day 8 (April 30): read more to the end.
  • Day 10 (May 2): I think I had an almost zero day, things were harsh… it’s ok though, I read things, loads of things, just not my target things. I count this day as an ok not-really-zero day because I learned things, and that’s what mattered.
  • Day 11 (May 3): same. this is about reading, passion for learning, and history, so given the fact I learned history, I am fine with not reading written word. I have learned about so many tiny history topics lately though, and binging music/pop culture theory videos that are half an hour long on youtube keeps my attention in between.
  • Day 12 (May 4): listened to over five hours of Alien Sun and actually started to like the MC. granted, it’s half because his only friend at the beginning is this huge oaf of a man who everyone has that giant scary man fear of, but he turns out rather nurturing.
  • Day 13 (May 5): picked Shining Prince back up. slow as it is, it’s going. and I’m ok with the author’s narrative voice, seated as it is in mid-century American Japanese studies. but that’s like half the scholarship I had introductions to in college so it’s what I first learned. this is WAY better than my American Army scholarship articles on Uchinaaguchi lol.
  • Day 14 (May 6): accidentally bought an AC comic which I thought was me confirming a free sample, oops, so after ragequitting my evening wind down because my cat’s an asshole, I read the sample and part of the accidentally bought comic. not a very good intro to the MC, gotta say. compared to that audio drama I listened to last month. weak start, and that was only 4 hours of AC content. also picked up Shining Prince before bed. I know the setting of Heian Japan but he goes on and on about it. I got through a fourth of chapter 2.
  • Day 15 (May 7): read more of chapter 2
  • Day 15 (May 8): got about halfway through chapter 2
  • Day 16 (May 9): more on chapter 2
  • Day 17 (May 10): same as the previous day
  • Day 18 (May 11): only a couple pages, but that’s not zero
  • Day 19 (May 12): again, only a couple pages, but I got to only a couple left on chapter 2!
  • Day 20 (May 13): finished chapter 2!!
  • Day 21 (May 14): began chapter 3, on social structure
  • Day 22 (May 15): finished the section on the emperor
  • Day 23 (May 16): began the Fujiwara section
  • Day 24 (May 17): slowly making my way through the Fujiwaras
  • Day 25 (May 18): same
  • Day 26 (May 19): same, only got like a page and a half before i got too tired. reading before bed means i get at least a page or two but it hasn’t been very fast progress.
  • Day 27 (May 20): putting this here BEFORE bed so i remember! more fujiwara… hope to get through more than two to three pages today.
  • Day 28 (May 21): read more on the Fujiwaras at bedtime, but also read like 3 full chapters of a manga in pdf form I got on a sale. i’ve never been a huge manga/comic reader, but they had a huge bundle with my fave manga ever for like $20, pay what you want, so of course I got it and the one I started to read on my lunch break was To Your Eternity in English, Fumetsu no Anata e in Japanese. it made me cry like once per chapter….
  • Day 29 (May 22): read a bit more, not much in Shining Prince. today was a lot… :/
  • Day 30 (May 23): day 30!! woo!
Posted 04/23/20, edited 05/23/20
I will get back into roleplay!

I used to really enjoy writing! Specifically, roleplaying! And not only have my creative muscles been feeling very weak lately, but with all this downtime for folks it feels like my ability to connect to my friendships have also been subject to deterioration! I feel like I can hit two birds with one stone by working on roleplaying more often, and writing for my own self on days when roleplaying isn’t really an option! Either by writing for myself on days when I don’t owe any replies, or by journaling on days when I just don’t have the oomph to write after work!

  • Day 1 (April 25): I kicked out 4 roleplay replies!
  • Day 2 (April 26): I wrote up my user profile! This thing has been empty for YEaRS!
  • Day 3 (April 27): Need to write 1 reply. Takes time to journal instead.
  • Day 4 (April 28): Takes a self care day to research codependency and journal about it.
  • Day 5 (April 29):
  • Day 6 (April 30):
  • Day 7 (April 31):
Posted 04/26/20, edited 04/29/20
I will be creative!

Kind of vague, but I’m used to huge bursts of creativity that fizzle out before I even really accomplish anything. My goal is to do SOMETHING. ANYTHING creative! Art, writing, character profiles, roleplay posts, whatever I manage to squeeze out of myself.

  • Day 1 (April 26): I did an art!

  • Day 2 (April 27): Having a “zero day”, especially so early on, kind of sucks, but I’ve been having sleep troubles for about a week and needed to sleep. So I won’t beat myself up about this day.

  • Day 3 (April 28): Fell asleep before updating this. I did some doodling, nothing super major. My favorite was a bat looking thing with weird wings.

  • Day 4 (April 29): Started some concept doodles for a mini-project I’m working on. Not really satisfied with any of it, so hoping tomorrow will be better. No more WoW raids this week, at least!

  • Day 5 (April 30): Overall, no progress. A couple power surges deleted everything I had been working on, so today was a Sad Day :(

  • Day 6 (May 1):

  • Day 7 (May 2):

  • Day 8 (May 3):

  • Day 9 (May 4):

  • Day 10 (May 5):
Posted 04/26/20, edited 05/01/20
I will improve my Chinese language skills

My Chinese and Mandarin have been deteriorating pretty much since I graduated from high school. In particular, my reading/writing skills have suffered. I’ve been trying to upkeep them a little more and read more Chinese novels since mid-last year, but I still have a lot of slack days where the only thing I use Chinese for is to ask my mom what she ate. Whether it’s reading something, watching a show, or even googling lyrics/checking Weibo, I’ll aim to do something in Chinese each day. (And also to look up the words I don’t know how to read or know the meaning of, instead of shrugging and guessing. Gotta stop doing that.)

  • Day 1 (April 26)
    • Read 3 chapters of a novel (Bu Tian Gang/步天纲)! And looked up a phrase I didn’t know which turned out to be the species name of the green anaconda (亚马逊森蚺).
  • Day 2 (April 27)
    • More chapters today; I forgot what chapter I was at when I started lmao but around 6-7? New phrases today: morning sickness (妊娠反应), that area between your thumb and your forefinger what is it even called in English (虎口), arsenic (砒霜).
  • Day 3 (April 28)
    • Many chapters… 13! During which I did not stop to google anything of worth beyond an occasional pronunciation because I was lazy oops. Who wants to stop in the middle of a fight to the death to look up words!
  • Day 4 (April 29)
    • Lazy day, but at least yesterday was many chapters? 2 and a half today, was also too lazy to google words lmao.
  • Day 5 (April 30)
    • (Forgot to update, oops…) Watched an episode of a Chinese reality competition show, Youth with You/Qing Chun You Ni 2 (青春有你2). No reading, spent most of the day plotting fanfic with my sister, but also got in some decent practical use since we do use Chinese phrases now and then even if we mostly plot in English lol.
  • Day 6 (May 1)
    • (MASS UPDATE on May 4th big lazy…) I…  don’t remember how many chapters I read. But I know I read, and it was at least 3!
  • Day 7 (May 2)
    • Watched another episode of the same show; read about a chapter and a half!
  • Day 8 (May 3)
    • Self-confessed lazy day, about half a chapter tops and some plotting, but not a very productive one.
  • Day 9 (May 4)
    • Reading again, chapter count TBA!
Posted 04/26/20, edited 05/04/20
I will improve my linguistic & art skills

(and perhaps get back into reading because I miss it but I procrastinate on everything…. & maybe get started on some things I’ve been wantng to learn/do too!!)

Linguistic: I’ve always loved languages and pretty much everything about them! There are a few I want to learn how to, at the very least, understand but I have a lot of trouble staying on task with things. I start off good and then it just fizzles out along the way! I’ve been wanting to learn welsh especially, at least since I probably shouldn’t try learning more than one at a time, since I love it (and torturing my friends with it)! I’ll most likely start with the various sites purporting to learn the language, maybe duolingo, start a journal and write only with welsh, etc!

Art Skills: I love to draw but I might not be the best at knowing how to improve, what to practice. I think I’m getting there though!! I’ve improved a lot, and even more so recently, I think! But I’d love to get better, at backgrounds and colouring especially! I think I’ll focus on trying new things to get out of the ‘same ol’ same ol’ I’m in so I don’t get disappointed by the end result’ thing I’m doing right now :‘D

(And others things that might not be the most focused of things, but will get a !!! mention when I do something with them:
- read my many, many unread books darn it! And the ones recced to me!!
- learn to code
- learn more fun baking things!
- improve at various subjects that I am terrible at >>
- exercise!!)

  • Day 1 (April 26):
    I did an art thing! A comic which is defintely not something I’m used to! It was fun, though I do think I liked making the panels more than anything. Something I’d like to do again, I think!

    Refamiliarised myself with welsh greetings!

  • Day 2 (April 27):
    Did some warm up exercises! Plus some practice with shading. Perhaps not a lot, but shading is def something I wanna improve at!


  • Day 3 (April 28):
  • Day 4 (April 29):
  • Day 5 (April 30):
Posted 04/26/20, edited 04/27/20
I will make actual progress on Northern Moon

I know this is pretty specific, but Northern Moon is an idea I’ve had kicking around in my head in some capacity since about 2014, and have been putting off for one reason or another. While it’s by no means my oldest or my most developed project, it is by far my most ambitious and if I don’t get a kick in the teeth to get started, I never will. At the risk of oversimplifying, I’ll be focusing on three aspects: figuring out C# (It’s certainly a language, and not one I’m looking forward to learning, but it’s both native to Unity and versatile), story, and artwork.

  • Day 1 (27/04): Roughly planned the prologue, as well as spitballed ideas for items/pickups.
  • Day 2 (28/04): I did the thing and forgot to actually update, whoops Largely because I’m still in the really boring planning stages, and I don’t have much that’s actually tangible. Made some worldbuilding notes (because I thought it’d be a good idea to have five of them) as well as raised questions about how said worldbuilding would translate to an interactive medium.
  • Day 3 (29/04): More worldbuilding (because again, there are five) yay.
Posted 04/26/20, edited 04/29/20
I will improve my bass guitar playing

My friend recently lent me her bass guitar because I mentioned being a little bored at home and wanting to pick up a new skill! I’ve been pretty good about practicing a little every day, but I think it would be awesome to keep track of my progress here :D. I wanna be a cool bass player one day u__u. I am a complete beginner, so it’ll be interesting!

  • Day 1 (April 26): I practiced scales and learned to play the alphabet song (poorly). Practiced fretting and learning to get more comfortable with using my right hand to pluck strings. God, my left hand is so weak, I can’t even make the string hit the fret with my fourth finger or pinky.
  • Day 2 (April 27): Practiced scales for 30 mins and kept trying to get better at fretting with my fourth and pinky fingers! (WHOOPS forgot to update thread yesterday)
  • Day 3 (April 28): Practiced strumming with my right hand for 30 mins!
Posted 04/26/20, edited 04/28/20

me, stumbling into this thread three weeks after everyone else

I will get my TBR pile to a manageable size

I can’t buy any more books or use the library until I cut down on the books I own yet haven’t read. I’m starting with 40 books (about half physical, half e), and I can’t start searching for new reading material until I get down to 5 books. So let’s get cracking~

Here’s a link to all the unread books I own for anyone interested. In reality I have closer to 50 due to sequels but I won’t count those as part of the list unless I’m invested enough in the first book to continue.

-Day 1 (May 15):  An e-arc of Of Silver and Shadows. Already started on it but it has no page numbers so I’ll track by chapters. Starting with chapter nine and will post a review on Goodreads when I’m done.
-Day 2 (May 16): I stopped in the middle of chapter 26. Still have no indication of how far I’m in cause of the kindle doc’s formatting, but I think I’m getting somewhat close to the end?
-Day 3 (May 17): Made it to chapter 30. Past few days have been kinda weird because i’m trying to fix my sleep schedule, so i haven’t been reading quite as much as i usually do. I’m gonna try to get through a few more chapters before passing out tonight.
-Day 4 (may 18): just got to chapter 43 and will probably keep reading for about another hour but i wanted to update before i forgot. Everyone sucks but i’m in the final act so i have to stick with it for just a little longer.
-Day 5 (May 19): finished of silver and shadow. I don’t have a review up just yet bc today was super busy but i’m gonna be starting Our Dark Duet by V. E. Schwab tomorrow. Too sleepy to start tonight…..
-day 6(may 20): zero day…............. ended up staying awake through the whole day but didn’t want to start a book since i wasn’t confident i would retain any of the story bc of how physically exhausted i am haha. review for of silver and shadow and starting our dark duet tomorrow instead.
-day 7 (may 21): finally got a review for of silver and shadow up. i ended up railing on it harder than i intended but my thoughts still stand. i’m gonna start our dark duet later today. i’ll update my progress later on! (Later on i made it to page 137 before sleepiness caught up to me and i stopped being able to concentrate)

-day 8 (may 22): (a day late lol) made it to page 203, alllmost halfway through!
-day 9 (may 23): not even noon yet and i’m on page 292. my feelings so far are not as good as they were reading the first book but i’m still really enjoying our dark duet. Final update of the day: made it to page 353!!
-day 10 (may 24): zero day. ended up dnfing our dark duet.
-day 11 (may 25): started the gilded wolves by roshani chokshi, made it to about 15% in the ebook. has some weird biblical elements that kind of….. make me uncomfy as a result of having a weird biblical upbringing, so we’ll see if i can finish this or dnf this.
-day 12 (may 26): made it to 30%. struggling with the french terms but not bad so far. i like the character dynamics.
-day 13 (may 27): got to about 45% and dnfed the gilded wolves. too much math and science for my puny brain. started lisa maxwell’s the devil’s thief instead.
-day 14 (may 28): uhhhh zero day? i can’t remember what i did but i think i just played animal crossing.

-day 15 (may 29): got to page 200/686 in the devil’s thief. really enjoying this one more. i missed these characters.
-day 16 (may 30): page 322/686. found out the third book isn’t supposed to release until next april and i’m very sad now.
-day 17 (may 31): page 424/686.
-day 18 (june 1st) i was out almost all day and didn’t get to read much. I read about… 50ish pages?
-day 19 (june 2): zero day. I couldn’t concentrate so i played persona 4 royal instead.
-day 20 (june 3): finished the devil’s thief!! Review yp tomorrow and then i’ll start a new book!
-day 21 (june 4): got a review up for the devil’s thief! Started there will come a darkness by katy rose pool and got to about oage 110.

-day 22 (june 5): made it to 228/482. I’m loving it so far!
-day 23 (june 6): i finished there will come a darkness and posted a review. starting beasts made of night by tochi onyebuchi, which i’d started twice before during the college semester and had to put down due to homework. excited to get back to it! made it to about page 100.
-day 24 (june 7): got to page 203/296.
-day 25 (june 8): finished and reviewed tochi onyebuchi’s beasts made of night. starting edgar cantero’s this body’s not big enough for the both of us.
-days 26-28 (june 9-11): zero days. dnfed this body’s not big enough for both of us. inability to concentrate + stress about college = no motivation to do anything.

-day 29 (june 12): started the brilliant death by amy rose capetta, got to about page 55?
-day 30 (june 13): zero day
-day 31 (june 14): got to page 70 and then dnfed the brilliant death. started belle revolte by lindsey miller on ebook instead. made it to 13%.

Posted 05/15/20, edited 06/14/20
I will improve my creative side

I’m either working, doing chores, playing games or sleeping these days. I always tell myself that I ‘never have time for art’ when in fact I am just unmotivated and often exhausted. I would really like to spend more time drawing or painting.

  • Day 1 (May 15): I dusted off my drawing tablet and practised drawing chibis. It’s harder than expected!
  • Day 2 (May 16): I continued practising chibis, it’s still hard.
  • Day 3 (May 17): I sketched, lined and coloured an entire chibi!
  • Day 4 (May 18): I showed my daughter how I have been trying to teach myself, and she drew a chibi. I drew a shark.
  • Day 5 (May 19): I sketched up the beginnings of a gift chibi.
  • Day 6 (May 20): I completed yesterday’s chibi! (Flat colour and lined)
  • Day 7 (May 21): I sketched and lined a new chibi~
  • Day 8 (May 22): I coloured yesterday’s chibi in a flat colour!
Posted 05/15/20, edited 05/22/20

I know I’m not the only one that fell off the wagon, and I don’t wanna step on glitch’s toes, but I modified the challenge a little bit for myself and I wonder if other people might find it helpful.

Once I had a few Zero days in a row I was getting demotivated, and almost didn’t want to come back. But I realized that I could approach it in the spirit of “30 Zero Days” being a goal, not a finite amount of time. So for every Zero Day I have, I’m adding a day to the end so I can still get to “30 Zero Days”, even if it takes longer. I’ve had 6 Zero days so far, which means I’m going to try to make it to 30 Zero days in 36 days!

Posted 05/20/20

Starting a bit late, but I’ll go back to the start of this week since that’s when I began notign things down — this thread is a lovely idea!

I will improve my physical fitness

I know my cardio is super bad, and being more in shape is something I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to doing. I recently downloaded the zombies run app which I found has been super motivational in getting me going. I’m determined to keep up with it until I finish the storyline. Since it really only allows for three ‘runs’ a week, off days will be supplemented by walks or at-home exercises, as long as I’m doing A Thing each day.

Runs are monday, tuesday, and thursday. Walks are wednesday and friday. weekends are for misc

  • Day 1 (May 18): “The Old Mill” episode of Zombies Run, 55 minutes
  • Day 2 (May 19): “Recovery” episode of Zombies Run, 55 minutes
  • Day 3 (May 20): Midweek break! I took a walk
  • Day 4 (May 21):  Decoy duty on Zombies Run - 40 minutes
  • Day 5 (May 22): 2 hour walk
  • Day 6 (May 23): Random exercises I found online, like squats and planks!
  • Day 7 (May 24): ~40 minute walk
Posted 05/24/20
I will improve my design work

I have a hard time keeping myself motivated for long so I keep hitting a point where I stop working on various projects out of nowhere and then just continue to not touch them more or less indefinitely, or at least until I feel like working on them again. As such, I’m using this little thread here as an excuse to work on some projects I’ve been on, starting with my mycena adventure I’ve been working on since a couple years ago…yep. ‘Tis a really long WIP. >>

  • Day 1 (June 15): Fixed a couple bugs in my adventure, and added a new feature.
  • Day 2 (June 16): Started a quest log for my adventure.
  • Day 3 (June 17): Skipped - Spent time with family.
  • Day 4 (June 18): Finished adding second NPC’s quests to the quest log.
  • Day 5 (June 19): Started adding third NPC’s quests to the quest log.
  • Day 6 (June 20): Added another of the third NPC’s quests to the quest log.
  • Day 7 (June 21): Skipped - Dappervolk launch day shenanigans.
  • Day 8 (June 22): Added Remainder of the third NPC’s quests to the quest log.
  • Day 9 (June 23): Started adding fourth NPC’s quests to the quest log.
  • Day 10 (June 24): Added another of the fourth NPC’s quests to the quest log.
  • Day 11 (June 25): Skipped. :(
  • Day 12 (June 26): Added last of the fourth NPC’s quests to the quest log.
  • Day 13 (June 27): Started adding fifth NPC’s quests to the quest log.
  • Day 14 (June 28): Skipped. :(
  • Day 15 (June 29): Skipped. :(
  • Day 16 (June 30): Added another of the fifth NPC’s quests to the quest log.
  • Day 17 (July 1): Finished adding all quests to the quest log.
  • Day 18 (July 2): Made a combat adventure module.
  • Day 19 (July 3): Started fixing buy commands to remove a bug with failed purchases.
  • Day 20 (July 4): Skipped - Holiday!
  • Day 21 (July 5): Finished work on Mycena event.
  • Day 22 (July 6): Fixed second buy command.
  • Day 23 (July 7): Fixed third buy command.
  • Day 24 (July 8): Fixed fourth buy command.
  • Day 25 (July 9): Fixed fifth buy command.
  • Day 26 (July 10): Fixed sixth buy command.
  • Day 27 (July 11): Fixed seventh buy command.
  • Day 28 (July 12): Fixed remaining buy commands. Added more info to the class selection screen.
  • Day 29 (July 13): Skipped. :(
  • Day 30 (July 14): Minor planning for story.
  • Day 31 (July 15): More minor storyboarding.
  • Day 32 (July 16): Skipped. :(
  • Day 33 (July 17): Set up a new formatting on story sheet.
  • Day 34-42 (July 18-26): Skipped. Super busy week. x_x
  • Day 43 (July 27): Started writing up a magical compendium for a new world setting!
  • Day 44-47 (July 28-31): Skipped for birthday prep stuff!
  • August 1-25: Skipped. Lots of computer issues got me out of the habit. ;~;
  • August 26: Set up a grid-based read/write system for getting pseudo-array data.
  • August 27: Skipped. :(
  • August 28: Moved all of Jack’s quest text onto the story sheet.
  • August 29-31: Skipped. :(
  • September 1-4: Skipped. :(
  • September 5: Moved all of Hector and Lisa’s quest text onto the story sheet. Created a mockup for a new questing system.
  • September 6: Skipped. :(
  • September 7: Moved all of Rod and Sylvia’s quest text onto the story sheet.
  • September 8-14: Skipped. :(
  • September 15: Created a Questing Module.
  • September 16-19: Skipped. :(
  • September 20: Wrote a story for Kristal and Mrgl.
  • September 21-26: Skipped. :(
  • September 27: Wrote a story for Who.
  • September 28-29: Skipped. :(
  • September 30: Started RP with fairyneko.
  • October 1-7: RP with fairyneko!
  • October 8: Started work on second game in the Sydney’s Arcade series! Also RP!
  • October 9: RP with fairyneko!
  • October 10-12: Skipped. :(
  • October 13-17: RP with fairyneko!
  • October 18: Skipped. :(
  • October 19: Skipped. A birthday happened.
  • October 20: RP with fairyneko!
  • October 21-22: Skipped. :(
  • October 23: Worked on transcripts for Sydney’s Arcade.
  • October 24-25: Skipped. :(
  • October 26: Continued outstanding RPs.
  • October 27-30: Skipped. All Hallows!
  • October 31: Scribe Circle!
  • November 1-4: Skipped. :(
  • November 5: Did pumpkin carving event.
  • November 6: Skipped. :(
  • November 7: Drawntlet.
  • November 8: Skipped. :(
  • November 9: Brainstorming for drawntlet and did a dressup! :D
  • November 10-12: Skipped. :(
  • November 13: Skipped. Memento Mori.
  • November 14: Skipped. :(
  • November 15: Productividay + Drawntlet.
  • November 16-17: Drawntlet.
  • November 18: Skipped. :(
  • November 19: Moved Jack’s quest transcripts onto the adventure.
  • November 20: Started Zharia Legends thread.
  • November 21: Set up a post on the character exchange thread for week 4 drawntlet.
  • November 22: Drawntlet!
  • November 23: Skipped! :(
  • November 24: Drawntlet!
  • November 25: RP with fairyneko!
  • November 26: Skipped for Thanksgiving!
  • November 27-30: Drawntlet!
  • December 1-10: Skipped! Week of napping!
  • December 11-12: Skipped! :(
  • December 13-14: Worked on an adventure!
  • December 15: Productividay! I did a lot of things.
  • December 16: Skipped! :(
  • December 17: Winter’s Feast Entry
  • December 18-19: Worked on an adventure!
  • December 20: Skipped! :(
  • December 21-24: Worked on an adventure!
  • December 25: Skipped for Christmas! :D
  • December 26: Skipped! :(
  • December 28-30: Worked on an adventure!
  • December 31: Skipped! Happy New Year!

2020 Total: 80/200 (100/200) // 40% (50%)

Posted 06/15/20, edited Jan 1
I want to work on Mycena stuff!

Over the course of the year, I’d moved from general design work to basically using this to track my progress in Mycena character/adventure upkeep. Turns out, I did quite a bit! Rather happy with that, so this year I’m setting myself up with a new post and a more broad goal of just working on Mycena every day, whether it be making an RP post, adding a few lines to one of my adventures, or writing up a story on my own. Heck, I still have characters that need bios.

  • January 1: Participated in Bin-Go Dory.
  • January 2: Set up post on CC thread. Also worked on finishing part of an adventure!
  • January 3: Upkeep on my secret adventure. Kept up with nugget grind too!
  • January 4: Wrote a story about an azaar pack.
  • January 5-6: Maxed out the nugget grind! :D
  • January 7: Skipped! :(
  • January 8: Maxed out the nugget grind! :D
  • January 9: Skipped! :(
  • January 10: Skipped, is day for house cleaning.
  • January 11: Partial nugget grind, worked on chamber of reflections.
  • January 12: Finished Lye’s main profile, and wrote her a story.
  • January 13: Partial nugget grind.
  • January 14: Skipped! :(
  • January 15: Productividay!
  • January 16: Skipped! :(
  • January 17: Finished Winter’s Feast entries~
  • January 18: Worked on Lye’s extended biography, joined a group RP.
  • January 19: Started a group RP.
  • January 20-21: Skipped! :(
  • January 22: Maxed out the nugget grind! :D
  • January 23: Skipped! :(
  • January 24: Worked on an adventure!
  • January 25: Skipped! :(
  • January 26: Cleared excess embarked adventures. Did some RP posts.
  • January 27: Skipped! :(
  • January 28: Poked at RP stuff.
  • January 29: Did some RP, read the Saltrock Cove lore. Did Scribe Circle.
  • January 30: Skipped! Spent time with family.
  • January 31: Canvas circle! I drew Karalienė reaching her good ending.
  • February 1: Did some RP!
  • February 2: Did more RP!
  • February 3-5: Did even more RP!
  • February 6: Skipped! :(
  • February 7: Did some RP!
  • February 8: Chatted and such around the site.
  • February 9: Skipped! :(
  • February 10-11: Worked on some RP posts and plot stuff with Ashlar.
  • February 12: Worked on RP with lucca.
  • February 13: Skipped! :(
  • February 14: Maxed out nugget grind! :D
  • February 15: Productividay!
  • February 16: Did an RP post, maxed nugget grind.
  • February 17-20: Maxed out nugget grind! :D
  • February 21: Drew sis a thing! <3
  • February 22: Typed out my various major plot arcs into a google doc.
  • February 23-24: Maxed out nugget grind! :D
  • February 25: Chamber of Reflections! Scribe circle!
  • February 26: Worked on special adventure! Started a new RP with Fullmetal. Finished Hector’s script for the adventure.
  • February 27: Drew for the flower event.
  • February 28: Did a feedback thing for the CC.
  • March 1: RP post! Bought a kitty!
  • March 2: Did more RP with metal.
  • March 3: RP with bear~
  • March 4: I turned the sun into a pirate, apparently.
  • March 5: It’s Friendly Fish Feast! Yay! Also I worked on Sydney’s Arcade.
  • March 6: DnD plotting.
  • March 7: RP with bear~
  • March 8: Worked on Sydney’s Arcade’s transcript for Lily.
  • March 9: Skipped! :(
  • March 10: My sproot grew! Moon childe!
  • March 11: Worked on Sydney’s Arcade’s transcript for Lily.
  • March 12: DnD plotting.
  • March 13: Worked on Sydney’s Arcade’s transcript for Lily.
  • March 14: Did some RP stuff!
  • March 15: Productividay! Worked on Dainų‘s extended bio and dressup for the Spring Fashion Show.
  • March 16: Continued working on Dainų‘s bio.
  • March 17: Wrote some stuff for Zharia.
  • March 18: Continued working on Dainų‘s bio.
  • March 19: Sketched more stuff for Zharia.
  • March 20: Sprout grew! Moonbloom is a child now!
  • March 21: Worked on Dainų‘s bio and wrote a bit of story for her in the Spring Fashion Show.
  • March 22: Wrote some stuff for Zharia.
  • March 23: Continued working on Dainų‘s bio.
  • March 24: Did some RP stuff!
  • March 25: Finished Dainų‘s bio! :D
  • March 26 Skipped! :(
  • March 27: Skipped! Took a day off.
  • March 28: Did Scribe Circle and an RP post for Crow.
  • March 29: Skipped! Computer wasn’t working. >_>
  • March 30: Built a section of the Caliginous Cavern in Minecraft! :D
  • March 31: Skipped! New Binding of Isaac DLC! :D
  • April 1: Saved cabbage headed friend!
  • April 2: Assisted someone with some adventure system things.
  • April 3: Worked on ClearBright’s adventure thing. Finished writing and implementing Lisa’s Rod’s, and Sylvia’s scripts.
  • April 4: Worked on Sydney’s Arcade.
  • April 5: Did an RP post!
  • April 6: Took a picture for cabbage event.
  • April 7: Started RPing through my arcade adventure with Rebel.
  • April 8: Hyping over new crafting system! :D
  • April 9: Dressed my newest sprout!
  • April 10: Did adventure RP.
  • April 11: Did some RP! Did an event calculator! :D
  • April 12: Dressed up and character’d Nuskendo Driežas! Drowned friend go!
  • April 13: Focused on spring event.
  • April 14: Did the stuff for the cabbage event!
  • April 15: Focused on spring event. Ding events be needy.
  • April 16: Dressed up a bat for adventure stuff!
Posted Jan 1, edited Apr 16
I will become an active writer on Mycena!

Caught up in medical troubles and in the midst of a pretty relaxed online school for a while, I’ve turned to Mycena just now a few days ago at the time of writing this to escape the real world and, most importantly, improve my creative skills in writing, coding (adventure making), and maybe even some art. But, I primarily wish to work on my writing skills, as it would help me in school too. Although, I am setting it quite strict as I must work on writing on Mycena specifically. Hopefully, it’ll keep me accountable to be online and keep writing! For clarification for my dumb self, roleplays, adventure building and any poem and story writing counts, even more detailed character profiles. As long as it has more than a couple of words it’ll work! :D

March 2021
  • March 1: Worked on my “A botanical quiz walk” adventure for 2+ hours and sent a few roleplay replies.
  • March 2: Worked another 2+ hours on the adventure, sent a reply to a roleplay here and there.
  • March 3: Added encounters and text for the adventure, worked on a profile for Cavern of reflections.
  • March 4: My birthday! Wrote something for this month’s Scribe Circle, a few hundred words or so.
  • March 5: Finished the Scribe Circle prompt, polished it up a bit.
  • March 6: Had to skip due to hospital prep.
  • March 7: Pretty much skipped as I only wrote a few lines, due to more hospital prep.
    March 8-10: Feeling shit in the hospital. Couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to.
    Dishonorably dropped, need time for my health.

Posted Mar 2, edited Mar 29