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@/purr ‘s zwei! i love grumpy sapphics ono (and purr deserves… all the gifts)

quiet, ivy, be quiet. fae clasps faer hands over faer mouth, attempting to stifle faer breathing. it’s still too loud. shhh.

what are you so afraid of?
it asks, like a growl through ivy’s heart.

fae shudders, shaking faer head. fae don’t have time for this. “not right now,” fae whispers, voice scarcely audible.


ivy shakes faer head. don’t do this now, please don’t do it now—

perhaps, thorn continues, its voice growing louder, closer - i should come out, and say hello to whoever you’re hiding from, ivy.

ivy shakes faer head voraciously. no, no— no no no please—

hmmm? i didn’t hear a response. are you ignoring me?

“no!” ivy spits desperately.

the snapping of twigs beyond the tree stop. there’s a creaking of leaves as the perpetrator looks around for the noise.
they’re onto you.

ivy slams faer hands over faer mouth as faer breath heightens, trying desperately not to gasp as faer hands tremble and shake. this is it— they’re going to get captured, or worse— o-or worse—


ivy’s eyes widen as fae feels faer grip on faer body slip — fae opens faer mouth to protest, but it’s too late

th-thorn— don’t—-

it’s too late, everything is dark.
/ thorn opens its eyes, looking around at their surroundings. the woods, it’s late, someone is here with them. the cracking of twigs is drawing nearer.

not that ivy had a reason to trust thorn, but sometimes it wished fae trusted it more. taking a silent breath, it took a step back carefully. these humans, in these sacred woods, searching for forest spirits like themselves to capture, they failed to realize that they were in unfamiliar territory. thorn could move silent through the woods.

thorn could easily do much more than get away. normally it would, but-

ivy’s apprehension stopped it.

“I know you’re out there,” the man called as thorn silently moved away, deeper into the woods.
\ ivy woke up. fae felt uncharacteristically rested. as faer last memories returned, fae jolted upright, looking around. fae were — home? fae felt confused.

what did it do?


no response. ivy was silent for a while, staring at faer hands.

it kept you safe, ivy. like it promised to. fae let out a breath, rubbing faer face.

“th… thank you.”

lonely… im so lonely…. i have nobody…. i do an adventure

Feedback Circle

*puts on my art critic hat*
i stole it don’t report me

@Losty i LOVE it!! the anatomy is amazing, your colouring is so smooth? is that copic? its AMAZING. i love the face! your style is beautiful, i’m a huge fan! artwise i have no comments other than love it!
my critique comes with concept! i feel like the prompt invited something that would invoke more of a story, and glancing at this piece i didn’t get any sense of a story, just a boy posing with a human heart. is his deepest desire to eat a heart? i feel like you could’ve done more with it!
ignoring the prompt and looking at the piece as a whole, i think it works perfect, however!

@Loon i laughed really hard at this for like a solid two minutes LMAOOO i love it. this is the best reflection i’ve seen. i hope he gets that booty one day.
the art inside the mirror is absolutely GORGEOUS! everything outside the mirror is less so, aha. what i mostly dislike is the harsh red background and the red fuzzy outline around his text, seems strange? it doesn’t make it look more intense, rather, it looks like the image has been deep fried slightly
however the joke is 10/10 i love this piece its my favourite

@Niki123 i LOVE the detail in this piece! i just want to line it and spend an afternoon rendering it, the atmosphere is so dreamy, the reflection on the mirror is GORGEOUS! my comment would be many key elements are lost a bit in the detail, i couldn’t find the story until i read your description, and her daughter is easily lost in the amount of detail you’ve added. darkening key elements compared to background/detail elements would help, or changing the composition slightly.
overall, it’s a gorgeous piece! i hope they receive a sprout someday *u*)b

Posted 02/28/20, edited 02/29/20

It started as a simple request. Jeneva was putting up a help wanted ad on the forums in search of a roommate. Rent was free, all the other person needed to do was to keep the fridge stocked, clean the house, and feed the hamster while she was away. It was a simple request and led to many applicants. It was hard for Jeneva to pick only one person as she could use the help, but she knew that she could only afford one person. The process of receiving applications would run on for a month before she had the time to close off the topic. Jeneva then proceeded to look them over. It was easy enough who she didn’t deem to be qualified to share her living space with as some of the applicants were making some ridiculous request. Some of them also had pets and wanted to stay, some berated her for not hiring a maid, and others wanted to be paid on top of having their rent for free. She didn’t think this was a hard request, but the internet was proving her wrong.

When it came time for her to sit down with the ones she thought were potential candidates, Jeneva could tell which ones were being honest and which ones were lying. Slowly she got it down to three candidates. One was a college student who needed a place to stay while they went to school full time, but the hours may prove to be an issue as they would not return until night time. The other was an elderly man who was reliving a mid-life crisis and needed a place to “find himself” again. While the last was a woman shrouded in mystery. She didn’t give away much about herself like the others. All Jeneva knew was that she worked nights as a bartender at the lounge and would value her own space.

Sitting down with the last three proved to be even more of a hassle. It was hard to get in contact with the college student and the old man would show up whenever he felt like it. The only person she could rely on was the mystery woman. In the end, Jeneva ended up talking to her quite a lot. Their face-to-face conversations would be about living together, but it was their phone conversations that made Jeneva think she could live with this person. Jeneva knew her name was Iris. She seemed a bit eccentric with her multi-colored hair and pastel outfits, but there was something about her that made Jeneva feel safe around her.

It didn’t take long for Jeneva to conclude. She fully enjoyed her small talk with Iris over the phone. They talked about their favorite music, hobbies, and their plans for the future. Jeneva felt a deep connection with her in such a short period, but she was sad to know that their interactions with each other would be short. Jeneva lived for adventure and would be away from home for long periods of time. This was her way of life, her source of income. Even though she wanted to spend more time with Iris, she needed to secure a decent amount of money before she could. Jeneva was determined now to make sure that both of them lived happily.

I ended up drawing a headshot of Corvani‘s Charis.

Posted 02/29/20, edited 02/29/20

Swirling incense smoke: following the curve of each swaying movement, continually seeping from a lantern held artlessly awry, and blurring all the world. Each step an echo, of what comes before and after. Up, up, up she climbs, lantern swinging, scatting smoke. With each step, the rising haze mirrors grey stone in rising silver smoke. Up, up, she climbs to that temple perched fathomless steps high. Up, up, she rises, with swirling silver smoke preceding and trailing, a floating figure.
Through the smoke blazes golden light; and all the world is awash with it.



This month I went back to the fit for verse universe to add detail to the node structure. This was one of the adventures that I used nodes as methods of geographical organization, and the new system made it a lot simpler to subzone some of my more varied settings in a node. So I could set up a pretty detailed split of sublocations contained in each main location node.

& feedback:
Cien I *really* love how you conveyed the emotion of the piece! I also really love the different ways you executed the botanicals, which gave a really nice sense of depth and dimension to the work! I think if you used thinner lines for the hand, and juxtaposed it more with the cracked glass though, it’d add even more dimension to the work? And since that bit is conveying a lot of the emotion, it’d also bring it into sharper relief.
I don’t think I know enough about your world to really comment about your scribe entry? But I did like the way you structured it and made a point of the condition of the artifact.
Crow Something about the really graphic style, the pop of color really interests me. I would probably say a slight shift—like textures for the human to be more “realistic” and the fae to be more “sparkling” or even a shading difference might play up the difference between the worlds even more? Just something to make the human/fae thing different from the “current reality” style and each other to underscore how different the two are from each other and how Wylen’s stuck between the two.
Tamako Sparkly pegasus! 8D On a more serious note, I really like how you used the colors in the background, especially for the clouds—it’s interesting but don’t take the focus off your character.
Ashlar I mean, that is a very good desire and I am totally here for perfect cups of tea. << Would this tea be accompanied by any other surroundings? Would this tea be seasonal? Or does the character have a singular preference?

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My entry is here! It features Naolin and King‘s Lucrezia!

* yes her kimono is folded that way on purpose ;)

Features Swan‘s Inori! I ran out of time due to irl ... ??? ... I moved, everything was A Lot OTL. No feedback this month please! I worked on it for a significant amount of time but it’s definitely far from finished. Might have .. forgotten how to paint ... :(

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback! I appreciate it a lot! <33 I will hopefully have time to edit in individual thank-yous!!

Posted 02/29/20, edited 02/29/20

Have an entry featuring Miya and Kacper! No feedback for me, please!!

Posted 02/29/20

This is my first time doing this, I hope I’m doing it right! ;v;

For the canvas circle, I decided to do Eviiana’s permabab ineki Salietti! A sweet lil minty baby

Lil slice of life thing for my two pets Valentine and Victim

With a screeching roar, the shadow wraith burst into smoke and dissipated, leaving a small, confused looking mouse to sneeze and scurry off into a crack in the cave wall.

“NO!” Tyrant snarled, stamping his foot into the floor in frustration. “I almost had you two that time!”

“You almost had us the last time,” Victim sighed dreamily, drawing their bow backwards once more. “And the time before that, and the time before that. I see no difference now.”

Valentine’s paw rested on her katana, which she had resheathed. The fight was already done, all Victim was doing was scaring the drasilis away.

“Next time!” He spat, turning tail and charging back into the caves. “NEXT TIME YOU WOULD BE SO LUCKYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyy….!”

Victim held their bow for just a moment longer, then lowered it with a sigh, falling onto four legs and letting the arrow clatter to the cave floor. Val crouched next to them and put a paw on their shoulder to steady them.

“I’m alright…” They murmured. “That one…was more powerful than the last.”

Val helped sling one of Victim’s forelegs over her shoulders, guiding her out of the cavern Tyrant had lured them into for this battle and back towards the city. Valentine was an ineki of few words, preferring to speak with their actions. Victim knew that right now she was saying “You did good. We’ll defeat him next time. Together.”

Val led the way through the town, and about partway through Victim took their arm off her shoulders. “People are looking,” They said bashfully. Val rolled her eyes, holding a paw out to keep Victim steady when they stumbled.

The two finally came to their shared house, both of them grabbing for the knob at the same time to hold it open for the other. Victim burst into giggles, Val smiling with a sigh.

“Oh, don’t feel like you need to do everything for me.” Victim said with a wistful sigh. “Look you sit back and I’ll make us some dinner—hey! Come back here I can see you heading to the kitchen! Oh, fine, we’ll both do it…~”

And the door swung silently shut behind them, pausing only to let a rare chuckle from Valentine slip through to anyone who happened to be outside to hear.

And finally, a little cave adventure to a cat cafe that I made my grumpy dras Tyrant go through. He had lots of interactions with a bunch of NPC characters, so I think it most snugly fits the bill of the prompt!

Posted 02/29/20

This month, the Creative Collective had a total of 41 participants, who earned:

  • 34 Canvas Circle stickers
  • 24 Scribe Circle stickers
  • 13 Roleplay Circle stickers
  • 7 Adventure Circle stickers

All prizes and stickers will be distributed ASAP!

The Feedback Raffle

We had 13 individuals leave feedback this month, with a total of 50 comments! Here are the winners of the feedback raffle:

  • Lala - Love is in the Arrow & Crown of Passion
  • Pirran - a Forever coat! Please let us know if you have a preference of coat color & pose.

March’s Prompts
Scribe Circle

That’s A Lot To Unpack

Possessions are often strongly tied to memories of the people, places, and events associated with them. This month, we’d like you to identify an otherwise unassuming item in your character’s life that carries surprising weight, and explore the memories it conjures, be they good or bad; painful or full of joy.
Canvas Circle

Thicker Than Water

Whether they are an active part of one’s life or not, everyone’s got family. This month, we’d like you to create a piece depicting one of your characters interacting with family. Consider their relationship to the family member(s) depicted, and the stage of their life during which the interaction is taking place.
Adventure Circle


Ah, the dreaded escort mission. This month, we’d like to invite you to take a swing at having an NPC follow along with a character for more than a simple interaction.


The following submissions from last month are now open for feedback:

If we missed anyone who was looking to get feedback, please let Crow know!
Posted 03/01/20

I’m gonna make an effort this month because I have actual applicable ideas for the Adventure prompt. This is my reminder. oops what even was March

Forgive no formatting, it’s a miracle I could even write this. Link to piece for Celio

Posted 03/01/20, edited 03/31/20
Crow Ahh, thanks so much! Upright Golden Glow please!
Posted 03/01/20
nothing yet!

Val and Rose, twins who like to go thieving together. Partners in crime! (And also how I get all my nuggets)

nothing yet!
Posted 03/01/20, edited 03/15/20

Scribe Circle:

Wherein Matt might have lots to unpack...

Canvas Circle:

Pete about to bowl over Mandy as he attempts to evade Paisley - the three transformed Zoddos just a few of the missing members of their strange wizarding family.

RP Circle:
1. Clunch Explores Some Caverns
2. Clunch Explores Some Caverns
3. Clunch Explores Some Caverns

Adventure Circle:


- created and named the adventure, set the number of players, and made it non-canon
- added the adventure tags and wrote the one-line description and embark page text
- changed player HP to 100
- renamed the beginning node
- edited the start command and wrote some post text for it
- edited the defeat command and wrote post text for that as well
- created item 1 and gave it a description
- created commands 3 and 4
- edited command 3 and made it self-masking
- refined the post text for the start command
- set command 3 to give the player item 1
- added some post text for command 3
- edited command 4 to remove item 1 and end the adventure
- wrote some post text for command 4
- set command 4 to require the player to have item 1
- created command 5 and wrote post text for it

Feedback Circle:

Your canvas entry is super cute! The subtle shading helps make Salietti stand out a little from the background, and works well with the overall style. The fancy background is really pretty, and the curving lines help draw in the viewer’s gaze.

Zori is truly a charmer. :| I like the way you gradually build up what’s actually going on with him swinging his feet and getting more desperate as Cerin just stands there and fishes for compliments. And the detailed contrast between their boots is a great way to characterize them. Also, the boot designer’s name is fantastic.



Posted 03/02/20, edited 03/31/20

The Scribe Circle:
Gab has a photo.

The Canvas Circle:

Cin & Syn with their mother… or… err… perhaps a better word would be ‘creator’.

The Roleplay Circle:
A Pirate, a Witch and a Succubus walk into a bar
Chasing Those Golden Feelings
Chasing Those Golden Feelings

The Adventure Circle:
Spiritual Guidance
- added another description of critters to the ‘Follow the sound of scrapping’ command post text (crystals with legs!)
- wrote the post text for the ‘Ask about the free tarot readings’ command
- edited the post text for the ‘Ask about the free tarot readings’ command to make it less disconnected
(yes it does indeed take me over half an hour to write like 4 paragraphs. adventure writing is so high stress for me. can’t write a single sentence without going back and editing it five times over)

The Feedback Circle:

Laggingbehindreality Your canvas circle entry is so cute!! I love the pose! It makes Salietti look so soft and sweet — a good little baby. The background is also super neat. The radial pattern compliments Salietti’s rose!
As for your scribe circle entry, the opening and closing are perfect! That opening made me so curious! It was an awesome hook. You then gave so much information about the relationship Victim and Valentine had that by the time that door swings shut I felt like I knew them and was so glad that they were going to have a nice evening together.

Cien You should write love notes, oh my! That first sentence of your scribe circle entry was like a punch! Or perhaps, more like a gentle caress that broke my heart. One person watching the other instead of whatever beautiful thing they’re supposed to be watching might be classic when it comes to writing about love, but it gets me every time. It thrills me that Naolin and Lucrezia are in a geness on here. Let them be in loooveeee!

Lala Your scribe circle entry was so cool!! I loved the repetition of “up, up, up…”. It made me feel like I was going along with her! It also felt very mystical and serene, which I feel is pretty fit for meeting a deity.

Avis Your scribe circle entry made me very curious about Iris. I really liked the contrast between Jeneva being pretty perceptive — “[she]  could tell which ones were being honest and which ones were lying” — but also knowing nothing about the “mystery lady”! I also liked that you focused on something sort of mundane in finding a roommate. It shows how those simple things can really lead to something more.
You made Charis look so cute in your canvas circle entry! I love the highlighting on her crown. It looks really dynamic (and shiny). The lace-like effect on her eyelashes is amazing as well. I haven’t seen anything like that before!

teaunicorn Yooo I saw your canvas circle entry in the discord! It’s so cool. I adore how much glow you managed to put into the piece, especially the hair! Your anatomy is phenomenal as well; the face shape and that hand?? Wow.
Your scribe circle entry left me veeery curious about Ivy and Thorn. It seems like Thorn, in some twisted way perhaps, cares for Ivy despite the animosity in their conversation. You packed a lot into a relatively short piece! I think the fae vs. it pronouns is also a neat way to differentiate between the two without having to make it explicitly clear who’s “in control”, making the narrative flow really smoothly.

Tamako Soleth looks so good in your canvas circle entry! I am, as always, amazed by your proportions and use of shading. Your pieces always look so finished and glossy — this one’s no exception! The glowing eyes on the snakes are really complimented by the grey-scale of the rest of the piece. They give me goosebumps!

Losty I love Eir’s expression in your canvas circle entry! Her face simultaneously looks hard and soft and it confuses me but also looks so good. I think the way you depicted her scar reads really well; I could tell what it was right away. The hair lining you did is also phenomenal! The braiding is rendered amazingly.

King “I don’t have time to render it more before the month is through”, excuse me, HOW DID YOU HAVE TIME TO RENDER IT AT ALL? You put so much detail in your canvas circle entry!! :O I can hardly think of what to say because I’m enthralled by so many pieces of it: the pattern on Naolin’s sleeve, the glimmering all over Lucrezia’s outfit, the expressions, the little star streaks in the background?! I’m in awe.

Crow Ohh, your canvas circle entry is so eerie! You rendered the cracks in Alastor’s chest really well. It simultaneously looks like skin and pottery. I was so intrigued I had to go read Alastor’s profile and I feel like you captured him perfectly with the creepy background leaking through him and those dark shadows under his eyes. Poor guy. :(

Ersatz I knew who your canvas circle entry was depicting right away! It helps that Mae is quite the distinctive coat on here but… still… you did an awesome job capturing her! Her hair and sleeves look so light and whimsical while her expression is so devious with those eyes. I especially like the black moon cutout. It frames the piece really well.

Firkasa Your canvas circle entry is so creative! I actually almost didn’t notice your additions — they look like they could be cutouts of the box at first glance. Though they don’t express emotion incredibly well, being robots and all, the little sweat bubble emotes above their heads made me feel so sympathetic to their plight! Good luck little guys.

Gabriel I love the background in your first canvas circle piece! It keeps the focus on the characters while still adding a lot to the piece. I was really intrigued by the second set, though. I feel like the first picture is more the style I associate with you, but those lineless pieces are really cute!

Oxton You got so many pieces done for the canvas circle! Damn! I love your headshot style. They simultaneously read as simple but highly detailed! I especially love the expression you depicted on Will. She looks so soft. What a baby. I’m also familiar with Briar and Ash and I think you captured their personalities suuuuper well!

ClearBright Your scribe circle entry packed a punch. Oof. I feel like Pyalta shouldn’t be a super sympathetic character. She seems so cold and, well, potentially psychopathic. Yet her devotion to Chialla turns the whole thing around and really makes me want Pyalta to get out of there despite her seemingly… uh… dangerous nature. You did an awesome job!

RoseQuartz I love the dynamic pose you chose for your canvas circle entry! Having Acyd face one way but look the other adds movement to the piece. The way the hair and scarf flow really compliments that too! I also really like her expression.

Rhyme Ohhhhh! Miyu is so cute! I adore your canvas circle entry. Her little feet turned inward make her seem so delicate, especially with part of her face covered by her scarf. I also can’t even conceptualize how you went about creating her outfit, but it looks phenomenal! She looks so cozy.

Vysal I don’t read a lot of second person pieces! Your scribe circle entry was really neat in that regard! It also really made my sympathize with the character depicted (Angie I presume). I think most people who have been in love have, at some point, questioned how the other person loves them back. I wonder if a different perspective might have painted Elyse as the uncertain one? Regardless, I thought it was very well done!

Ashlar So many of the scribe circle entries focused on romantic love — your piece was a really nice shift in perspective! I love how you framed the character interactions with all the gentle descriptions of the surroundings. It’s like the world is mirroring Elias’ feelings. It actually made me tear up a little! ;-;
I desperately feel like I need more information on your canvas circle entry. Why is Mandy a pink dodo? That being said, the art is awesome. I had a moment where I thought it was a flamingo based just on the color, but once my brain caught up to my surprise I could easily tell it was a dodo! A grumpy looking dodo…

Hyasynthetic Your scribe circle entry had me snorting. I love how blunt Aelan is, but that she can be soft too. The pauses in conversation and the shift at the end where Trissax tells her to go apologize work really well. It flowed naturally, like a real conversation would, but without being tiresome to read (as some real-life conversations are).
You already know I love your canvas circle entry too but here I am to get credit for my gushing. You chose a pretty dynamic pose with the slight tilt of the head and the arm positioning! You pulled it off really well too. I really like that you took my character and actually put him in some practical clothes while still keeping him very… well… him. Just look at those garish colors and nail polish. Incredible.

Scifur THAT’S SO COOOLLL! Not a lot of people use a paint-like style for their canvas circle entries. vo RE muun looks so sooofttt, I wanna run my hands through their fur. I especially love the glow of the halo and the shadowing behind that really makes them pop from the background!

Posted 03/02/20, edited 03/22/20

Feedback always welcome!

That’s A Lot To Unpack

Possessions are often strongly tied to memories of the people, places, and events associated with them. This month, we’d like you to identify an otherwise unassuming item in your character’s life that carries surprising weight, and explore the memories it conjures, be they good or bad; painful or full of joy.

“Why do you always wear that raggedy old cloak?” Her daughter would ask her, laughing. “It’s old, and it’s worn, and besides I can make you one much better…”

How does one explain the ties to that faded green scrap of cloth? That once shone so vibrant and beautiful, the only spark of color in that all consuming blizzard.

It barely holds warmth now, there are so many holes and the fabric has worn thin from decades of wear. But how to explain that fabric trapping the last shred of heat as the energy slowly left her body.

It would be so easy to let the cloak go. Pan did, untying it from around her neck as if it were nothing more than a weight dragging her down, letting the gael take it. How to explain to her daughter the consequences of one single action, the meanings behind it.

Pan had died that day. Frozen to a block of ice. Leaving a grieving Ki with nothing but that brilliant jade fabric to remember what she had done. That Ki had not stopped her.

“It holds memories,” she tells her daughter, stroking her hair absently. Some stories are better left untold.


Laggingbehindreality What a sweet babling! I felt like the head was a little big compared to the body, but I love how dynamic the posing is, the cute lil paws over one another and the floof all over her body. The little details really show your care and attention to the piece — the flower on her ear super caught my eye, as did the complex background and the lines on the tail. It would be super easy to get ‘lazy’ on those, but I see how much time and effort were put into making those perfect!  The only thing that really struck me as different was the head, but overall great piece!

Azurrys For your canvas circle, what really stuck out to me was the color scheme. Everything complemented one another perfectly, the outfit, hair color, and background all matched one another without being in clashing shades of purple. As someone who has a lot of trouble matching colors, I wanted to say major kudos for that! I don’t think I have any major points of advice here, except that maybe the eye color looked a little ‘flat’ compared to the dynamic coloring of the rest of the piece, but at that point we’re just being nitpicky. My favorite part of the piece was definitely the hair though- dynamic and filled with colors!

Scifur What a beautiful dynamic style! The lack of lineart isn’t as commonly seen around here, so I was super interested to see how you did it. The shading and lighting really got me— even a patch of area that was “all white” like the mask was filled with variations in color that indicated texture and lighting very well, and the overall “painted” style gives it a very neat, old fashioned look. I’m not art-history literate, but it reminds me of those old I think spanish paintings of villas and fields. Awesome work!

Posted 03/02/20, edited 03/15/20

Nothing here yet…


Feedback [& Responses]

None yet


Posted 03/15/20, edited 03/15/20

Collar of Remembrance
Feedback welcome~

Adventure: Sydney’s Arcade: Pamiršta
A WIP adventure with currently private internals that will play more or less like an RPG when completed. Not much left to do, but I’ve been rather slow going with it!

-Wandering shop now cycles randomly between five different stock cycles on each visit.
-Wandering shop now initializes stock amounts based on stock cycle.
-First three stock cycles of their item arrays set to stock a single item each.

Posted 03/15/20, edited 03/31/20

You would think her most prized possession would be her Staff of Verde; the very artifact allowing her control over the greenery. Or, perhaps one would think her crown or even her robes; but Neficirium knows that while most would covet items that bring power and beauty, she would prefer to live out her days squabbling in the streets than succumb to such perverse desires.

No, Neficirium is a protector of the glade and she cares not for worldly materials; or, not for most. There is one thing she could never part with, despite her beliefs of sacrifice. Buried beneath her robes, pulsing alongside her heart, glowing and bringing warmth to her soul, rests the only thing left she has from her past life: a simple piece of chipped jade tied to a thin string in a make-shift necklace. She hides it from all and clutches it as she sleeps. It is a comfort and a reminder. Her mission is precious, essential for the lives of all. She will always remember the small hands bestowing this gift to her, the proud toothless smile and the warm hug that followed. The glade depends upon her, and she will not fail it as she once failed them.

Modern AU of my Wolf Pack fellas where they’re human and roommates. And instead of a robot, Mei  is their friendly handy repair woman who likes to tease, a lot. And Myestrid does not appreciate it. Especially when it’s about a certain someone.

Posted 03/15/20, edited 03/27/20

In pride of place the treasures of the study sit:
An inkstone of well-carved jade,
soft golden light with inlaid gold.
Blooming lotus upon a pond of ink.
Fine silk, coarse hemp, bamboo split,
and all the grades of paper made.
A small brush with years grown old,
lacquer worn through wood to bone.




& feedback:
King Ahhhh I really love the way you did the colors and patterns especially! I guess the only thing would be the piece feels so soft and dreamy, the more “practical” end to the heels seemed a little odd to me (especially with the choice of the pattern on the leggings). I’d guess replacing the heel-cap/general heel shape with something more advant-garde would maybe fix that? Or just not something rather anachronistically modern for shoe construction.
Rhyme I really like the chain of the cards at the waist? Just a little detail that made the thing super interesting to me. I kind of wish the design was just a little more apparent though or it was colored in such a way to make it pop against the rest of the design a bit more.
Kiwi Oooh the flowers are so lovely! I also really like the way the color palette was used in the work with the different colors grounding the pinks in the rest of the composition.

Posted 03/15/20, edited 03/31/20
Canvas Circle:

Feedback welcome!

Posted 03/15/20, edited 03/15/20

A relaxing family outing between Dismas, Kasbiel, and Crux. :)))


but also

if I’M bone tired and YOU’RE flirting…


Feedback ok!

Posted 03/16/20, edited 03/17/20

Roleplay Circle
1. [Ioni] Going Underground
2. [Ioni] Going Underground
3. [Ioni] Going Underground

Ioni stared at the dull coin held between his thumb and first finger as if it was a fine treasure. Well perhaps to a human who enjoyed the fine antiquities of long gone civilizations, but it shouldn’t have been anything special to a god. Human empires rose and well with the sun. One day they were there and the next day they were gone just as fast. Human’s were fickle, but so were Gods, of course. Humans just weren’t as sturdy.

Without him noticing someone crept closely behind Ioni as he admired the coin from where he sat on a lone piece of wreckage in the seemingly endless ocean. No one should have been able to come across him and yet…

“A human object? I never took you for the sort, little brother.” A slow ethereally calm voice commented from behind him.

“Lani!” He clenched his hand around the old dull coin, hiding it from sight. It was a curious little action in his older sister’s opinion as she watched him closely. While her younger, smaller brother was a god of creation, she had never expected him to be intrigued with humans. He had always loved creatures of the sea, to see how they would move and adapt in the water, and diversify. But to be intrigued by human artifacts was something new entirely.

Perhaps this was due to that human Nial had punished, the one Ioni had been keeping an eye on? What had it been? A few centuries since that began? She had never expected anything to come from that, but Ioni was young in comparison to the other sea gods. It had taken them millenniums to form the oceans, the tides, and before Ioni there had been other older gods who had filled the seas with monsters and fish. They hadn’t had as an attentive touch as her younger brother, but those were the old days and the gods had different priorities; grand legends and tragedies to be made. Surely there will be a resurgence of such soon enough, she noted in her head.

“Come on. Let older sister have a peek.” Lani sat upon the wreckage with Ioni, sidling up to her younger brother’s side to get another peek at the coin clenched so tightly in his hands. “It’s not as if I’m Nial. I won’t tell him, Io.”

The division between man and gods had been a tentative one. There was never any rules that prevented them from fraternizing with humans, after all the land gods 
But they were land gods to art with, they were strange by nature, and enjoyed all that sort of cavorting. You could tell with how many demi-gods had come about in the last few centuries. There was always something ‘special’ they saw in humans (though in all honesty sea gods weren’t as different as their land counterparts with that regard; they were just a touch more discerning).

Ioni’s lips pursed in thought, but the hesitation was clear on his face. He knew his older sister well. She may have been the goddess of wreckages, but she wasn’t one to stir up trouble.

“…Alright.” He opens his hands to display the antique gold coin, beneath the damage of being submerged deep in the ocean in some small alcove for centuries there still glimmered. He knew as Lani stared at the coin there were questions swirling in head like a whirlpool, “It…is a gift.”

Lani bit her lip she wanted to spew question after question at Ioni, but she restrained herself. He would tell her at his own pace.

“From Tivan. You know…the human Nial cursed.”

Her eyes were wide with surprise and the sort of excitement that was simply screaming. Was it good? Bad? Even she didn’t know as the emotions swirled and welled inside her.

Ioni stared at the coin, letting the light of the sun shine off those rare flecks of gold that shined through the grime and barnacles from the sea, and tucked a piece of his hair back with a sigh.

Emotions, lots of conflicting emotions, swirled in Ioni as well. It was a strange thing that this little coin caused him so much trouble. Tivan had given it to him with a cocky little smirk, but it had been a genuine act. He had know Ioni had been curious to learn more about humans since he had entered his life, and he had gone and done this. The man had thought of him enough to remember something as small as this.

It tugged on his heart in a way he had never felt for another being before.

Was he just infatuated or was it something more?

He turned the coin in his hand, from front to back, front to back.

Lani put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. Whatever he was thinking she wanted him to know it will be alright.

Kiwi I love your choice of colors. The light shades of grey and pink are easy on the eyes, but also compliment he work as a whole. Even on the kitten your use of a similar grey as in the hair of Willow was a nice choice since this a work with a limited palette. I also just absolutely love the shading in the hair and how you drew it.

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Celeste finds a necklace and reminisces.

Celeste wrapped the delicate chain of the necklace around her fingers and looked down at it. It was a lacelike crescent moon curving around a cubic zirconia. Celeste knew each line of the silver moon and each facet of the stone by heart, but she had never worn it. It wasn’t hers to wear.

It had been Luna’s thirteenth birthday present from her parents. Luna had been exactly one week older than Celeste, and the two had celebrated eleven of their thirteen birthdays together. Their parents had collaborated on presents for their thirteenth birthday as well. Luna had gotten the silver moon necklace, and Celeste had gotten a silver necklace that was held together by twin interlinked stars. Both of the girls had loved their necklaces and vowed to never take them off.

When Celeste and Luna had become the Stardust Paladins on Celeste’s birthday the necklaces had become the catalysts they used to transform. It had felt like something special. A secret that only they had. In that brief time they had fought alongside each other, they had been more than friends, closer than sisters. They had been extensions of each other, working as one. It had been a magical experience, and Celeste had never forgotten what it had felt like to be as close to Luna as she had been.

And then had come time to face the prince. It hadn’t gone to plan. They had won, certainly, and sent him back to the world he’d come from. But he had taken Luna with him. When the vortex had closed and the air had settled, all that remained was Luna’s necklace. Without her, Celeste had been unable to transform — although, without Luna, Celeste wouldn’t have wanted to. So Celeste had kept the necklace safe in a jewellery box. She’d only take it out when Luna’s loss felt like it was too much to bear. She often found herself looking at it once a day.

Pine made the mistake of praying to his god that his brother wouldn’t die. Problem is, he didn’t realise his god was an eldrich monkey’s paw whose idea of keeping said brother alive was to possess and slowly consume his body.

The Dance
Magical Politics
The Possibly Breakable Vow

I’m going back and doing an overhaul of my old Meowcena adventure. It’s been about a year since I looked at it last, and it could probably do with a bit of tidying up/ an expansion.

Changes I’m planning to make:
1) A complete overhaul of the cats. Currently, there are three cats confined to a pen. While I’m undecided as to what I want to do with the pen itself, I’d like to add more cats throughout the cafe. This’ll be done through a series of random encounters. where every command has a chance (probably 50%, but I’ll see how that plays) to trigger an encounter with a cat. I may or may not make it possible for every cat to be encountered in the pen, but I’ll see how that goes.

2) An overhaul of the food/drink system. Currently, it’s fluff. What I’d like to do is have it so that the food/drink you get affects the cats that you are able to adopt at the end of the adventure. I will have to add in more items to account for the increase in cats.

3) An overhaul of the Meownager conversation. It’s bad. It needs to be fixed.

Changes I’ve actually made:
- I started by removing extraneous commands — for example the first command is ‘look around’, which isn’t necessary and doesn’t add anything to the adventure. That’s been removed and the accompanying text has been merged into the start command. It’s a bit messy at the moment, but I’m just trying to clean up what needs to be cleaned.

- As part of the update of point 2, I’ve added a currency system. Currently, it’s just a variable that’s set at 20 at the start, but it’ll eventually determine how much you can buy. It’s individual, so every player gets money. I’ll need to implement the rest of the items before I’ll be able to fully commit to the currency, so we’ll see.

- I’ve created a new node called ‘seating’, with the commands ‘have a seat’ and ‘visit the cat pen’. I’m using this to test my random cat commands for the moment, due to the fact that there is only the one command at the moment, which makes the success command much simpler. I want to have it done so that, although there’s a 50% chance of encountering a cat, it’s impossible to get yourself caught in a cat loop. I’m doing this in two ways: the first is that the success command is set to execute the command that was selected before the encounter was created. This is kept track of through a variable unique to the command selected, and then an if-check selects which command to execute based on that variable (it then decrements afterward). The second is through a variable called cats which increments once the encounter has been completed and decrements once the other command has been successfully completed.

- I’ve been considering the best way to go about the ‘gorge yourself’ option (or ‘surprise me’ as it will more likely than not be renamed.) Let’s say I have six options, each costing five coins. First step is easy — roll a die and give an item based on the result. The issue is how to distribute the other two. I don’t want to do a check for all of the items and eliminate the one (if any) already had. Furthermore, I need to restrict it to three. I can do this by running an if check to check if a variable = 3 and failing if it does. I’m trying to find an alternate way of doing things, but I don’t know if there’s another way to do so. I’ll experiment some more in the future.

Midnight idea phone notes
Cats: if check cat var=0 if success trigger cat encounter @50%. Each command has unique variable to determine what encounter it came from. Success command executes command based off which variable = 1, decrement as well. If cat var=1, run command as normal, decrement cat var.
Currency: have “gorge yourself” option which gives three random items. Only visible if there is enough money.

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Without the artifact in front of him, Arthur would still be just a stable boy. Without it, his life would have continued on as dull as the stone he’d once pulled a sword from. That sword was now lost at the bottom of a lake, held in the watery clutches of the lady who lived beneath its surface. Its blade was likely now rusty, and the jewels in its pommel likely worn down by the lake’s current. Arthur had thrown it away so hard that he never wanted it to be found and returned. That sword had cost him his youth, a life where he should have been chasing young maids instead of chasing knights-errant.

The sword at Arthur’s hip now was nothing like the legendary Excalibur. It didn’t glint in shadow. It didn’t sing true-clear as it homed in on its target. It was just a sword, and Arthur its director. Excalibur had had a mind of its own. With it, Arthur was just the tool. The legend-sword had been his director.

But this sword had served Arthur far better than Excalibur had. With Excalibur in his calloused hand, Arthur could not untwine himself from a destiny that he hadn’t been prepared for. Its reputation and the image it gave him preceded Arthur into a room. His nameless blade was just a blade, let him be a man instead of an epic.

Arthur had slain Uther Pendragon with this sword, the final obstacle before his ascent to the throne. He’d taken control of the destiny that had been thrust upon him by a sword in a stone. He’d ditched his first mentor and taken up companionship with an everyman, someone who couldn’t control his fate. He prefered this sword, who couldn’t change the arc of his swing. As plain and unassuming as it looked.

“Where is the impressive and lavish Excalibur?” Foreign ambassadors would ask him, wringing their hands and fretting over not getting to see its glory.

“Lost to its own fate,” Arthur would reply solemnly, a hand gently resting on the hilt of his undecorated blade.

Avis My first thoughts on your scribe circle piece is that there’s a lot of detail packed into a small amount of space without being dense, which I appreciate. And I’d normally complain about telling instead of showing, but, in a piece like this, telling works better because of Jeneva searching for information. Facts are generally required for that as opposed to flowery, descriptive details. I also enjoyed the pace—you took time to develop each point naturally without rushing the resolutions or glossing over a point to get to another one faster.

My only suggestion for improvement would be to clarify (just a little) what sort of income Jeneva makes. You mention she’d be gone for long periods but not why. “Adventure” is perhaps a little too vague, unless she’s akin to Indiana Jones, but that would also require clarification. It can be as simple as a clause thrown in the middle of a sentence or a sentence on its own. Otherwise, I think your piece is great!

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Character: Ferar , Vilka
Comment to the drawing: Ferar spends a lot of time studying herbs and preparing all sorts of potions, Vilka often helps her in this, but she quickly gets tired ヾ(≧▽≦*)

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Scribe Circle

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[PRP] A Pirate, a Witch and a Succubus walk into a bar
Chasing Those Golden Feelings.
The Dance

Adventure Circle


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A little piece featuring Miya and Aleksy!

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((Vana and Lumo))

“What? It’s just some beaten up old journal.” Vana turned the object around in her hands, rotated it this and that way,flicked through the pages quickly. She couldn’t see anything special about it. It wasn’t even very nicely bound or made of expensive leather. It was small, too. “Honestly, there’s nothing written in it.” And yet it was more than a little messed up—the front cover looked like it was about to fall off and what might have once been crisp pages had folded and torn edges. Truly, it was lower than mundane.

“Just hand it back, please?” Lumo’s eyes flicked back and forth between trying to look imploringly into Vana’s eyes and trying to follow the journal’s motions as Vana continued to roughly handle it.

With a sigh, Vana tossed the piece of junk back into Lumo’s hands. After fumbling for a bit, Lumo managed to wrap both hands firmly around the journal and she let out a small breath she’d been holding. She begins to say something, but Vana cuts her off with a sweep of a cloak and a dramatic hand gesture. “I really thought you had something more interesting. I mean seriously. If you are going to tempt me into chasing you around for something, at least make it more worthwhile than a dumb, empty journal. It’s quite rude you know? Didn’t expect such trickery from you. Or maybe you’re even more the fool than I thought and this is some desperate grab for my attention. Really, you do bore me sometimes.”

Vana had turned around during her little speech, waving her hands around in the air and lifting her chin up higher. She was practically looking straight up at the ceiling. Lumo glared at Vana’s back while tucking the journal safely inside her breast pocket.

Of course Vana doesn’t understand sentimentality, Lumo thought, she hasn’t cared about anything except her own next thrill for centuries.

It’s too bad Vana didn’t remember this gift though.


“Take notes. Maybe it will help you next time. I’m tired of you being so under-prepared.” Vana flippantly threw a little brown journal into Lumo’s hands (The motion in the memory is so hauntingly similar to the way Vana throws it now that Lumo almost wants to laugh. Instead, she feels a lump in her throat).

“You’re giving this to me to help me kill you?” Lumo cocks her head and stares at the journal.

Vana shrugs. “Keeps things interesting.” Vana pauses and smiles wickedly to herself. “And maybe I cursed it with vampire voodoo and it’s a trap.”

Lumo dropped the journal like it was made of burning embers. “What?! Vampires can do that?” She backs away from the journal until she hears Vana break out in laughter.

“Of course not! Just take the thing and do some more planning.”

“Oh…” Lumo wasn’t expecting a nice gesture from the vampire. Well, it was nicer than anything else Vana had done at least. “Okay, sure. I’ll write in it when I have something worthwhile for it.”

“Ye ye, I look forward to it or whatever. I’ll see you next week.”


Lumo never did write anything in it. The first few times she tried anything after Vana gave her the journal ended so horrendously she didn’t want to pen them down. After a while, it became harder and harder to justify writing anything in it. None of the encounters felt right as a first entry.

She didn’t realize how deeply she wanted this journal to mean more now. She wanted it to tell their story, to have a clean beginning and end. Except this was real. And the story’s antagonist didn’t even realize her role.

Vana’s back was still turned. Lumo felt around her pockets for something to write with. Eventually, her hand landed on a basic ballpoint pen. She then proceeded to pull out the journal in her pocket and open it to the first page.

Lumo stared for a minute. Then she lifted the pen up to her mouth. She grasped the pen cap with her teeth and pulled it off. Finally, she pressed the pen to the paper and wrote four words:

She doesn’t remember you

Tritone goes to big sister Eris for shelter after a rough night.

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Anette and some kids she stole, you know, for flavour

he replies, lifting his foot to show you the beaded anklet around his boot.
onyx nods. “when i was first carved, in this strange new system of caves and caverns, well… i thought it was quite strange.”
he falls silent for a moment.
“i was lost and confused. i felt as though i had lost something important. there was a name at the tip of my tongue, something i couldn’t quite recall, exactly- i wandered around the caverns for what felt like days. it’s so easy to lose track of time, here. i feel strongly as though, throughout my entire life, i’ve never quite been in a situation such as this.”
“your entire life?” you ask. “how… old are you, anyways?”
he shrugs. “it’s all a fog, everything before. i recognize things, occasionally. it does not matter though, does it? there are more pressing matters.”
“so… how’d you get the anklet?”
“i suppose… it’s not much of a story,” he admits. “i was lost in the caverns. i wandered into a stranger. it was the first person i’d seen since i was carved, and he could tell. you must be new, he said to me. come here, let me help you.
onyx sits back, getting a little more comfortable. “he answered my questions as best he could. he didn’t know much either about what happened. there are others. there are bigger caves, and there’s one right up ahead, if i kept left. people who could help me there. and then he gave me this anklet.”
onyx looked down at it flatly. “i do not know what possessed him to give this to me. i have never worn an anklet in my life. it is not a practical gift. it’s a liability. but… i still keep it.”
he remains silent for a moment.
“it keeps me grounded.”
you nod slowly. you guess it makes sense? “there are other people in the caves? something to hold onto?”
“the kindness of a stranger in a time of need. i do not even know his name.” onyx nodded. “i hope i do not lose it.”

sometimes love comes around…

feedback circle

Pirran i LOVE this piece!! the lil disfigurement on his face is so well done, the FOLDS on those capes, the composition, the burned photo effect is outstanding!! i would say the anatomy needs a little work - dax’s head is far too small! but overall i love this a lot! ;3c

Kippie THIS IS SO CUTE… the little kittens are SO adorable and momma looks so happy! the anthro style youre using here is GORGEOUS and i cant wait to see the finished product if you ever finish it!!

Tamako your lineart is absolutely gorgeous!! i love it so much! i am a true sucker for a smooth, clean lineart, your lines are flawless! the way the fabric drapes and curls around her figure, the bird is so well drawn! these two are so cute together, i hope youre able to finish it soon!

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Scribe Circle

(Written about Kelp, of course)

In her youth, she had idolized the warriors who upheld the traditions of old. She couldn’t partake in all the old ceremonies, but no one said a word against her joining them when she was old enough. Arapaima xirself had taken her as xir student, had put her through her paces time and time again.

For her adulthood ceremony, Ara gave her a spear xi made xirself, just for her. It was a beautiful work, the shaft carved in intricate patterns that felt soft against her palm but as sturdy as the living stone of its blade. Even the blade was beautiful, sharpened to a smooth sheen and engraved with delicate filigree, treated to give it a beautiful blue sheen.

Kelp took her spear everywhere, even on her rare trip on land, though the spear was unwieldy in her chair. She was one of their star performers, dancing underwater as the sisters cheered. Ara always looked proud of her, grinning to xirself and bragging when people came up to ask about xir pupil.

And then Kelp died, and her spear couldn’t follow her into a new life, especially a strange life of humans and magic and no sign of her people. Kelp missed everyone terribly, longed for her home, for familiar food, family and friends, her sisters and aunties and Ara. But some nights she would stand on her new legs, and almost more than anything else, she longed to dance with her spear once more, to finally give it the dances above water she had never been able to before.


Canvas Circle

Ai, Aku, and Cy Clop

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Features, left to right, Kyrie, Swan‘s Calkos, and King‘s Kuuyya.

Found (literally) D&D family - just a single mom and two feral children, sometime back when they were younger. Probably being scolded for something. Or warned about something dangerous that they absolutely forgot about 2 seconds afterwards. :’)

(Feedback is ok, but please be gentle with the anatomy - I know it’s wonky LOL!)

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